Best Decaf Coffee 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Peet’s Coffee 2. Eight O’Clock 3. Tully’s Coffee

Peet's Coffee Decaf Major Dickason's Blend Best Decaf Coffee

Eight O'Clock Whole Bean Coffee

Tully's Coffee French Roast Decaf


Craving for a cup of hot coffee early in the morning, but hate the caffeine jitters that follow? Worry not! You can still enjoy your favorite hot beverage without worrying about the jitters. How, you ask? The decaffeinated coffee is strong and flavorful and doesn’t have caffeine.

A decaffeinated coffee tastes very much like a caffeinated coffee, but spares you from the effects of caffeine on your body. Thus, it is best for those who love caffeine, but their body doesn’t.


We have curated a list of the top decaf coffees that taste very much like traditional coffee. Also, dive in to clear all your doubts about the decaffeination process as we have included some factors that help you choose the right coffee beans so you can buy the best decaf coffee perfect for your coffee gear.

What Is The Decaffeination Process?

The decaffeination process removes caffeine from the coffee beans when they are fresh and green. Even after the process, an extremely small percentage of caffeine remains, which is quite harmless.

The decaffeinated coffee powder contains about 0.3% or less of caffeine, and this is the upper end.

When it comes to coffee beans, the permissible amount is about 0.1% of caffeine or less. Some brands do add normal coffee to or other additives to enhance the taste. Beware of such products and to avoid mistakes, check out for the all-natural tag.

If it contains more than this permissible percentage, then the coffee powder can’t be classified as decaf coffee.

Is Decaffeinated Coffee Better Than Normal Coffee?

The best decaf coffee is indeed worth every penny. Caffeine-addiction is real, and it can cause serious health issues. Too much caffeine intake can interfere with the circulatory system’s normal functions and the pumping activities of the heart.

Caffeine addiction can be stopped by gradually converting to the decaffeinated version. As decaf coffee tastes like a standard caffeine-coffee, one can easily overcome the addiction.

Also, as the caffeine quantity in decaf is just 2 to 3% of that in standard coffee, you need not worry about caffeine intake.

In addition to this, decaf coffee is a blessing for those who feel jittery after caffeine intake. The best decaf coffee beans are 99.9% decaffeinated, so it is okay to be consumed by people who are caffeine intolerant.

So to sum it up, decaffeinated coffee is slightly better than caffeinated coffee in terms of the risk to the heart and its activities. Still, if not consumed in a regulated manner, decaffeinated coffee too can be harmful.

Therefore, don’t gulp down large quantities of decaf coffee, just because it lacks the high caffeine content.

Steps Involved In The Decaffeination Process

The decaffeination process is carried out in three steps. First, the fresh and green coffee beans are supplied with sufficient water to swell them up. Some also use steam instead of water. The caffeine extraction becomes much easier when the beans are swelled.

The second stage involves the extraction of the caffeine content with the help of water and activated charcoal/carbon. Instead of carbon, special solvents are used.

The third stage involves the drying up of the coffee beans to bring back to its normal form and then it is left with its normal water content.

Factors To Consider When Buying Decaf Coffee

When you are up for buying decaf coffee powder, look out for these factors as these will help you buy the best decaf coffee that is strong and flavorful at the same time.

1. Solvent Used

Decaffeinated coffee is obtained by removing the caffeine content with the help of a solvent. Ethyl acetate is one of the most commonly used solvents, and is able to remove 99.9% of the caffeine content.

Moreover, this solvent is naturally processed either from fruit sugar or cane sugar; therefore, the decaf process using this solvent is also considered natural.

2. All-natural Ingredients

When buying decaf coffee, take a look through the ingredients list before adding it to the cart. As caffeine is absent in this type of coffee, some brands deliberately add flavor enhancers to give the product a coffee-enriched taste.

Such enhancers and artificial coloring agents can be damaging to your body in the long run. Thus, steer clear from decaf coffee that contains these additives.

