Best Coffee For French Press 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Peet’s Coffee 2. Folgers 3. Gevalia

Peet's Coffee French Roast Best Coffee For French Press

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Vanilla Ground Coffee

Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Ground Coffee


You must be familiar with the introduction of coffee in the Indian subcontinent. If not, here’s a short snippet of what actually happened.

Baba Budan was a Sufi saint. He smuggled 7 coffee beans from Yemen to India. Upon his arrival, he planted those beans in the Chandragiri Hills, Mysore.


Fun Fact: In those times, it was illegal to take coffee beans out of the Yemeni borders.

This little adventure gave Indians a taste of the famous “God’s drink”, and our ancestors couldn’t resist from doubling up the production and the rest is history.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best coffee for French press. The brewing of coffee with this method lets out a toasty, lingering smell and arouses one’s senses. The slow brewing takes out every bit of taste from the ground beans and gives you a cup full of aromatic, enticing coffee.

If you’re looking for a good pack of authentic coffee for your newly bought coffee gear, you’re at the right place.

We’ve curated a list of 100% authentic, power-packed coffee for you that would be best for French press.

Let’s take a look at the factors that you need to keep in mind before reading about the products.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Best Coffee For French Press

1. Texture

By texture, we mean the grind of coffee beans. Since you have to leave the ground coffee to bring out the essence, it’s an important factor to keep in mind.

Most of us go for pre-ground coffee; however, its texture is extremely fine. This may not bring out the exact dense and toastie flavour of coffee for you. Another issue with finely ground coffee is that it filters through the straining mesh and its traces can be found in your coffee mug. This messes up the taste and does not really have an appealing aspect to itself.

The right texture for French press brewing is granulated coffee. If possible, try and grind it at your home to reap the best product. The coarse ground coffee will have extra surface area to release the flavours to a full extent. The taste will definitely have a different kick to it and you’d completely agree with us once you try it out for yourself.

2. Roast

The taste of your coffee largely depends on the temperature at which they’re roasted. You should choose the roast according to your preference, keeping in mind the degree of bitterness you can handle.

a. Light Roast

Light roasted coffee beans have light brown shade, with no presence of oils on the surface. They have a toasty taste with subtle acidity. Light roasted beans are to be roasted to an internal temperature of minimum 356°F and maximum 401°F.

b. Medium Roast

Medium roasted coffee beans are woody brown in color with no oil on the surfaces. They have a crisp flavor and aroma. Medium roasted beans are to be roasted to an internal temperature of minimum 410°F and maximum 428°F.

c. Medium Dark Roast

Medium-dark roasted coffee beans have a strong, dark color with presence of oil on the surface of the coffee beans. The beans are roasted to the middle of the second crack around the temperature of 437-450°F.

d. Dark Roast

Dark roasted coffee beans have a dark brown shade. Coffee beans are roasted to an internal temperature of 465-480°F to obtain the intense color. They have a smoky, charred flavour.

3. Variety

a. Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee beans are majorly cultivated in Latin America and Columbia. The beans have a sweet, mild taste with fruity, nutty undertones. The high levels of acidity in Arabica coffee beans put it in the best coffee for french press category. Arabica coffee plants are quite low yielding and require regulated weather conditions for cultivation. Their quality is considered to be the most superior and are thus the top choice of coffee lovers.

b. Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee beans are majorly cultivated in Indonesia and Africa. They do not need specific weather cultivation for production. It’s possible to grow them at literally all altitudes. They’re not as fragile as Arabica plants and have a higher yielding capacity.

Robusta coffee beans have a strong, crude taste that leaves a nutty aftertaste. They contain low acidity levels and are of a lower quality than Arabica beans, although they’re cheaper due to the vast availability.

Now that we’ve covered the factors, let’s move towards the products we have in store for you.

Top 15 Best Coffee For French Press 2021

1. Peet’s Coffee French Roast

Peet's Coffee French Roast Best Coffee For French Press

Peet’s Coffee boasts of best roasting techniques, powerful taste and 100% authentic coffee.

The coffee beans are handpicked from the prime locations of coffee cultivation, keeping in mind the farming practices and particular maturing conditions for the beans to become dark, intense and aromatic.

Famously known as the ‘drink of God’, the coffee beans are accordingly roasted by roasters by hand. They make sure that there’s a personalised handling of it to bring out the extraordinary and impactful taste of coffee in every sip you take.

Peet’s coffee will kick start your day on a heavenly note and bring out the best in you. If you’re a caffeine addict, this one is a must try for you!


2. Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Vanilla Ground Coffee

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Vanilla Ground Coffee

Folgers has an experience of 150 years of making your waking the best with its mountain grown green coffee beans, roasted to perfection for everyday use.

The company promises a rich taste and eye-opening aroma with every cup of Folgers coffee.

This variant of their flavoured coffee batch has a lasting taste of natural vanilla essence and chocolate powder. There’s no artificial flavouring used. A hundred percent Arabica coffee beans are used to give you the everlasting feel of authentic coffee.

This is the best option for people who like experimenting or wish to take a break from traditional coffee. The sweet smell and taste of vanilla extract is not overpowering at all and it’s mixed with chocolate and coffee will give a much needed jump to your taste buds.

You can even try out making different beverages using Folgers Vanilla Flavoured coffee.


3. Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Ground Coffee

Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Ground Coffee

Harvested straight away from the coffee farms of Costa Rica, Gevalia coffee will definitely become the favourite part of your morning routine once you have a taste of it.

The dark medium roast effectively brings out the fruity, citric undertones and a bewitching aroma. It’s perfect for french press brewing and requires no other special efforts.

Coffee is proven to be beneficial in increasing stamina and all round productivity in everyday life. It’s linked to higher energy-levels and has effective brain-boosting properties.

Gevalia coffee gives you all of that with approximately 150 years Swedish tradition. If you’re a coffee lover, this one is a highly recommended product for you.


4. Kicking Horse Coffee, The Three Sisters

Kicking Horse Coffee, The Three Sisters

Sweet, Savoury, Seductive. That’s how Kicking Horse defines the trio of Canadian Rocky Mountains. Their coffee line is a homage to these powerful mountain peaks in the form of light, medium and dark roasts.

Kicking Horse follows a fairtrade modus operandi which significantly profits the farmers and provides their customers with certified and good quality coffee. They make sure that all their coffee beans are organically produced with top class cultivation and harvesting practices.

The coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans, which is considered to be the best coffee in the world. It gives out a dark, nutty taste with fruity undertones. You’ll get a better taste if it’s brewed under a French press.

If you like a strong, nutty flavour to your morning cup of happiness, this one’s the best for you!


5. Mount Hagen Arabica Coffee Ground

Mount Hagen Arabica Coffee Ground

Mount Hagen describes its coffee as a ‘trailblazer of organic fair trade’. They maintain a golden standard of production and are committed to delivering a top notch coffee experience, with every serve.

The Arabica beans from Papua New Guinea, Peru and Honduras are the only components that you’d get in this pack. It’s 100% pure and has no other ingredients.

The nutty, spicy taste will give a powerful boost to your brain and the subtle aroma will directly reach your soul.

As it’s said, coffee is an emotion. This one is definitely going to prove it right. It’s one luxury that you ought to provide yourself with!


6. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass

Kicking Horse coffee has multiple variants of amazing coffee. All their varieties personify some or the other aspects of nature.

This time we have some kick ass coffee in store for you. Sweet, smokey and audacious; that’s how you’d describe the taste of this coffee.

You’d get a chocolatey, earthy taste with nutty undertones. The aroma is going to remind you of charred sugar. It has a sweet, dense appeal to it.

The shade grown Arabica beans are organically grown by local farmers. Your purchase won’t only help you kick some ass but also help in supporting the local cultivators of coffee beans.


7. illy Coffee, Extra Dark Roast

illy Coffee, Extra Dark Roast

illy Coffee has been awarded the certification for quality for seven consecutive years by the leading bodies of the beverage industry.

The extra dark roasted Arabica beans give out a smokey, chocolatey flavour that is perfect for a French press. The slow steeping of coffee granules will beautifully draw out the intense flavours and give you a cup of elixir, every day.

At illy’s, they celebrate the pinnacle of what coffee can be. You won’t find it possible to start your day without their coffee if you get a hang of it. Not all of us can handle the powerful smack of the extra dark roasted beans. It’s perfect for coffee aficionados who have a spiritual connection to this beverage.

The hygenic and airtight packaging ensures that all the flavourful oils and aroma stays inside the container and fills your soul every time you open it up.

If you like a powerful start to your day, this one’s the best to go for.


8. Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee

Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee

We’re all in for some bold, impactful coffee that keeps us walking-talking all day! Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee is exactly what you’d want for that extra productive day.

The 100% pure Arabica beans are medium roasted to give that mild smokey flavour. Don’t go by the words, it will subtly kick in your system and wake you up from your slumber instantly.

The coffee is certified by the USDA and is one of the best coffee for french press.


