Best K Cup Coffee 2021: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Solimo Dark Roast 2. Caribou Coffee 3. Kauai Coffee

What do you think is the best way to kickstart your day? There are plenty of them, but imagine a nice steaming cup of coffee, with the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed beans, wafting through the morning air, ready to fuel your day.

Oh, it already seems like a brilliant idea. Also, imagine your precious coffee coming in an assortment of different flavors. Now things are heating up, aren’t they? Well, that’s what we are bringing to you. An assortment of the best K- Cup coffee pods to recharge you!


What Is K-Cup Coffee?

That is a brilliant question. Now, why would you want to go for something which falls under the San Jose area of the coffee community? Well, because of its perks. K-Cup coffees are single-serve coffee cups, which are compatible with the poster child of coffee makers, Keurig.

That’s how the name K-Cup coffee came to life. Keurig coffee makers are known for their ultra-modern look, fancy controls, and the preset temperatures of the gear ensure that your coffee is just perfect. Most of them come with a preset temperature of 195° Fahrenheit. It does just everything else like a regular coffee maker but is good at its job. Really good.

Moreover, since K-Cup coffee is a single-serve thing, the work of trying to measure just the right amount of beans is also eliminated. Therefore, shelling some greens for it is not entirely futile.

A Little Run Through The History Of Keurig

Now that we know what Keurig is, let us take a brief jog through the history of Keurig. It was founded by two college roommates, John Sylvan, and Peter Dragone. This idea was a result of trying to solve the problem of office-coffee that grew bitter, dense, and stale as time progressed. So they solved this by making a coffee pod which was a single-serve thing.

They founded the company Keurig in 1992. The word Keurig was decided upon by Sylvan after he looked up the word ‘excellence’ in Dutch. Well, we certainly cannot say that it is far from reality, considering Keurig is a household name.

By 1993 Sylvan and Dragone were still making the pods by hand, and brought in manufacturing consultant Dick Sweeney to serve as co-founder and to automate the manufacturing process. The company needed funds, so they approached Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

In 1997, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters became the first coffee roaster to offer its coffee in the Keurig K-Cup coffee pods. The additional contracts with which Keurig associated were Tully’s Coffee, Timothy’s World Coffee, Diedrich Coffee, and Van Houtte, although Green Mountain remained the major company associated.

By 1998, Keurig launched its first office-coffee maker machine called B2000, whose distribution began in New York and New England. Just like that, Keurig kept launching more compatible and compact versions of brewers, fit for use at home. Also, Keurig started selling more varieties of teas and flavored coffees.

Green Mountain, to date, remains the most prominent associate of Keurig, having taken the company under its wing. Later, in 2018, Keurig Green Mountain merged with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, creating a public traded conglomerate and the third-largest beverage selling company in the United States of America.

College students, back then, began revolutionizing the way people drink coffee and paving the way to every house’s doorsteps. Truly admirable and slightly intimidating.

What To Look For In The Best K-Cup Coffee?

This is a question for which no right answer exists. Every person has their tastes and preferences. Some like strong coffee, some like mild, some like with a unique flavor, and some go for the old classics.

However, no matter what bakes your cake, there are certain things one always likes in their K-Cup coffees. If you are out hunting for that one perfect mug, here are certain things to consider while looking for that best K-Cup coffee.

1. Price

Well, this one’s a no brainer. Often, the best K-Cup coffees come at high soaring prices. Therefore, one needs to pay special attention to the price of K-Cup coffee to get the best deal at the best price. In all honesty, K-Cup coffee costs more than ground coffee. On average, the price of a K-Cup coffee is four times more than the ground coffee version of the same brand.

However, the bright side to buying a K-Cup coffee is that it reduces the hassle of preparing coffee with the traditional setup, which involves a filter paper and other technicalities. For a few extra bucks, you get instant coffee with less hassle.

2. Cup Serve Size

Although K-Cup coffee is meant to be a single-serve coffee, one should choose the size which suits them the best. There are different sizes available for a K-Cup coffee, so that one can pick the ideal serving quantity based on their preferences.

There are sizes ranging from single-serve to travel packs. The choice of the serving size of the K-Cup coffee depends upon the quantity preferred, number of servings per day, and so on.

3. K-Cup Coffee Flavour

A big advantage with K-Cup coffees is that these come in a plethora of flavors to choose from. These span over a wide range, such as Southern Pecan, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chocolate Glazed Donut, and so on.

With such a wide variety to choose from, you can kickstart your day with a steaming K-Cup coffee.

4. The Brand Of K-Cup Coffee

This one again is majorly a game of taste and preferences. Every person has their own good ol’ trusted brand, which they consider as the best K-cup coffee brand. Although there are many brands to choose from, experimenting with different brands is not a bad idea.

After all, variety is the spice of life, right? The sweet in this case? The best strategy is to go after the brand that has good reviews, is most preferred, and if you are feeling risky, try a new and unconventional brand of K-cup coffee. After all, a single-serve might also lead you to your new fling.