3. Bitter Taste

Coffee is bound to have a bitter taste no matter what. But some brands employ special manufacturing methods that take away the bitterness of the decaf coffee. Such coffee is best for people who don’t want a bitter cup of the morning early in the morning.

As the manufacturing process is special and takes time, decaf coffee without the bitter taste have premium prices and are rare.

4. Type Of Coffee Bean Used

Coffee beans can be classified in four groups based on their texture, acidity, and creaminess. They are Arabica or Coffee Arabica, Liberica or Coffee Liberica, Robusta or Coffee Robusta, and Excelsa or Coffee Excelsa.

a. Coffee Arabica

The Arabica coffee beans are farmed in areas of high elevations and frequent rainfall every year. These climatic and geographical conditions are most favorable in Brazil, and thus, the country is the number one exporter of the Arabica coffee beans.

These coffee beans are expensive compared to the other three types but still continue to be a fan favorite owing to their rich, creamy and soft texture, and taste.

Also, the coffee powder from these beans has a sweeter and less acidic taste with a more delicate and authentic coffee flavor.

b. Coffee Liberica

Liberica coffee beans are rare owing to its infrequent farming. Farmers don’t farm these beans on a regular basis; thus, the coffee beans are rarely available in the global market.

Which is why coffee lovers yearn to get a sip of a rich liberica coffee. The taste of liberica coffee can be described as woody, and its aroma has fruity and floral undertones. Since the coffee beans are rare, the price is also premium.

Coming to the texture, the product isn’t as smooth or creamy as the arabica coffee, but is still liked for its unique woody taste and fruity aroma.

c. Coffee Robusta

These coffee beans are characterized by strong and caffeine-rich flavor and are the second popular coffee beans after Arabica. As these beans have high caffeine content, the decaffeination process takes a long time, and the process is complex as well.

The robusta coffee species are more resilient and less prone to pest attacks, owing to the higher caffeine content. Thus, its availability is almost constant, and therefore, the price is also lower when compared to other coffee types.

The robusta coffee beans are usually used as filler coffee in dark roasts to add a punch of caffeine. It can also be found in the instant coffee powders that are readily available at the supermarket stores.

4. Coffee Excelsa

Excelsa coffee beans are cultivated in the southeastern parts of Asia and belong to the Liberica family. These coffee beans contribute a meager fraction to the whole coffee production globally, and the farmers don’t farm these beans regularly.

These coffee beans have a fruity-tart flavor and can show both light and dark roasts profile. Thus, these coffee beans are most sought after by coffee lovers around the world.

5. Look For Coffee Blends

When buying decaf coffee, look for products that have a blend of two or more coffee beans from different regions. This can smoothen the texture and impart a richer coffee flavor when compared to a single type of coffee beans or products containing beans from a single region.

Top 15 Best Decaf Coffee 2021

1. Peet’s Coffee Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet's Coffee Decaf Major Dickason's Blend Best Decaf Coffee

The Peet’s Coffee Decaf is a dark roast ground coffee made of 100% Arabica Coffee beans. The beans are freshly sourced, soaked, decaffeinated, and then roasted to bring out the best texture and rich taste.

The Arabica coffee beans are sourced from various parts of the world and only the fresh beans are grounded to form this decaf coffee powder.

The product contains 99.9% decaffeinated coffee grounds and is, therefore, highly recommended for people having caffeine intolerance.

The decaf coffee is available in different varieties based on the source of the coffee bean extraction. This product has coffee beans from around the world and thus, the beans from different regions contribute a creamier and richer coffee.


2. Eight O’Clock Whole Bean Coffee

Eight O'Clock Whole Bean Coffee

The Eight O’Clock whole bean coffee is of 100% Arabica coffee beans and can be grounded according to your coffee needs. Its bold flavors and aroma would definitely make the coffee lovers fall in love with it.