9. New England Coffee, French Vanilla

New England Coffee, French Vanilla

If you’re a coffee lover and get to know that you can incorporate flavours in your coffee, how fun would that be for you? Keeping this in mind, New England’s Coffee gives you the smokey taste of medium-roasted coffee with the enticing flavour of vanilla. There is no artificial flavouring used and whatever you get is 100% natural, guaranteed.

Sourced from the primary coffee cultivation regions, you’d get a balanced blend of flavour and aroma every time. It is the best coffee for french press as you’d absolutely love the subtle flavour of coffee with the sweet hint of vanilla extracts.

New England Coffee has a guaranteed experience of 100 years of coffee roasting. Rest assured, you’ll be happy with your purchase and definitely enjoy the flavoursome cup of happiness.


10. Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street Coffee has been roasting coffee beans in Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge since 2009. They source their coffee from regional farms and boast about a handcrafted method of roasting each coffee bean to perfection.

The vanilla flavour is perfect for a sweet, positive start to any day. All of us are not capable of handling the striking bold flavour of coffee. Hence, adding a flavouring to it gives a fun aspect to your cup.

The freshly ground Arabica beans are medium roasted. The granulated texture makes it the best coffee for french press. The intense flavour of coffee topped with the sweet aroma of vanilla extract definitely signs up for an amazing option.

If you don’t mind trying exciting flavours, you should definitely try the vanilla variant out!


11. AmazonFresh French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

AmazonFresh French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

AmazonFresh stands true to its name by providing you with the freshest Arabica beans, ground to perfection and flavoured with artificial vanilla to give you the much needed break from everyday chores.

The beans have been roasted, ground and packed in the USA. AmazonFresh products have always been a favourite for all its customers and require no introduction. For all of your needs, Amazon has a product ready for you.

The manufacturer guarantees a full refund if you’re not satisfied with their products. What better deal could you possibly land on where your preference is kept as the top priority? If you’re new to the world of coffee, try AmazonFresh products for an inexpensive and flavourful start to your journey!


12. Primos French Press Specialty Coffee

Primos French Press Specialty Coffee

Primos boasts of a legacy of coffee cultivation with high observation and consistent development of techniques.

The coffee crop is specifically grown in shade and as the flower blooms, the development of the fruit takes place. It is left to develop for 8 months. As soon as the fruit ripens, it is handpicked. This procedure takes place several times as only the ripened fruit is picked.

After all the coffee cherries have been picked, they are wet milled in spring water daily. This removes the skin and pulp and leaves behind the bean. The bean is then left to ferment for 36 hours.

After 36 hours, the beans are sun-dried and sent off for roasting. They’re drum roasted to a medium scale. Once medium roasted, they’re coarsely ground. It makes it the best coffee for french press.

What you get is packed ground coffee that won’t take you 5 minutes to prepare. But to get you that packet full of happiness, it takes months of labour and hardwork. You’d always get a perfect cup of coffee if you choose Primos!


13. Stone Cold Jo Ground Coffee

STONE COLD JO Ground Coffee

The name might be stone cold but the taste will make you go weak in the knees. The mild brew coffee is all that you need for a romantic evening with your boo.

The coffee has a silky smooth texture with hints of toffee caramel chocolate grape. With fairly low acidity and a dark roast, this coffee is bound to make your amorous rendezvous a blast!

The 100% Arabica beans are exported from the top 2% of the best ones. They’re perfectly roasted in small batches to give you a flavour you would have never tasted before.

Jo’s coffee is certified by the USDA and has passed all quality tests with flying colors. The coarse grind makes it the best coffee for french press.

You should definitely try this coffee if you’re into a mild brewed cup of power!


14. Tim Hortons Dark Roast

Tim Hortons Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Carrying on with the legacy of Canadian Hockey Legend, Tim Hortons, you’d be in for a delicious surprise due to the scintillating taste of his brand’s signature blend.

The 100% pure Arabica beans used to make their premium coffee is what makes customers fall in love with them!

The coffee is grown with love and utmost care in regions of Central and South America. The diverse flavouring is the product of professional care given to all the coffee crops.

At Tim Hortons’, they believe that if blending is the art of coffee then roasting is the science. The coffee is carefully roasted to perfection in drum roasters. For each speciality, the time and temperature is effectively changed to gain the best results.

If you want to experience a whole new level of coffee, Tim Hortons’ coffee is a must try!