5. Compatibility with Keurig Brewers

This is one factor you need to look out for, while buying a K-Cup Coffee. Sometimes, while choosing the best coffee for yourself, you might overlook the tiny detail of its compatibility with the Keurig machine you have.

Generally, all K-Cup coffees nowadays are compatible with any version of Keurig, but still, certain brands are not, and might be a cause of potential disappointment and a waste of money if one does not see this fact.

Therefore, while buying a K-Cup coffee, make sure that it is compatible with your Keurig brewer.

Best K-Cup Coffee Brands

Many brands offer the best K-cup coffee pods. Most of these, offer really good coffee flavors and quality. Thus, choosing one among them all, becomes very difficult.

However, fret not, since we bring you a list of the best K-cup coffee brands from where you can grab your morning fuel. These brands have been trusted over the years to provide the best quality, and an assortment of flavors to choose from.

Also, they fall in a decent price range, which does not make them a luxury only for the ones with more greens. Also, what is better than convenience as well as the awesome taste?

1. Barrie House

Barrie House is one of the best K-Cup coffee brands. The flavor is amazing. It has a certain nuttiness to it, which enhances its flavor. It leaves a great aftertaste, which will give you the fond reminiscence of the wondrous experience. The flavors of Barrie House K-cup coffee are fresh, and something which will provide you with the feel of a freshly brewed coffee in a coffee house.

2. Donut Shop

This brand is something you will commonly find in the offices. The K-cup coffees of Donut Shop have a fantastic aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. Although not that high on the freshness aspect, but this K-cup coffee is an all-time favorite. It is a reliable brand and a must-try.

3. Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own has a reputation for its blend of flavors. Although most of them are watered down, Newman’s Own has flavors that are neither too strong nor too light. There is little to no aftertaste of the coffee, and it is not too bitter. Overall, Newman’s Own has amazing fresh flavors, and a good aroma, which makes it one of the most sought after K-Cup coffee brand.

4. Barista Prima

The flavors of Barista Prima are more on the stronger side since it is a dark Italian roast. It has a strong and bold flavor, which might be a tad bit over the top for light coffee drinkers. Although it leaves a bitter and acidic aftertaste, it has a great aroma and is brilliant for those who prefer their coffee more on the stronger side.

5. Tim Horton

This Canadian brand is well-reputed for its coffee and doughnuts. As far as K-Cup coffee is concerned, it offers intense, bold, and strong flavors. For strong-coffee lovers, this is an absolute go-to option. In general, Tim Horton coffee has a delightful taste. It just has an acidic aftertaste, which might not be liked by some coffee lovers. Irrespective, it offers one of the best K-Cup coffee flavors.

6. Green Mountain

Another well-known brand offering amazing K-Cup coffees is Green Mountain. The coffee of this brand are much better with a creamer, rather than as a black coffee. It has a light flavor. It also has a pretty great aftertaste. This coffee is good for people who do not like really strong flavors.

7. Wolfgang Puck

K-Cup coffees from Wolfgang Puck are better suited to waking you up rather than for you to enjoy leisurely, owing to the caffeine content. It does not have that great a taste but is still good if you are looking for something to jolt you to life in the morning. It has a tantalizing aroma and a great aftertaste. Therefore, Wolfgang Puck is also a go-to option for a K-Cup coffee.

8. Eight O’ Clock

Eight O’ Clock at eight. Coincidence? I think not! If you are looking for cheaper K-Cup coffee pods, then Eight O’ Clock is a brilliant option. The flavors have a nice aroma, and it is economical compared to other coffee pods. It offers coffee pods that have very straightforward flavors and are mainly for the caffeine rather than the taste. If you want a glimpse of the Columbian coffee, then Eight O’ Clock is the one for you.

9. Caribou Coffee

This is a medium roast coffee that has a smooth flavor. It has a perfect balance of a woodsy taste and a fruity flavor, which gives it a pleasant taste. It has almost little to no bitterness, and is a must-try if one wants to try out a good Indonesian K-Cup coffee. Caribou Coffee has a perfect choice for a morning coffee.

10. Tiziano Bonini

Another highly economical option in K-cup coffees is Tiziano Bonini. It is an authentic Italian roast. It has very tantalizing flavors and tastes. The coffee has a fresh taste. It has a wonderful aroma and a great aftertaste. If you are looking for excellent and economical Italian K-Cup coffee, then Tiziano Bonini is the one for you.

11. Death Wish Coffee

No, do not worry; this is not out to kill you or anything. The dark name is indicative of the coffee taste you will get. Death Wish Coffee is widely known for its dark, deep, intense, and bold flavors. This one is a highly caffeinated coffee, that has powerful taste, and is the perfect choice if you want a caffeine kick to keep you going through the day.

Generally, two cups of this coffee in the entire day are more than enough to fuel you for the day. When it comes to strong coffees, DeathWish Coffee is definitely one of the best K-Cup coffee brands out there.