The coffee beans are medium roasted and you can roast it further if you wish to. The rich and smooth taste of the coffee is attributed to the quality and freshness of the beans. Even after the decaffeination process, the rich taste and aroma stay the same, thus making it one of the best decaf coffee for people with caffeine intolerance.

The coffee beans don’t have a bitter or burnt taste, instead, the taste is more on the sweeter side. Also, the coffee beans are rich in the aroma oils and it fills your room with aroma once you grind it.

Apart from the original decaf blend that consists of coffee beans from around the world, the product is also available in a variety of variants depending upon the place where the coffee beans were sourced from. It is also available in quite a number of flavors such as French vanilla and hazelnut.


3. Tully’s Coffee French Roast Decaf

Tully's Coffee French Roast Decaf

This slow-roasted coffee from Tully’s Coffee is a single serving Keurig K-cup pod which comes as a box of 24s, each meant for single use. The decaf original French roasted coffee has an authentic and rich coffee flavor that is neither too strong nor too light. Just the perfect taste with a sweet touch.

The dark roast coffee is one of its kind and is made of coffee beans from around the world. This gives the coffee its unique and smoother texture and taste.

The coffee grounds are less acidic than the Italian version of Tully’s coffee. These coffee grounds are also slightly darker than the normal coffee grounds from the brand, thus, the product may not suit everyone’s taste.

The product is 99.9% decaffeinated and therefore is suitable for people with caffeine intolerance.


4. Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf

Seattle's Best Coffee Decaf

The Seattle’s Best coffee decaf portside blend coffee consists of premium coffee beans, carefully handpicked and processed to give a rich and smooth taste that doesn’t make you feel that it is decaffeinated.
The coffee beans are 100% arabica and are sourced from Latin America’s local farms. Once the beans are sourced, it is then used to create a unique blend by the in-house blenders and then sent for processing.

At each stage of the decaffeination process, the beans are thoroughly evaluated and checked for their quality. This ensures that only the rich and aromatic coffee beans find their way into your cup of coffee, giving you a unique experience.

The product is FDA approved and has met all other quality standards as well. Overall, this product too qualifies as our pick for the best tasting decaf coffee in the list. Give it a try if you want to indulge in some premium caffeine-free coffee experience.


5. Don Pablo Colombian Decaf

Don Pablo Colombian Decaf

The Colombian Don Pablo decaf coffee made from all-natural ingredients and is free from Genetically Modified ingredients and flavoring agents. The coffee beans are 100% arabica beans sourced from different parts of the world.

The medium to dark roast, GMO-free coffee beans have a touch of citrusy taste and acidity levels are low when compared to other types of coffee beans from this brand.

The coffee beans are 99.9% free from caffeine and are therefore best for people with caffeine intolerance and those who experience jitters after a cup of coffee.

The sweet and pleasant aftertaste with a touch of citrus is sure to make you fall in love with this product. The coffee beans are sourced from around the different farms in South America and then processed carefully to provide you with the best coffee experience.

The coffee beans appear a bit darker than their usual roasted appearance. This is because the coffee beans are processed using the swiss water processing method.


6. Amazon Brand Decaf Breakfast Blend

Amazon Brand Decaf Breakfast Blend

This breakfast blend decaf coffee from Solimo Amazon is perfect for those who like to devour light decaf coffee. This decaf coffee is made of coffee beans directly sourced from the farms of Latin America and Africa, which is then made to pass through in-house quality checks.

The product contains 100% Arabica coffee beans, therefore has less acidity and a sweeter taste when compared to the other variants from the brand.

The creamy and rich texture of the coffee can be attributed to the fresh coffee beans sourced from different regions and climatic conditions.

The pods come in a pack of 100 and are compatible with the 1.0 and 2.0 K-cup brewers. Each k-cup has the same consistency and is highly recommended for people who like to have a mild cup of coffee, not too strong, not too light.