15. illy Caffe Ground Coffee

illy Caffe Ground Coffee

illy’s coffee has won seven consecutive awards for being the best coffee in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

The medium grind is perfect for French press and the taste would be phenomenal for sure! Coffee has properties that increase mental alertness and overall energy.

The 100% pure Arabica beans make for an absolutely stunning blend with fruity undertones and an exotic aroma. You can always ask for more since you’d never be satisfied in just one cup.

illy’s coffee is famous for its impeccable quality and taste. If you’re a coffee lover, you ought to try it out!


How To Make Coffee In A French Press?

The french press method of brewing coffee is touted to be the easiest, quickest and most reliable way of making a cup full of aromatic therapy.

The French press way does not require any extra effort. You’d be able to make amazing coffee in a matter of minutes and that would probably be the best part of your morning routine!

Using a french press is super simple and quick. It’s basically grind-heat-steep-press-pour-drink. But don’t worry we won’t leave you alone to figure it out in detail. Below is an easy-to-follow guide that will help you with the process:

1. Grind

It’s extremely important for you to grind your coffee to a certain texture. A fine texture would make the coffee granules seep through the mesh and make your coffee muddy and bitter. On the other hand, bigger granules would not steep properly and you’d end up wasting a lot of coffee without being able to extract the flavours.

Hence, the ground bean granules should approximately be of the same size. That would give it an equal surface area to absorb the water and give out the intense, authentic taste of coffee that’s needed.

You can use a regular grinder, just make sure that you keep checking the granule size keenly. For every one cup of coffee you would need two spoons of coffee beans.

2. Heat

This one’s a tricky step for most of the people but we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to pour in boiling water, neither do you have to pour tepid water. The water should be warm enough to activate the granules and help them push out the taste, aroma and color at one go.

To achieve the perfect water temperature, heat the water till it’s first boil, and leave it on the side for a whole minute. Once the time is up, you can pour it into the french press and let it steep in.

For every two spoons of coffee beans you’d need one cup of hot water.

3. Steep

You need to let the coffee powder sit in hot water for at least 5 minutes for the whole extraction process to take place. It’s essential to let the hot water draw out the aromatic smell and dark flavour of coffee or else it would either taste bland or too bitter.

4. Press

Once you feel the granules have steeped properly, press the plunge all the way down. This will distribute the flavour in water evenly and give you a cup full of enticing, powerful coffee.

5. Pour and Drink

It’s highly advised to drink the coffee as soon as you prepare it in a french press. If you let it stay in the container, the granules would sit in for that long making the coffee bitter.

If you don’t wish to drink the coffee right at that moment, you can transfer it into a thermal container for later use.

Alternative Uses Of Coffee?

Well, that one’s a new aspect of coffee for all our skincare lovers out there!

Did you know that coffee has excellent exfoliating and antioxidant properties?

You can make face masks, lip scrubs, body scrubs and what not by using this magic ingredient. Mentioned below are some tried and tested beauty hacks, using coffee.

Dull Skin?

We’ve all had the urge to spend a fortune on the best products for our skin. The flawless, vibrant look lures us all into buying products that end up doing more harm than good. Some of them don’t even work!

Instead of spending a lifetime on trying out different products and waiting for them to work, use something natural and proven. Save yourself some time and go for age old ingredients that have been used by our ancestors to get beautiful skin.

Coffee is a great exfoliant. It polishes up the skin, removes dead skin cells and takes out all the gunk trapped in the pores. If mixed with honey, it will make for an excellent exfoliating hydrating mask.

Honey is a humectant which means, when applied on the skin, it can attract moisture to the surface. This hydrates the skin from within and keeps it soft, smooth and supple.

To make this mask,

  • Take one spoonful of coffee.
  • Take half a spoon of honey.
  • Make a paste and apply it evenly on the skin.
  • Let the goodness of coffee and honey soak into your skin for approximately 15-20 minutes.
  • Clean your face with a damp cloth or simply wash it off.
  • Pat dry your skin. Tone it properly. Don’t forget to moisturize!

You’d see a remarkable difference in your skin’s appearance after the first use. Use this mask cum exfoliator to get the glass skin you’ve always wanted!

Chapped Lips?

Since coffee is a great exfoliator, using it for your chapped, dry lips to replenish it with the much needed moisture is an absolutely amazing idea!

  • To make your at-home coffee lip scrub,
  • Take half tablespoon coffee in a container.
  • Add a few drops of honey.
  • Mix in with half a teaspoon of sugar.
  • Apply this mixture on your lips and gently scrub.
  • Coffee and sugar will scrub out the dead skin cells and honey will moisturize your lips.
  • Scrub until all the dead skin comes out.
  • Let it stay on for 2-3 minutes.
  • Rinse. Pat dry.
  • Apply a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

FAQs on Coffee For French Press

Q1. Is French Press Difficult To Operate?