12. Tully’s Coffee

If you want a nice, comfy, and delicious breakfast blend that has all the flavors nicely balanced, as Thanos would like it, then Tully’s Coffee is the go-to option. This coffee has a phenomenal flavor, all thanks to its 100% arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection.

Tully’s Coffee has nicely and carefully roasted beans that provide an exceptional taste, and there are subtle citrus notes to it, giving it a unique flavor.

Also, this coffee brand is not too high on the price continuum, making it very affordable as well. Therefore, for a nice, smooth, and soothing brew for the day, Tully’s Coffee is brilliant.

There are many amazing K-Cup coffees out there. However, choosing the one for your morning fuel can be confusing because there are just so many to choose from. Not only one has to choose from the wide variety, there is also a risk that one might not like the flavor that they pick up for trial. However, worry not, we although cannot predict what flavor you might like, we can certainly narrow down the search for you.

Top 28 Best K-Cup Coffees 2021

1. Solimo Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee

Solimo Dark Roast Best K-Cup CoffeeSolimo Dark Roast K-Cup coffee contains 100 coffee pods. It has a unique blend of flavors of Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia. This particular coffee is Arabica, which promises a great taste with a mild acidic aftertaste. These K-Cups are compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 K-Cup brewers.

This coffee is very similar to the well-known Green Mountain K-Cup coffee, and so it has a great taste as well. Though the coffee pales slightly in robustness and flavor as compared to the Newman’s Own, the flavors are still fresh and nice. This K-Cup coffee is half the price compared to big brands and has complete flavors. Solimo is a bit on the bitter side and has an excellent bold flavor.


2. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend K-Cup Coffee

Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend K-Cup CoffeeCaribou Blend by Caribou Coffee is a smooth, medium roast, caffeinated K-Cup coffee. It has a rich, syrupy body, bittersweet cocoa with a cedar finish. The flavor of the coffee has a woodsy and spicy undertone that balances the acidity and rich fruit taste of Central and South American variety. Each K-Cup packs a punch of rich flavors of Indonesian coffee beans.

Caribou Blend has a rich and smooth taste with no bitterness. It is neither too light nor too bold, and the best part, it is not acidic thanks to the woodsy and spicy tones. Overall, Caribou Blend K-Cup coffee is something that you would have as the perfect fuel to start your day on a delicious note.


3. Kauai Coffee Mocha Macadamia Nut K-Cup Coffee

Kauai Coffee Mocha Macadamia Nut K-Cup CoffeeAnother brilliant addition to this list is Mocha Macadamia Nut K-Cup coffee by Kauai Coffee. This is 100 percent Arabica coffee, that is, each cup provides a satisfying experience of smooth, delicious flavor and a tantalizing aroma. Moreover, your favorite K-Cup coffee has an added bonus of being eco-friendly by using environment-friendly techniques at all stages of production.

The coffee beans, of Hawaiian K-Cup coffee brand, are grown in warm Pacific sun on rich and fertile volcanic soil, which provide the ideal conditions for producing the best coffee beans. The light and savory flavor of this coffee makes it a perfect brew for any time of the day.

Mocha Macadamia Nut Coffee is more of a medium strength coffee. It is also cost-effective since it’s less expensive than other K-Cup coffee brands. The fact that the cups are biodegradable is like whipped cream on top of coffee.


4. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Decaf K-Cup Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Decaf K-Cup CoffeeBreakfast Blend Decaf is a bright, crisp, decaf blend with balanced sweetness and a nutty flavor. This one’s a light roasted, decaffeinated K- Cup coffee. The assurance of 100 percent Arabica coffee promises a great taste and amazing experience. This K-Cup coffee is compatible with Keurig. These coffee beans are grown in the rich fertile soil of the mountainous regions pack an exceptional taste.

This K-Cup coffee has a mellow flavor and is perfect for a winter morning warm-up. Since these are decaffeinated, you can indulge in more than one mug of coffee per day, which is a piece of great news for ardent coffee lovers. If you are looking for a K-cup coffee with an amazing flavor that you can’t get enough of, then Breakfast Blend Decaf is the best brew for you.


5. Cubico House Blend K-Cup Coffee

Cubico House Blend K-Cup CoffeeCubico House blend is a beautiful combination of Central and South American coffee beans. Each capsule of freshly roasted blended coffee provides a wonderful taste and the tantalizing aroma. This K-Cup coffee has cocoa notes, a light fruity acidity, and a sweet aftertaste. The coffee beans are medium roasted to provide a fresh taste and an intense Aroma.

These coffee pods work in most of the 1.0 and 2.0 Keurig coffee makers. This K-Cup coffee can also be used in drip-coffee maker machines without any compromise on the part of the taste and flavor. The brilliant flavors of cubical house blend make it a perfect brew for any time of the day. The flavors are not to light to get dissolved with cream and sugar but also not that bold enough to leave a bitter taste. Overall Cubico house blend is one of the best medium roast K-Cup coffees.