However, if you are someone who likes to have a strong cup of decaf coffee, then this isn’t the right one for you. The manufacturer also provides a refund upon return with a certain period, if you didn’t like the formulation or consistency of the coffee.


7. Starbucks Decaf Ground Coffee

Starbucks Decaf Ground Coffee

Starbuck’s original Decaf coffee blend is sure to make you fall in love with its texture and aroma. Made of 100% arabica coffee beans, this ground coffee has dark cocoa and caramelized sugar as its base tasting notes. This makes sure that the coffee leaves a sweet aftertaste which will make you want for more.

The decaf Caffe Verona consists of dark-roasted coffee beans that have a rich dark cocoa texture and makes creamy and rich cups of coffee. The coffee is strong yet flavorful but doesn’t have a bitter taste at the same time.

The coffee has a bold and strong taste; thus, it isn’t recommended for people who like to have a light or mild cup of coffee. Also, as it is too strong, it isn’t advised to be taken as a breakfast coffee.

The coffee ground has the same taste of the authentic coffees available at the Starbucks store across the world. The coffee beans for this decaf coffee ground are sourced from the local farmers of Latin America.

If you are looking for a strong, yet flavorful cup of coffee that has a pleasant aftertaste, then this product from Starbucks is our pick for the best-tasting decaf coffee.


8. No Fun Jo Decaf

No Fun Jo Decaf

If you are looking for a decaf coffee that is 100% organic and free from all additives, then this decaf coffee from No Fun JO is one of the best options you need to consider.

The Swiss water decaffeination process ensures that only the high-quality coffee beans find their way into the packet to provide you the best coffee experience. The product is completely free of genetically modified food agents and includes only the premium quality Arabica beans. This means you get to experience the premium blend of Arabica coffee minus the jitters.

This decaf organic blend is available as whole beans and ground coffee. Also, you can choose between the different sizes of packets. The product is available as k-cups or pods as well.

The natural and complex flavor of the original coffee makes you forget that you are actually sipping in the decaffeinated version. Such is the blend and creaminess of the coffee obtained.

However, the coffee has a bitter taste, but it isn’t too prominent. If you are someone who hates even the slightest bitter taste of coffee, then this isn’t the ideal decaf coffee for you.


9. Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee

Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee

The Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee contains coffee beans directly sourced from the local farmers in Central America and South America. The rich and smooth texture of the coffee can be owed to the mixed origins of the coffee beans.

This dark roast decaf coffee is completely made of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans and has roasted hazelnut and chocolate notes that increase the richness of the coffee. Thus, the after taste isn’t bitter but more on the sweet side.

The dark and delicious coffee might not suit everyone’s taste, but this organic blend isn’t something to be missed if you are a coffee fan and is in search of a good organic decaf coffee.

The decaf coffee is suited for French press, drip machine, pour-over, espresso, and cold brew. Thus, you can make your favorite type of coffee that has a chocolatey touch with this organic decaf coffee from Kicking Horse. Also, the product is free from all kinds of artificial additives.

But before you invest in this decaf coffee, make sure you aren’t allergic to hazelnuts, as the product uses roasted hazelnuts to increase the richness and flavor of the coffee.


10. Maxwell House Decaf

Maxwell House Decaf

The Maxwell House Decaf Original coffee features medium roasted ground coffee made from 100% Arabica and robusta coffee beans. The product is perfect for use in the automatic drip brewers. The coffee ground comes is a resealable canister which helps in protecting the freshness and aroma of the coffee grounds.

This decaf coffee has certified kosher grounds and is almost 99.7% caffeine-free. The unique blend of the Arabica and robusta coffee beans gives an enriched coffee experience and the creamy consistency will make you go for another cup.

The product is available in 14 varieties. The after taste of this coffee is slightly bitter, but it doesn’t bother you much.

The robusta coffee beans in the coffee impart a darker appearance and the arabica coffee beans ensure that the acidity level of the product is low.