French press is the easiest way to make coffee. The machine is simple and can be operated by a 10-year-old too. Yes, it’s that simple!

All you have to do is,

  • Pour hot water in the container.
  • Put the ground coffee over the mesh and let it steep for a while. This process is extremely important to draw out all the flavours from the grains.
  • After 5 minutes, press the plunge. This will transfer and mix all the flavours that have been extracted.
  • Pour and drink!

See! That’s how simple it is to use a french press.

Q2. How Can You Use Coffee As A Face Mask?

You can add coffee in any of your masks. Simply prepare your regular mask paste, mix coffee and apply.

Multani Mitti Coffee Face Mask:

  • Add 1 tbsp multani mitti to 1 tbsp coffee.
  • Mix rose water and make a paste.
  • Apply the paste and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Moisturise.

That’s how you prepare one of the easiest face masks for clean and glowing skin!

Q3. Are Arabica Coffee Beans Expensive?

Arabica coffee plants amount to only 2% of the coffee production worldwide. It’s crop is fragile in nature and requires well maintained weather and particular climate conditions to yield fruits.

Since it’s extremely difficult to grow and take care of, it is more expensive than other varieties of coffee. Another major factor that contributes to its price is the flavour.

Arabica coffee beans have a rich, intense flavour added with the lingerie aroma that keeps you fresh for a long, long time.

Q4. What Are Robusta Coffee Beans?

Robusta is a variety of coffee beans, just like Arabica. It’s widely cultivated and is comparatively cheaper than Arabica beans.

Robusta crops are not climate specific and can easily be grown in any part of the world. The crop is high yielding and thus, most of the coffee brands mix it with Arabica beans to increase the quantity.

However, Robusta beans are considered to be inferior in quality and taste than Arabica beans.

Q5. Can I Use Finely Ground Coffee In French Press?

You can definitely use pre-ground coffee in a french press. However, it is recommended to use coarsely ground coffee powder because the extra surface area provided by the granules will help in drawing out all the flavours evenly from each grain. This will ensure a rich, intense and even taste. Finely ground coffee will most probably mix with the water and give a bitter or concentrated taste.

Q6. Which Coffee Is The Most Popular In India?

Nescafe, Bru, Blue Tokai, TGL Coffee Company, etc., are famous coffee brands in India.

Q7. Are We Supposed To Use Coffee If It’s 6 Months Old?

You should consider the expiration date mentioned on the packaging.

It’s likely that the coffee will lose its flavour and aroma after a period of time. However, if it’s tightly sealed in an airtight container, the aroma and flavour can be preserved.

Q8. Is There A Difference Between Freshly Ground Coffee And Instant Coffee?

There’s a huge difference between freshly ground coffee and instant coffee.

Freshly ground coffee has that fresh aroma and flavour that makes for a wonderful cup. The flavours will be rich and impactful. You can consider it to be the first rain of summer. Refreshing, revitalizing and new! The aroma will be absolutely different from that of an instant coffee. You can decide the type of beans you wish to use. Most people usually go for Arabica beans considering the taste and quality as compared to other varieties.

Instant coffee is basically fine coffee grains that will give you a cup full of the lovely beverage within a minute. However, it won’t have the authentic aroma or taste as freshly ground coffee beans. Most instant coffees are made from Robusta beans.

They are an inferior variety of coffee beans so you may well understand the difference between the two.

Q9. Can We Use Coffee As A Hair Mask Ingredient?

Yes, you can use coffee as a hair mask ingredient. It will help polish the hair and take out dirt and grime from the scalp.

Q10. Does Nescafe Use Arabica Coffee Beans?

Nescafe does not use 100% Arabica beans. It mixes chicory or Robusta coffee beans to increase the quantity of the product.

Best Coffee For French Press – Conclusion

Coffee has been a part of the world culture for ages. It’s consumption has gained a healthy momentum in Asian countries, too, since the past decade. Various methods of making coffee have been introduced since then.

The french press method is one of them and is the easiest one too. If you feel that you’d be fairly benefited by adopting this method, you should definitely get yourself one.

It’s inexpensive, easy and time-friendly. You won’t have to wake up too early just for that one cup of energy booster. Ten minutes of your morning schedule, and you’re good to go!

Hope this guide helps you buy your favourite coffee and gives you multiple uses of the commodity to take benefits from!

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