6. Donut Shop Coffee K-Cup Coffee

Donut Shop Coffee K-Cup CoffeeDonut Shop K-Cup coffee Is surprisingly simple and wonderfully cheerful. The regular coffee from Donut Shop coffee is a perfect mix of Amazing flavor brilliant Aroma and a great aftertaste. These single-serve K-Cup coffee pods are compatible with all Keurig coffee makers. The extra bold and caffeinated flavor Donut shop coffee makes it one of the best choices for a morning brew.

Given its price, Donut Shop coffee provides K-Cups that are the perfect blend of good flavors. The flavor is neither too strong nor too mild. Across the globe, people trust this brand of K-Cup coffee always, to provide a good cup of coffee and promise an amazing coffee experience. If you are looking for something in the medium roast department, then Donut Shop coffee is the best for you.


7. McCafe Espresso Roast K-Cup Coffee

McCafe Espresso Roast K-Cup CoffeeAnother brilliant addition to the list of the best K-Cup coffees is that of McCafe Espresso Roast Coffee. McCafe Espresso Is a strong and spirited coffee made with 100% arabica beans. This medium-dark roast is compatible with all types of Keurig coffee makers. This coffee promises an amazing adventure for you, given it is grown and cultivated in the region mountainous regions of the foremost areas of the world.

This K-Cup coffee Is very aromatic and tasteful, The perfectly balanced taste, that is neither too strong nor too light. McCafe Espresso has a medium roast and And can prepare a decent mug of coffee to kick start your day. It looks like your favorite burger joint has a lot more than burgers up its sleeve to surprise you pleasantly.


8. Cafe Bustelo K-Cup Coffee

Cafe Bustelo K-Cup CoffeeMake way, we are about to bring another household name to this delicious list of the best K-Cup coffees. Cafe Bustelo is an espresso-style delicacy that is a brilliant morning routine. 100% Colombian medium roast expressive coffee made from coffee beans grown and nurtured with special care in the fertile Colombian soil, To ensure that the perfect cup of coffee reaches you.

The rich, full-bodied flavor of this coffee stands up to cream and milk. This K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee brewers. Each K-Cup coffee brews a Single authentic cafecito in under a minute. So you get both a brilliant taste and speedy delivery. It is ideal for making cortaditos, Cafe con leche, and other amazing treats. This coffee is a strong delicious smoothie and has an amazing Aroma and a great aftertaste. With so much of goodness packed into a single cup, Cafe Bustelo is a go to option.


9. Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup CoffeeGreen mountain coffee another one of tantalizing fantastic flavors. This time it is the wild mountain Blueberry K-cup coffee. At first, Blueberry mixing a very unique taste for coffee, but no kidding when it comes to trying it out; it is the next best thing. It might be an experiment in taste; variety is the Spice of life that makes the coffee worth a try.

If you like flavored coffee, then green mountain can provide you with a great start with its wild mountain Blueberry flavor. This K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers. Aromatic, flavourful, and with a refreshing taste, green mountain delivers a spectacular performance yet again. The coffee has a great aftertaste, and the berry notes give it a unique flavor. It is definitely worth a shot, or a mug.


10. Coffee Beanery Hawaiian Coconut SWP Decaf Singlicious K-Cup Coffee

Coffee Beanery Hawaiian Coconut SWP Decaf Singlicious K-Cup CoffeeThe name of this K-Cup coffee is quite a mouthful, is it not? Even the flavor of a sip of this coffee is quite a mouthful once you try it. This one is a Swiss water Process decaf specialty coffee. It is made of the finest arabica coffee beans to deliver the best taste to you. This coffee has been decaffeinated using the Swiss water process decaf technique, which presents to you 99.9% decaffeinated coffee without altering its taste flavor or Aroma in any way. This coffee is sugar-free, lactose-free, and alcohol-free with all the genuine taste and a balanced blend.

Once you try this K-Cup coffee, you will fall in love with it. The flaky sweet coconut of Hawaiian coconut decaf makes it a must-try. The notes of coconut are subtle enough to provide a good background taste, but not too overwhelming at the same time. In other words, this one is a heavenly tropical creation, that will satiate your taste buds.


11. Grand Havana Cuban Style Espresso K-Cup Coffee

Grand Havana Cuban Style Espresso K-Cup CoffeeBefore you become all Camila, have a mug of coffee to warm up your vocal cords. This 100% pure ground coffee is a masterful blend of flavors that provides an amazing taste. The best arabica and robusta coffee beans are handpicked to provide you with the ultimate combination of Grand Havana. This K-Cup coffee has a rich contemporary taste that will leave you wanting for more.

Grand Havana has an excellent aroma and an amazing aftertaste. It has a moderately strong flavor, and caffeine in it is perfect for giving your day the best start. This coffee has a very rich and tasty flavor, and is a must-try. Among the K-Cup coffees, this one falls in the affordable price range, which makes it even better of a deal.