For best results, always use filtered, cold, and softened water to brew the coffee. This helps to unlock the aroma oils from the coffee grounds and gives you a bold and rich coffee taste without the caffeine jitters.


11. Royal Kona 100% Kona Coffee

Royal Kona 100% Kona Coffee

The Royal Kona 100% Kona coffee ground is made of medium roasted coffee grounds. The coffee beans for this decaf coffee comes from the Hawaiian Islands. The coffee beans are made to pass through a variety of quality tests to ensure only the best finds its way into your coffee.

The beans are 100% Kona beans which are cultivated in the company’s very own farms. The sourced beans are roasted using special techniques to preserve the aroma oils and this freshness finds its way into your daily cup.

The sun-dried authentic coffee beans are creamier and richer than other types of coffee beans and this is the reason why Kona coffee is in much demand.

This is a medium roasted coffee ground and the company also produces other varieties of coffee as well. If you haven’t tried the Kona coffee grounds, then this decaf coffee from Royal Kona is a great product to start with.

The smell of the product isn’t as strong as the other coffee bean grounds, but the taste is something unique and must be tried if you are an avid coffee drinker. As it is 99.9% decaffeinated, you don’t have to worry about the jitters that follow.


12. Kirkland Signature Decaf Arabica Coffee

Kirkland Signature Decaf Arabica Coffee

The Kirkland Signature dark roast coffee ground is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans and doesn’t contain any artificial flavoring or coloring agents. The product is also free of genetically modified additives and therefore, can be trusted on.

This decaf coffee from Kirkland signature is our pick for the best instant decaf coffee. The coffee grounds come in an aluminum seal container, which ensures freshness in every cup.

The product is best for people who prefer bulk buying and the special container ensures that it stays fresh till the last coffee grounds.

The product is made from 100% arabica coffee beans and is 99.9% decaffeinated. Thus, the product is suitable for people with caffeine intolerance.

The coffee isn’t as dark as the company claims, but it makes for a good flavorful cup of coffee with a rich aroma and bitter-free after taste.


13. AmazonFresh Decaf Colombia

AmazonFresh Decaf Colombia

This full-bodied medium roast whole bean coffee from Amazon Fresh is made of coffee beans that are freshly sourced from the Colombian local farms. It contains 100% arabica coffee beans that are less acidic and have a sweet after taste.

Once the coffee beans have been sourced, it’s then roasted and packed in the factories situated in the United States.
The coffee tastes neither too strong, nor too light, but has medium strength. On a scale of one to ten, the strength of the coffee is around six.

In order to experience the exquisite taste of the coffee, it is highly recommended to use cold and filtered water for the brewing process.

In case you aren’t satisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers a full refund on return.


14. Mayan Decaf Swiss Coffee Ground

Mayan Decaf Swiss Coffee Ground

The Mayan decaf coffee is obtained through the swiss water process and contains no additives or flavoring agents. The coffee consists only of grounded and decaffeinated coffee beans sourced directly from around the world.

The product doesn’t have any bitter taste and is perfect for people who like to have a nice, mild coffee with breakfast. This medium roasted ground coffee is filled with flavors and you can feel it with every sip of the coffee.

Make sure you store this ground coffee in an airtight container to retain the freshness. Also, the consistency and texture of the coffee grounds need special mention. The medium ground helps in unleashing the real flavors of the Arabic beans and is also less acidic in nature.

The product also comes as whole beans and buy the whole bean version if you aren’t a regular coffee drinker. In this way, you can preserve the freshness and aroma oils for a long time.


15. Verena Street Decaf Beans

Verena Street Decaf Beans

The Verne street whole bean decaf coffee has a rich and mellow coffee flavor that is sure to please you. If you are someone who doesn’t like the strong flavor but want it to be flavorful, then this is the right product for you.

