Best Instant Coffee 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Four Sigmatic 2. Folgers 3. Maxim

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix Best Instant Coffee

Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix


In today’s world, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that humanity is being ruled by the power of coffee. Coffee is the only non-alcoholic beverage that can change a nice, shy mortal into a furious, disgruntled individual. Just see what happens if you try to steal their first cup of coffee.

We definitely don’t recommend doing this as it can be injurious to your health and safety. But, for everyone that has an undying love for coffee, this article contains the A to Z of the best instant coffee to suit your taste buds.


Sometimes, it’s hard to wake up and go to your nearest coffee shop to get a cup of steaming hot deliciousness. And let’s be honest, not everyone has the time or budget to be there every day, even though you’re completely in love with their coffee. This is where instant coffee comes in to save the day and your coffee addicted self.

Instant coffee has come a long way from “just add some hot water” varieties to being tucked into tea bags or being advertised all around the world as something used for creating the famous “dalgona coffee.”

The companies have seriously upgraded their games to meet the needs of sleep-deprived individuals with no coffee gear, on-the-go millennials with a travel mug, or just the average next-door neighbor expecting more from her cup of morning coffee.

There’s a common misconception that every instant coffee tastes the same. But after ten years of fueling my taste buds with caffeine, I can firmly state that this is very far from reality as the beans, how they were produced and the brand each have unique tastes.

Even though all of them do share some similarities, their flavor is very distinct. Therefore, it should undoubtedly be selected after carefully analyzing your tastes and preference.

Things To Look For While Purchasing Instant Coffee

1. Appearance

When you dissolve the coffee granules in water, the particles should be about the same size. The presence of any foreign component will signify that the product has been prepared from different additives. The quality of ground coffee can be analyzed by its color but that can’t be done for instant coffee.

The color of an instant coffee depends on it’s manufacturing process which is why the quality has no effect on the variation of its colors.

Keep in mind that the granules with sharp edges are of superior quality than the ones with curved edges. Thus, it would be wise to pay attention to the form of coffee granules to determine the best instant coffee.

2. Packaging

This aspect will help you with deciding the best instant coffee brand which will not only appeal to your taste but also to your eyes. The packaging is important not merely for its looks but also for your health and safety. Along with the packaging details of the coffee, pay special attention to the expiry date.

Expiry dates can tell you a lot about the quality of the coffee you’re going to consume. The best tasting instant coffee will surely have a smaller gap between its manufacture and expiration date.

The reason behind this is that the shelf life of a product can only be increased if some kind of preservatives are added to it. Hence, more shelf life will give you a less authentic coffee.

3. The Rate Of Dissolution

If you ever get confused about what is the best instant coffee, this test will surely help you in determining your answer. All instant coffee dissolves in hot water but it is questionable whether they dissolve in cold water.

The coffee which dissolves faster than the others is of much better quality. This method is the test of heterogeneity of the components present inside the coffee packet. The faster the rate of dissolution, the better the taste of your coffee.

Types Of Instant Coffee

1. Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

This coffee is usually accepted as the best quality of instant coffee. The instant coffee made from high-quality coffee beans, for example, pure Arabica or Robusta, is termed as Freeze-dried instant coffee. You can tell by the texture of your coffee if it’s freeze-dried or not.

The most basic sign of freeze-dried coffee is that it contains long and solid pieces of coffee granules that aren’t easy to crumble, even if you roll it between your fingers. In the freeze-drying procedure, coffee extract is frozen and then cut into small granules. After which, these frozen granules are toasted at low temperature and under vacuum.

Some popular brands with freeze-dried coffee – Nescafe Gold, Douwe Egberts, and Mount Hagen.

2. Spray-Dried Instant Coffee

This method is a cheaper technique for producing instant coffee. It uses the low quality coffee beans and during this procedure, the coffee beans end up losing a lot of their intrinsic flavor and aroma. This is why manufacturers do not utilize higher quality beans as they end up losing most of their flavor.

Even though the final product doesn’t taste as good as freeze-dried coffee, this method is preferred for large-scale production at a cheaper rate. The drying time is much less than the freeze-drying process and the coffee thus produced has fine round particles.

The distinctive feature between the coffee granules of freeze-dried and spray-dried is the texture of their final product. The color of these granules will also be much deeper than the freeze-dried coffee. The granule of spray-dried coffee will easily disintegrate with a roll of your fingertips.

Some popular brands with spray-dried coffee – Nescafe Classic.