12. Bright and Early Flavored K-Cup Coffee

Bright and Early Flavored K-Cup CoffeeThe name itself is a dead giveaway to what you are in for. However, let’s unbox this, one sip at a time. The most brilliant aspect about this K-Cup coffee is that it offers you not one, not two, but four different varieties to choose from in one box. Sounds cool? There is more. These coffee beans are from some of the best coffee producing grounds. The Texas Cinnamon, Native Pecan, Hazelnut, and Jamaican Coffee are the four biggies in this box.

The thing is that, the more quantity, in no way implies less quality. All varieties have an exceptional taste, rich, tantalizing aroma, and a smooth taste. Texas Cinnamon, as the name suggests, is a light roast coffee with notes of cinnamon in perfect proportions. The Native Pecan is a medium roast with a slightly intense taste. Hazelnut is again a light roast with a nice nutty flavor. Finally, the Jamaican Coffee is a medium roast with an amazing aroma. With these fantastic four, you can definitely count on making your coffee time a worthwhile experience.


13. Black Label K-Cup Coffee

Black Label K-Cup CoffeeAnother awesome entrant in this list is Black Label K-Cup coffee. If you are someone who functions on high caffeine levels to go through the day, nothing else is better. This one is high caffeine powered drink that will fuel you for the day. Just like Deathwish coffee, this one is also a highly caffeinated brew, albeit a bit more than Deathwish. Black Label does not require additional sugar or cream.

Black Label Alberta roasted artisan K-Cup coffee is very creamy and has a smooth texture. Drinking this one gives you quite the powerful caffeine kick. Black Label has many custom blends that are all awesome. It does not have any bitter aftertaste despite the high caffeine content. The coffee also has a bit of citrusy taste. Overall, one cup of this coffee in the morning is enough to keep you going through the day.


14. Two Brothers Coffee Roasters Brewhouse Blend K-Cup Coffee

Two Brothers Coffee Roasters Brewhouse Blend K-Cup CoffeeEver wanted your coffee to be eco-friendly alongside providing a great taste? Well, look no further. Two Brothers Coffee Roasters Brewhouse Blend comes in K-Cups that are 100% recyclable. Don’t take this coffee lightly, no pun intended, since this one’s at par with two award-winning beers. Since this coffee is roasted in small batches, it ensures that the flavors and the aroma remain intact. Also, this coffee is nitrogen flushed to preserve the freshness.

This K-Cup coffee is made from the coffee beans cultivated in the Americas. Notes of walnut and caramel balance the stone fruit sweetness.. This K-Cup is compatible with all Keurig machines. The perfect blend of flavors makes this a perfect brew for any time of the day. Therefore, out of some of the best K-Cup coffees, this one is a must-try.


15. Cafe Bustelo Columbian Coffee K-Cup Coffee

Cafe Bustelo Columbian Coffee K-Cup CoffeeCafe Bustelo makes it to the list again with another one of its delicious creations, the Cafe Bustelo Columbian coffee. The fusion of a smoky taste and oils which later gives way to bittersweet dark chocolate. However, this taste is characteristic, and prevails throughout the coffee. This K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers. This 100% Columbian coffee is medium roasted to perfection to provide you with the perfect brew in the morning.

Cafe Bustelo Columbian Blend is a delicious full-bodied coffee with a smooth texture. It has a brilliant aroma and great aftertaste. The flavor is rich and delicious, thanks to the coffee beans grown with utmost care and expertise. If you want a cup of coffee that can never go wrong in the making, Cafe Bustelo K-Cup is the one for you.


16. Victor Allen’s Morning Blend K-Cup Coffee

Victor Allen’s Morning Blend K-Cup CoffeeThe name itself tells enough about this coffee. If you are looking forward to starting your day with an amazing coffee, which is just the perfect balance of flavors, look no further. Victor Allen’s Morning Blend is 100% arabica coffee, which is a mild and smooth roast. Victor Allen’s roastmasters coax out their coffee flavors one small batch at a time, to preserve the taste and aroma.

Victor Allen’s Morning Blend K-Cup coffee is neither too strong nor too bitter. This brand is well known for its single-serve gourmet coffees. The ever-reliable taste and the wide assortment of flavors make it an amazing coffee to pick. Arabica coffee beans are the best variety in coffee beans, so you can sit back, relax, and take a long gulp of a steaming mug of this coffee.


17. Teasia Kenya AA K-Cup Coffee

Teasia Kenya AA K-Cup CoffeeNo, do not worry; this is not a battery. Teasia Kenya AA K-Cup coffee is made from 100% Kenya AA coffee beans that are vibrant and fresh. This coffee has a rich and full body with a wine-like acidity and citrusy aroma. These coffee beans are grown in Africa and roasted by Artisanal roasters. Teasia Kenya AA K-Cups are compatible with all Keurig coffee machines. These are 100% arabica coffee, which means that the taste is going to be fantastic.

