About OurCoffeeBarn

Our Mission

Coffee has always been an essential part of our life, from students trying to study through the night before an exam to professionals who absolutely cannot start the day without their trusty cup of coffee. Coffee lovers are always searching for great brews and at OurCoffee Barn, we want to help you find it. Coffee is easily available at cafes but if you are a true coffee lover, you know there’s nothing like brewing your own cup.. 

This website includes articles on the best coffee gears and guides. It also helps you find some of the most premium-quality coffee available in the market. Our many hours of research result in informed articles every day on the best-rated products and buyer guides. 

Our Founder

Ross Lynch founded Our Coffee Barn in 2021 to help fellow coffee enthusiasts master the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Ross loves coffee and he spent many years reading up on the evolution of coffee, how it is made, the different machines used to grind the coffee, so on and so forth. He believes in the beauty of brewing one’s own cup instead of grabbing a to-go cup. Lynch encourages coffee lovers to learn more about coffee through this website.

Our Writer

Emily Geller is our 29-year old writer and a coffee enthusiast herself. She started brewing her own coffee when she was in college and continues to do it. Her knowledge of coffee and the different accessories used to make it is unparalleled. Emily is also a great writer and her love for coffee is obvious in the beautifully articulated and thoroughly researched articles that she writes for our website.

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