As the product comes in whole coffee beans, you need not worry about the loss of freshness from the coffee. All you need to do is store it in an airtight container.

The coffee beans are sourced from the Rainforest farms and the beans grow in the wild. This gives the coffee a rich flavor and aroma. Once sourced, the beans go through an extensive quality check-up process to ensure every bean is of high quality.

The manufacturer roasts the coffee and processes it in small batches. This locks in the moisture and makes sure you get an exquisite coffee experience with each sip.


How To Prepare Decaf Coffee At Home?

The decaffeinated coffee can be made to taste just like normal coffee. All you need is some tips and trials to perfect the procedure. Here are some tips on how to prepare decaf coffee at home:

If you are planning on buying decaf coffee in bulk, make sure you invest in a good metal air-tight container as well. You need to retain the aroma oils and freshness of the coffee beans to get a rich and smooth coffee each time.

Once you purchase the coffee in bulk, don’t grind and store it. Instead, store it as beans and grind a small batch and store it separately. This ensures that you don’t deprive the coffee beans of its freshness and you get rich and aromatic coffee every time.

Buy a separate grinder for coffee grinding and make sure you get medium to fine grounds with it.

If you use coarse grounds for brewing, the taste won’t be rich and the aroma oils would still remain in the coffee grounds. Therefore, it is necessary to go for either five or medium ground.

The brewing method is pretty much the same as that of normal coffee and you can add milk and sugar according to taste. Attention is needed in the storing and grinding of the coffee beans, as this brings out the freshness and the real taste of the decaf coffee.

FAQs on Decaf Coffee

Q1. Is There Any Taste Difference Between Decaf And Non-decaf Coffee?

If you aren’t an avid coffee lover, then you can’t really tell the difference between the two. But if you are a coffee-addict, you could tell the difference in just a sip.

But as the preparation methods are advancing the manufacturers are really trying to blur the difference between the non-decaf and decaf coffee beans.

If you are good at making coffee, then you can brew a coffee as tasty as a non-decaf coffee from decaffeinated coffee beans.

Q2. Is Decaf Coffee Harmful?

Decaffeinated coffee can be harmful too. Even though they have extremely lower levels of caffeine, the coffee is made from coffee beans having high-fat content.

This high-fat content can alter the normal activities of your heart and can even lead to high cholesterol levels. Thus, even if you are sipping on decaf coffee, keep a tally on your coffee intake.

Q3. Can Decaf Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Gulping more than 5 cups of decaf coffee can lead to the deposit of fatty oils in your lower abdomen. Apart from this, a higher intake of any kind of coffee can mess with your body’s activities. Thus, it is recommended to limit the daily intake to two or a maximum of three cups of coffee.

Q4. Does Decaf Coffee Have Chemicals?

Decaffeinated coffee might contain some additives to enhance the flavor and give it a rich and more coffee-taste. Look out for the no chemicals added tag or invest in organic coffee.

Also, if the product mentions decaffeination through the Swiss water process, then too the product doesn’t contain any kind of genetically modified or artificial colorings and ingredients.

Q5. Are There Any Health Benefits Of Drinking Decaf Coffee?

Drinking decaf coffee in regulated amounts can help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. Also, as there are extremely low levels of caffeine, the coffee does very little harm to the heart, and doesn’t alter its activities, provided the levels of intake are under the permissible limit.

Best Decaf Coffee – Conclusion

Decaffeinated coffee is a boon for those who are caffeine-intolerant. The coffee beans are almost the same as that of the caffeinated version and have the same consistency as well.

The aforementioned list of the top decaf coffee beans in the market has been curated based on the factors we mentioned earlier. Also, don’t forget to consider our best picks from the list as well.

Caffeinated or decaffeinated, if taken in permissible amounts, both have its advantages and disadvantages.

Before you lay your hands on a product, make sure that it is all-natural and doesn’t contain any flavoring agents. If it does so, then the additives can harm your body in the long run.

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