At quite a reasonable price, Teasia Kenya AA K-Cup does not disappoint at all and is proof that you need not shell out wads of greens for a good mug of coffee. The acidity in the coffee is very well balanced out by the citrus taste of the coffee. Overall, Teasia Kenya AA K-Cup coffee is one of the best affordable coffees with an amazing taste.


18. Donut Shop Decaf K-Cup Coffee

Donut Shop Decaf K-Cup CoffeeDonut Shop makes it to the coveted list of the best K-Cup coffees yet again, but this time, with a decaffeinated version of its delicious coffees. Donut Shop Decaf K-Cup coffee is cheerfully uncomplicated and straightforward coffee. A heavenly medium roast blend, made from excellent quality coffee beans, cultivated and extracted from the fertile regions of the world, Donut Shop Decaf packs quite a punch. The flavor is neither too strong nor too light, making it a perfect brew for any time of the day.

This K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines. Donut Shop Decaf contains more specialty blend than a regular K-Cup coffee, which gives it a rich and delectable taste. It has a tantalizing aroma and an excellent aftertaste. Moreover, since this is decaffeinated up to 99.5%, you can go beyond a cup or two in the entire day. Donut Shop is one coffee brand that will never fail you with any of its flavors. No wonder most of the coffee lovers have this one name common as their favorites.


19. Chocolate Cherry Decadence K-Cup Coffee By Harry and David Coffee

Chocolate Cherry Decadence K-Cup Coffee By Harry and David CoffeeThe name itself is a giveaway of the beautiful flavor to be expected from this coffee. As fancy as the name sounds, similar is the taste that you will get. Chocolate Cherry Decadence rich and deep savory tones of chocolate and cherry. Well, that was a no brainer. This coffee is made from 100% arabica coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans equal awesome taste. These beans are cultivated and collected from the leading coffee producing countries of the world to bring the best of the best to you.

Chocolate Cherry Decadence is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers. So you can whip up a steaming mug of coffee at any time of the day with zero hassles. This K-Cup coffee makes for an amazing serve with desserts and is also a brilliant choice for a light morning brew. A medium roast, this coffee has balanced flavors of cherry and chocolate, without either of them dominating the drink at any point in time. Therefore, if you have to gift it to someone, or bask in the glorious taste yourself, this coffee is the best for both occasions.


20. Teasia Ethiopia Yirgacheffe K-Cup Coffee

Teasia Ethiopia Yirgacheffe K-Cup CoffeeAnother delicious creation by Teasia makes it to the list. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe K-Cup coffee is a region-specific coffee since this is made especially from the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee beans. These coffee beans are known for their fragrant and vibrant taste. This K-Cup coffee has bright acidity and subtle floral notes and an exotic flavor of spices and herbs. What’s more, these coffee beans grown and handpicked with extra care and roasted in small batches to preserve its freshness.

Teasia Ethiopia Yirgacheffe K-Cup Coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers except Vue and Rivo. The taste of this coffee is a little bit different as compared to the conventional coffees. Therefore this might not be the first choice for those people who like to stick to the more traditional flavors. However, if you are all up for a sport and ready to try something new, then, by all means, go ahead and try this coffee. The unique taste is worth a shot.


21. Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cup Coffee

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cup CoffeeMake way, for the arabica coffee beans are coming this way again. Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cup coffee is a coffee that will sweep you off your feet once you drink it. It is a brilliant combination of 90% arabica beans and 10% Hawaiian coffee beans, both the exotic flavors brought together in appropriate proportion, giving it just the right taste. The flavor is bold, but it is not as if it will leave a bitter aftertaste or acidity.

The texture of Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cup coffee makes it one of the best coffees out there. It is smooth, rich, and leaves a really pleasant feeling. The coffee is so good that it does not even need a creamer, as the use of creamer overwhelms the flavor. Also, this coffee has just the right amount of sweetness, which makes the use of sugar redundant as well. Sorry sugar. This K-Cup is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers except Keurig Vue systems. Tully’s Coffee is thus one of the most popular, affordable, and among widely drank coffee-brands, making it a reliable and safe choice.


22. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Coffee

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup CoffeeYes, you read that right. Imagine a mouth-watering delicacy fused into your daily coffee. Majorly drool-worthy. That’s exactly what Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup coffee is out there to do. This K-Cup coffee has the brilliant and exquisite taste of cinnamon rolls swirled together with 100% arabica coffee beans. Since this is a light roast, the flavor is not too bitter, and not too light.

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines. The extremely tantalizing aroma of cinnamon comes from Makara Cinnamon that originates in the mountains of West Sumatra and Indonesia. This coffee starts with a smooth, light roast brew and then swirls in the decadent flavors of Cinnabon cinnamon, brown sugar, and the legendary Cinnabon frosting. All these elements combined, promise you fantastic coffee drinking experience.