3. Chicory

This is the kind of instant coffee that is used to trick various customers into making them believe that they’re buying real coffee. In reality, Chicory is a completely different plant that has little to no relation with coffee. Some brands that use chicory as their ingredient have only traces of actual coffee inside them.

You can tell if you’re drinking chicory by the color of your coffee. The chicory drink has an orangish tint to it. The granules of such coffee disintegrate almost as soon as you put a little pressure, that too without any coffee smell to it.

Some popular brands with chicory coffee – Koffihuis, Ricoffy, and Frisco.

Top 15 Best Instant Coffee 2021

1. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix Best Instant Coffee

If you’re someone who keeps looking for a coffee with low caffeine levels, then this is the best instant coffee for you. This contains only about 50 mg of caffeine which is half of what a normal cup of coffee contains. Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane helps you focus without that impending doom of caffeine crash.

The ingredients that go into making this coffee are completely natural and organic. Lion’s Mane has proven health benefits, like increased concentration and focus.

Chaga, the kind of mushroom used in this coffee, has a surplus of antioxidants. This component, also known as the king of mushrooms, strengthens and supports your immunity system. The instant coffee produced is also 100% organic, carefully seared, and brewed from the Arabica coffee found in Columbia.

The key factor of this coffee is that it’s perfect for all the diets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a keto diet, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, or dairy-free diet; Mushroom coffee can be safely added to your everyday routine.


  • Great for people who want to control their caffeine level.
  • This coffee can fit into any diet.
  • Made with 100% organic Arabica coffee beans.
  • It has various health benefits.
  • Mushrooms used in this coffee provide an abundance of antioxidants.
  • Lion’s mane can increase your concentration, focus, and productivity.
  • It is also a low jitter coffee.
  • This coffee doesn’t give you a caffeine crash.


  • It can taste too mild for some people.
  • This can taste a bit strange as it doesn’t have that authentic flavor of the coffee.

2. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

The brand Folgers has a history as rich as coffee itself. Paired with its classic aroma and flavor, these coffee crystals provide a rich and smooth texture to your beverage.

You can also add them to various drinks, batters, and gravies without any additional liquid. They dissolve smoothly into any recipe, giving great satisfaction to your every food craving.

Folgers classic roast coffee is made with a delicate blend of coffee to produce an aroma that will immediately gratify your senses. You can find this coffee in any form you like, irrespective of whether you’re brewing a single cup or a whole pot.

Folgers coffee is accessible in single-serve packets, canisters, K-Cup Pods, and various other convenient structures.


  • This coffee is very affordable.
  • It can be used for other recipes too.
  • Can be added to various sauces and gravy to increase the taste.
  • This is also perfect for baking.
  • The coffee granules dissolve quickly in water.
  • This is available in various forms, like individual packets or canisters.
  • The quality of this coffee is very high.


  • It can give a bitter or burnt undertone to your coffee.
  • Might taste too bitter to people who prefer mild coffee.

3. Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix

Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix

This Korean mocha gold coffee is made from ingredients like sugar, corn syrup, coffee, and coconut oil, giving you a mild and rich flavored coffee. This is the best instant coffee for people who don’t like coffee because of its bitter flavor.

This sweet coffee has about 77 milligrams of caffeine, with a hundred individually sealed coffee packets. Maxim Mocha Gold is a delicious coffee mix that comes along with sugar and creamer to help you reach the perfect level of sweetness to your mug of coffee.


  • The taste and flavor of Maxim Mocha aren’t too strong.
  • It has an adequate balance of sugar, coffee, and cream.
  • It also tastes great as iced coffee.
  • Very convenient to make.
  • Maxim Mocha is a Halal-friendly coffee.


  • It can taste too sweet to some people.
  • The packets of coffee are too small so you might have to use two of them for a single cup.

4. Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee

Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

Nescafe Taster’s coffee beans are mildly roasted to give you a sophisticated, smooth, and well-balanced flavor. This affordable coffee comes in a glass jar made to lock in the freshness and aroma of their coffee crystals.

There are about 65 milligrams of caffeine in this product and depending on your taste, you can use it to make mild coffee to strong coffee. If you’re looking for the best instant coffee under a budget-friendly price, you should definitely go for Nescafe.


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Mildly roasted premium coffee beans.
  • The packaging is great.


  • In spite of being sold in a glass jar, the coffee beans clump together after some time.
    It has that “instant coffee” taste to it.
    People who are used to getting their coffee from coffee shops won’t find that true taste of beans in it.

5. Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee

Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso Coffee

Medaglia Espresso is a true Italian combination of fine flavors and unusually rich aroma. Prepare to be whisked away by this traditional Italian style espresso that has been listed under favorites since 1924. This blend of the imported espresso is made from the finest quality of coffee beans which are delicately roasted and grounded for a robust flavor.

This beverage isn’t bitter or chalky. The grains present in the jar aren’t clumpy or dried out like most of the other instant espresso coffee available in the market. You can easily add this product in your batter while baking, giving them a perfect blend of flavors.

Medaglia D’Oro Espresso coffee is one of the best instant espresso available in the market.


  • This is an espresso made from double-roasted coffee beans.
  • It has a strong and bold flavor.
  • Taste is very well-balanced.
  • Coffee has a very smooth texture.
  • It can act as a great base for beverages like latte or cappuccino.
  • It doesn’t taste chalky or burnt.
  • It can be used in baking and cooking.


  • The price of this product is a bit high as compared to other instant coffees.
  • It can taste too bitter to mild coffee drinkers.

6. NESCAFE CLASICO Instant Coffee


This dark roasted coffee is the best instant coffee for the people who love a strong and bold mug of the caffeine-filled beverage. The coffee used in this product is 100% authentic, carefully crafted, and are responsibly compiled Arabica and Robusta beans.

Nescafe is one of the best instant coffee brands that have consistently delivered the best tasting products. This, like their other variations of coffee, will not disappoint you.


  • The coffee beans are dark-roasted.
  • The blend of Arabica and Robusta gives a very strong and bold flavor to your coffee.
  • This product isn’t too expensive
  • It can be used to make great iced coffee.


  • It can taste pretty bland sometimes.
  • Tend to have a bitter or burnt undertone.
  • It can be too strong for people who like sweet coffee with extra cream and sugar.

7. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Coffee, as the name suggests, is organically grown and its coffee beans are made from 100% Arabica. This product is the first-ever instant coffee to be certified as an organic freeze-dried coffee.

This has also been certified by EcoCert as 100% organic in agreement with the organic standards of the U.S.

This brand goes above and beyond for your safety by using organically grown coffee beans that are achieved without the use of any chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

The highlands where the plantation is cultivated are quarantined and carefully selected to harvest the highest quality of the coffee. Their manufacturing process, which is the freeze-dried procedure, is carried on without the use of any preservatives and additives.

Mount Hagen Organic Coffee is the best instant coffee for all health-conscious individuals. You can rejoice in the mild and rich taste of this flavored coffee without worrying about the side-effects other preservatives may have on your body.


  • This coffee is purely organic.
  • It’s actually great for its price. It isn’t too cheap or pricey.
  • This organic coffee tastes good as hot coffee as well as iced coffee.
  • It has a low acidic level.
  • Contains a surplus of antioxidants.
  • Environment-friendly
  • Made from pure Arabica beans.
  • It consists of no preservatives.
  • Great for health-conscious individuals.
  • The taste of the coffee isn’t bitter.


  • It can taste a bit too mild for strong coffee drinkers.

8. Nescafe Classic Instant Greek Coffee

Nescafe Classic Instant Greek Coffee

This Greek coffee can be used to make the best frappes at home. Nescafe Classic Greek Coffee is often confused with Nescafe Classico but they both have a distinct flavor to them. You can certainly use either of them to make a delicious frappe, but Nescafe Classic Instant Greek Coffee has an authentic Greek flavor to it.

Carefully crafted to give an authentic Greek aroma, the coffee beans are not lightly roasted but more towards medium to dark. They consist of about 57 milligrams of caffeine and this is great for a medium to strong-tasting coffee.


  • It has an authentic Greek taste.
  • This coffee mix makes a delicious cup of frappe.
  • This can also be used to make a great iced coffee.


  • It has a bitter or burnt undertone.

9. NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso Instant Coffee

NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso Instant Coffee

This coffee will surely make you fall in love with its smooth blend of Arabica coffee, crafted delicately to give you a smooth and velvety layer of coffee crema. Whether you want to brew a cup of traditional espresso or flavorful americano, this coffee can make either of them perfectly.

Nescafe’s original gold is different from the Nescafe Gold Espresso. The original one contains more coarse granules whereas The Nescafe Gold Espresso has a more smooth texture. It also has a thick layer of coffee cream that sits on top of your cup, making it much more delicious than your regular cup of instant coffee.


  • This isn’t too pricey.
  • Coffee crema adds to its unique flavor.
  • Great for making espresso and americano.


  • In spite of the thick creamy layer, it has a bitter aftertaste.

10. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

This exquisite jar of Dutch coffee is made from carefully picked fresh coffee beans, which are a perfect blend of flavor and aroma. Its richness and expertise have given it a very balanced flavor that is suitable for drinking at any hour of the day. It is the best instant coffee for those who are very selective about their coffee being too bitter or too mild.

This instant coffee is freeze-dried, giving it a unique Dutch flavor. The brand is also a well-known and trustworthy dutch organization which is famed for its authentic coffee.

The glass jars used for packaging are locked with a rubberized plastic seal so that the flavor and the aroma of the coffee doesn’t escape the jar even after opening it multiple times.


  • The packaging is great.
  • The coffee granules dissolve rapidly.
  • It has a perfectly balanced flavor. Not too bitter or mild.
  • This coffee might be great for tea drinkers too.


  • The aroma of this coffee is robust and strong.
  • Taste is definitely not as strong as the aroma of this coffee.

11. Maxwell House International Instant Coffee

Maxwell House International Instant Coffee

Maxwell House International French Vanilla Cafe has a constant signature flavor that is rich and smooth-textured till the last drop. This instant coffee is the perfect way to get the soft blend of coffee with a little bit of bitter undertone.

This French coffee mix is extremely creamy and thick. This cafe-style beverage comes with instant coffee combined with sweet vanilla flavor for a cup of mild deliciousness.

This mix is perfect for people who need just a little bit of coffee taste added to their palate. This delicacy is perfect for all the mild-coffee drinkers.


  • The cost per cup isn’t too pricey.
  • The vanilla drink can also be used as a coffee creamer.
  • You won’t need any kind of brewer for this coffee.
  • It has a classic signature taste that is unique and simply delectable.


  • It can sometimes taste too sweet.
  • This beverage doesn’t have the authentic coffee taste to it.
  • It isn’t strong enough for people who prefer a mug of strong or bold coffee.

12. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

This Folgers Classic Roast comes in individual packets. There are 12 coffee packets packed in a single carton. Every one of those twelve boxes consists of about seven tubes of coffee. Thus, you’re getting roughly eighty-four packets of coffee in total.

It can directly dissolve into cold water or cold milk to form a cup of iced coffee. The coffee beans have a signature Folgers taste to it, that is, the coffee won’t taste mild. The quality of the coffee beans are great, as they dissolve very fast and can be used in other recipes too.


  • The individually sealed packets are more convenient to use.
  • If you’re someone who loves the bitter taste of coffee, then this is the best instant coffee for you.
  • The aroma and taste of this coffee have a classic signature flavor to it.
  • The quality of the coffee crystals is tremendous.


  • It’s a bit too overpriced for the quantity it is offering.
  • It has a slightly burnt undertone to its taste.
  • This coffee isn’t the one for people who consider mild sweet coffee to be the best-tasting variety.

13. Mount Hagen Instant Coffee Pack of 6

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee Pack of 6

Mount Hagen Free-dried Instant Coffee is processed and manufactured in Germany. During this freeze-drying procedure, the coffee beans are carefully selected, grounded, and freeze-dried, after which they’re crushed into smaller pieces. They don’t use any kind of chemicals or additives, which are common in other non-organic instant coffees.

A single jar of this coffee mix gives you about sixty cups of a delicious and aromatic cup of caffeine-filled organic beverage. This jar is carefully sealed, even after you use it so that the flavor and the distinct aroma of the beans remain packed inside the jar.


  • The coffee beans are responsibly selected and skillfully crafted.
  • The taste associated with this coffee is a lot more flavorful than the conventional instant coffees. This is the best instant coffee for people who’ll prefer a slightly spicy undertone to their drink.
  • The beans are made from pure Arabica beans.
  • It has a low acidity level.
  • This coffee has almost no bitter aftertaste to it.
  • It’s an environmentally friendly product.


  • This coffee is a bit overpriced as compared to the other instant coffees.
  • People who actually love the bitter aftertaste of coffee won’t like this drink.

14. Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

According to Mount Hagen, the production of this product is, “an art unto itself.” And, you’ll agree with him after you take your first sip of this organic healthy drink. It is packed with a much higher amount of antioxidants than any other coffee-selling brand.

Mount Hagen coffees also have more vitamins and minerals which helps in strengthening your immune system.

This brand goes an extra mile to make sure that no chemical fertilizers, like pesticide or fungicide, are used in any step of the manufacturing process. This coffee is not only good for your digestive system but also prevents any kind of chemical ingestion.