23. San Francisco Bay OneCup, French Vanilla K-Cup Coffee

San Francisco Bay OneCup, French Vanilla K-Cup CoffeeJust like Hollywood has A-list celebrities, the K-Cups have their A-listers. San Francisco Bay OneCup French Vanilla K-Cup coffee is counted among the best K-Cup coffees out there. This coffee is wildly popular across the globe, and for a good reason too. French Vanilla has a rich smooth flavor and a luxurious taste. It is really creamy, which eliminates any requirements for a creamer. What’s with coffees throwing other ingredients out of jobs? Anyways, this coffee is bound to give you an awesome experience once you try it.

The excellent taste is owing to the freshly-ground French Vanilla coffee beans that are roasted in small batches to preserve the freshness and aroma. These K-Cup coffee pods are compatible with all Keurig coffee machines. That’s just whipped cream on top of the coffee. French Vanilla not only has a nice, creamy, and smooth texture but also has a nutty flavor. Combined with the bold flavor of the coffee beans, this is a flavor that can keep you hooked.


24. Starbucks Cafe Verona Dark K-Cup Coffee

Starbucks Cafe Verona Dark K-Cup CoffeeNo, you are certainly not dreaming, nor is it the first of April. Your favorite coffee joint can move into your house with its K-Cup coffees. Starbucks has its own K-Cup coffees as well, and that too, not in one or two, but six different flavors. This particular flavor, Cafe Verona Dark, is one of its more intense flavors. This one is a nice dark roast coffee meant for its bold flavor and caffeine. The dark cocoa lends it a rich texture, paired with a delicious sweetness.

Starbucks Cafe Verona Dark K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines. That means you can now enjoy your favorite coffee by whipping it up instantly without any hassles. This coffee is an exquisite blend of Latin American and Pacific coffees, with 20% Italian roast for added flavor. The holy trinity of coffee beans it seems. Moreover, all of this comes at a very affordable price. There is no acidic aftertaste, despite the flavor being strong. So that is quite an appreciated thing. Now have a leisurely sip of that nice Starbucks without running to a nearby cafe.


25. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast K-Cup CoffeeIf this list ended without mentioning this one, then the majority of the coffee lovers will be offended. So, here is the best of the best K-Cup coffee brands in existence in the dark roast category. As it turns out, this coffee hardly needs an introduction. It is almost a household name. This dark roast is a full-bodied, intense roast with a smoky and bold flavor. Also, this coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines.

The amazing taste and aroma of Peet’s Coffee House are all thanks to the coffee beans being sourced from the world’s top coffee-growing regions, that are located on high elevations and have fertile mountainous soil. The beans are roasted right before they are delivered, which is an excellent way to preserve their freshness. This coffee has an amazing flavor, which was a result of the collaboration of a loyal customer and the founder of the coffee brand. Well, you now know how many people to thank for this heavenly creation.


26. Martinson House Blend Melange Maison K-Cup Coffee

Martinson House Blend Melange Maison K-Cup CoffeeThis coffee will coax you to move out of the bed on a grumpy morning. Martinson house Blend Melange Maison is a gentle and smooth K-Cup coffee. The mild flavor of this coffee will ease you into the morning and is perfect for slowly sipping while basking in its taste.

Also, these K-Cups are recyclable. Now you have a coffee which is an accurate representation of a kind person; nice, gentle, kind, and sensitive about the environment. Perfecto.

Martinson House Blend Melange Maison K-Cup Coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines except Keurig Vue system. These K-Cups have Flavor Max filters that keep the taste and aroma intact. Each coffee bean is meticulously selected by the workers to ensure that the best and the choicest coffee beans reach you.

It is not bitter, nor acidic at all and is very flavorful and aroma-rich. On the whole, once you try this coffee, you will be completely sold on it. The taste of it is just so amazing. So, for days where you can’t seem to accept it is six in the morning, this coffee will help you come to terms with it and also help you go on about your day.


27. Gevalia Signature Blend K-Cup Coffee

Gevalia Signature Blend K-Cup CoffeeNow that we have traveled almost the entire world on a coffee journey let us move to a Scandinavian nation. Gevalia Signature Blend K-Cup coffee is a Swedish creation that is as beautiful and gorgeous as the country it comes from. This coffee is perfectly balanced, full-bodied, and exquisitely smooth.

Crafted originally by the Master Taster, this coffee is an absolute delight to have. It has a unique taste that prevails throughout the coffee cup, leaving you wanting for more.

Gevalia Signature Blend K-Cup coffee is compatible with all versions of Keurig coffee makers. This is a blend made from the choicest coffee beans from East Africa, South America, and Central America. This coffee has subtle notes of citrus fruitiness, balanced out entirely by the light roast flavor of the coffee beans.

It leaves no bitter aftertaste or acidity, which makes it best for a smooth morning roast. So if you are looking for a classy start for your day, then this is the coffee for you.


28. Laughing Man Hugh’s Blend K-Cup Coffee

Laughing Man Hugh’s Blend K-Cup CoffeeCome on. You will not and cannot say no to this coffee that Wolverine has brought to you. Laughing Man is a result of actor Hugh Jackman’s trip to Ethiopia and his meeting with a local farmer.

Of all the coffees out there, Hugh’s Blend is one of the best coffees that can be enjoyed asblack coffee. The secret to the amazing flavors lies in the 100% arabica coffee beans that are used in making this coffee. This medium roast coffee is brilliant for any time of the day.

Laughing Man Hugh’s Blend K-Cup coffee is compatible with all Keurig coffee machines. It has a great flavor with a twist; it has contrasting yet complementary notes of tart green apples and toasted graham crackers. This is sounding quite interesting, right? This coffee falls a little bit on the high end of the coffees, but you will not regret spending on this coffee.

On the whole, this coffee will leave you as a laughing man. Well, if not laughing, then definitely a smiling and contented human.


So To Conclude It All

Well, wasn’t that quite the comprehensive guide? If possible, take printouts of this article the next time you sit down to get your favorite K-Cup coffee.

Just kidding. Follow your heart and go for the coffee that appeases your taste buds the most. There is a wide variety of K-Cup coffee to choose from, and therefore you most probably will have a hard time trying to decide on the best K-Cup coffee.

While there are a variety of big names in the list of best K-Cup coffees, do not hold yourself from trying a new and lesser-known flavor. Who knows when you might hit the jackpot accidentally? If you are the person who likes to stick with the traditional and classic flavors, then there are many giants in the arena to choose from.

However, if you are up for an exploratory journey and adventure, then, by all means, go ahead and try out new and unique flavors of coffees.

While having a K-Cup coffee is a really amazing and awesome experience, the aftermath of coffee drinking is something you should take care of as well. As important as it is to make a delicious cup of coffee, it is even more important to take care of your Keurig machine and clean it properly, because inadequate care will not only damage the machine, but also ruin the taste of subsequent coffees. Now we would not want that, right? So let us delve into how to take care of your Keurig machine.

Cleaning And Maintaining A Keurig Coffee Maker

Now, after we have surfaced from the bliss of enjoying a lip-smacking delicious cup of coffee, we need to get down to the real business of cleaning the machine as well.

A huge advantage with Keurig coffee is that you do not have to engage in much of a hassle while cleaning it, as is the case with filter coffee (not the youtube channel).

Constant use of a coffee machine daily can lead to the formation of clogs in the machine, which can damage the systems of the coffee maker. So here is an instruction manual on how to clean your beloved Keurig coffee maker.

1. A Keurig Approved Descaling Solution

Well, well, you cannot go wrong in your cleaning duty with this one. Keurig offers a descaling solution for all its coffee machines, which ensures that all the clogs in the coffee machine are cleared out.

Priced around $11, this descaling solution is the best option out there for cleaning your Keurig machine. It easily removes all the clogs and odors to keep the coffee maker running smoothly.

2. Plain Ol’ Vinegar Solution

Who knew the eternal secret to keeping your Keurig coffee maker lies in your very own kitchen? Well, you know now . The recipe to make this simple solution is pretty effortless and does not require much time to prepare.

First, unplug your Keurig machine and soak all its attachments in warm and soapy water. After that, take it out of the water and dry it. Assemble it again and fill the reservoir half with a vinegar solution, and the rest of it with water. Start the brewing mechanism without a K-Cup. Keep emptying the contents of the reservoir cup by cup until it’s empty.

Then rinse it with water once again, and your Keurig will be good and ready as new to be brewing again. The vinegar solution helps to descale and removes all clogs.

3. Using Bottled Or Spring Water

Keurig recommends the usage of bottled or distilled water for the preparation of your brew. This is because the use of mineral water can lead to deposition on the inner surface of the coffee maker, which will solidify and become difficult to clean. Therefore, it is advised to use distilled or bottled water in the preparation of coffee. This will make it easier to clean the machine later as there will be no deposition of minerals.

To sum it all up, do not use your Keurig machine irresponsibly and recklessly, because it will cause problems for you in the end. If you use the machine with care and caution, combined with regular cleaning and descaling of the coffee machine, the coffee maker will go on running smoothly without any glitches and provide you coffee without any hassles or distortions in the taste.

One cup of the good ol’ Real Joe can really kickstart your day and ease you into the mornings. If prepared with care and caution, you will definitely have a nice coffee experience. Take joy in every cup you prepare, since coffee making is an art.

Choose the coffee that your heart tells you to choose, prepare it with love, absorb the tantalizing aroma, and bask in the glorious taste of coffee beans grown and cultivated in some of the most fertile and rich coffee-growing areas of the world. All this, coupled with the effortless process of preparation of best K-Cup coffee, makes for an awesome experience. Revel in every sip of your brew and enjoy!

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