  • It has proven health benefits.
  • This coffee has a lower acidic level, compared to its other counterparts.
  • The coffee beans are roasted carefully in small batches to give you that distinct flavor and aroma.
  • It is filled with antioxidants.
  • This is a mild-flavored coffee with no bitter undertone to it.
  • The packaging is great.
  • It’s an environment – friendly option.


  • This drink won’t be liked by those who prefer a bold cup of coffee.
  • A bit too overpriced for the quantity they offer.

15. Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix

Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix

This coffee mix comes in individually packed sachets, along with sugar and cream. If you’re looking for a hassle-free coffee, then this is the best instant coffee for you.

One packet consists of twenty such sachets which you can directly put into your cup, with some milk or water, and leave it inside your microwave for some time. That’s all you have to do to enjoy a delicious mug of creamy and smooth coffee.


  • When it says “instant”, it literally means instant.
  • This coffee is very convenient and easy to make.
  • No measurements needed as it comes with powdered sugar and cream.
  • It’s a Vietnamese designed coffee, which means it has a really smooth and thick texture.
  • Less acidic and not bitter at all


  • It can taste too sweet.
  • Not a great drink for people who prefer a cup of strong coffee.

FAQs on Instant Coffee

Q1. Is Instant Coffee Bad For Your Health?

No, instant coffee is a low-calorie beverage that has the same effect on your health as other kinds of coffee. This is made from those brewed coffee beans from which water has been eradicated. The manufacturing process of the instant coffee doesn’t affect the flavor, quality, or aroma of the coffee.

In the modern diet, coffee is the most important source of antioxidants. Similar to regular coffee, the instant one also has an abundance of antioxidants. According to a study conducted by PubMed Central, instant coffee was found to have more antioxidants than the brewed coffee. This is because of the way it is manufactured.

Too much caffeine can indeed cause several negative effects on your health like anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, frequent headaches, digestion problems, fast heartbeat, and even tremors. But the amount of caffeine in regular coffee is more than the amount present in the instant coffee.

The only point of concern is the amount of acrylamide present in a jar of instant coffee. It is a dangerous chemical that is formed when the coffee beans are roasted. Overexposure to this chemical can result in nervous system issues and can even increase the risk of cancer.

According to a study conducted by PubMed Central, it was found that a packet of instant coffee contains twice the amount of acrylamide than the brewed coffee of the same quantity. However, the amount found was still less than the quantity that can be harmful to the human body.

Q2. Is Ground Coffee Healthier Than Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee has the same effect on your body as ground coffee. If you’re experiencing insomnia or excess anxiety, it’s time for you to cut off any kind of caffeine. Therefore, on the health chart, both kinds of coffee are rather comparable, neither being better or worse than the other.

The only difference between ground coffee and instant coffee is the level of potassium and caffeine. Ground coffee has much more potassium than the instant, which is why some may get confused as ground coffee being the healthier option.

In spite of having less potassium, instant coffee is still not any less healthy than its counterpart because of the amount of caffeine present in it. A cup of ground coffee has double the amount of caffeine which balances the instant coffee on the health-related differentiation.

Q3. Can Instant Coffee Taste Good?

Instant coffee rarely tastes as good as the brewed coffee but there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to make the experience better for you.

The most effective way of extracting more flavor from instant coffee is to place a teaspoon or two into your cup and blend it with a sprinkle of warm water. Let the coffee rest for about half a minute and then pour some more warm water into your cup.

This extracts more flavor from the coffee granules without scalding them with too much heat. This will definitely increase the taste of your instant coffee.

Q4. Who Should Not Drink Instant Coffee?

If you’re able to drink brewed coffee without it causing any side effects then, there is no reason for you to avoid instant coffee. But, there are few people who should avoid all kinds of coffee.

People are getting so addicted to coffee that they are starting to experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include headache, fatigue, and increased irritability.

Caffeine is also not recommended for people with arrhythmias or for someone with an irregular heartbeat. If you experience constant anxiety problems, it’s advisable to stop all forms of caffeine intake.Insomniacs, pregnant women and children should also avoid the consumption of any kind of coffee.

In conclusion, it actually depends on your body whether you should stop drinking coffee or not. It doesn’t matter whether that coffee is brewed or instant.

Best Instant Coffee – Conclusion

Overall, I can say that instant coffee is a versatile, easy to make, convenient, and very flavorsome beverage. There are various options for everyone, depending on your taste and liking.

Now that we have discussed the best coffee selling brands and the tastes that might be “the one” for you. Why not switch to the dark side and give it a try?

Happy caffeinating!

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