Best Budget Coffee Grinders 2020: Review & Buyer’s Guide

1. JavaPresse2. Mr. Coffee IDS77-RB3. KitchenAid BCG111OB


If you love your daily dose of coffee, you probably have some conditions and preferences when it comes to the grind.

If you are someone who travels a lot, then you are in search of a portable coffee grinder. If not, then you want something that is inside the budget and yet, still capable of producing different kinds of grinds.

Today, we will talk about the two main types of coffee grinders, which are the electric and manual ones. Which one of them should you buy depends on your requirements, overall budget, and the kind of labor you are willing to do to get the consistency you want.


We have shortlisted 15 of the best budget coffee grinders. The list has both electric and manual coffee grinders that are under a certain budget and yet, the best products in the market, currently.

There is a preference towards gears like manual grinders, regardless, mostly because they usually cost less. We have high hopes that you will find a coffee grinder that suits you best through this list.

We also have created mini guides on the factors you should have in mind while buying a coffee grinder, manual or electric. At the very end, we have tried our best to answer any added questions you might have about the coffee grinders.

Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing The Best Budget Coffee Grinder

For a coffee lover, getting the right grind is of grave importance. As such, it’s only fair that you have a good idea about what you are looking for in a coffee grinder before you proceed to buy one.

1. Consistency

What is our aim when searching for a coffee grinder? Even someone who doesn’t drink coffee a lot can answer this question. It’s the quest for consistency. We want the grinds to have a similar size before consuming the filter coffee. This isn’t important if you are more into espresso based drinks, though.

An industry expert on coffee has explained how to filter coffee, it tastes better when the fines are minimized. They are over-extracted, which is the source of the bitterness. For espresso, which is meant to be a sweeter brew, the goal is to either have the fewest fines or skip them altogether to produce something heavy and mouthful.

2. Manual Or Electric Coffee Grinder

Why not both?

We will discuss what kind of specifications you should have in mind for both manual and electric coffee grinders. You can decide from there on what to do.

For a manual coffee grinder, you will have to put in more work. However, if you only have to brew coffee in small portions, they are a good choice. They also serve as a good travel buddy.

For the ones focusing on brewing a large portion of coffee and want to have it while relaxing at home, electric coffee grinders are a good option. Ideally, a coffee lover would try to buy both.

We will first discuss the factors for choosing best manual coffee grinder and then, for electric grinder.

3. How To Choose The Perfect Manual Coffee Grinder For You?

The importance of the grinding process can’t ever be ignored. While it’s important to do it under budget, be sure to have some standards as well.

4. The Size

If your aim is a coffee grinder that you could use when you are traveling around and craving coffee at the worst possible time of night, you want to go for something that’s smooth and sleek looking, with a particularly cylinder shape. If it’s small and has this specific shape, you will be able to store it comfortably with you, and it is easy to hold on to.

When it comes to looking for something portable, the small stuff is always the best option. However, if you aren’t concerned about a travel grinder, you can always opt for a stylish, vintage type coffee grinder.

5. The Capacity

When we are talking about portable grinders, we are looking at the ones that are compact for travel. Naturally, this means the number of beans these manual grinders can fit in one swoop will be less.

Remember, you have to be realistic about this. If you want to grind as many beans as you can at first try, you will have to buy a bigger grinder, which will inevitably hamper portability.

On the other hand, if you want to keep traveling with our manual grinder, but have to prepare coffee for more than two people with a grinder that has limited capacity, a good workout for your arms can not be avoided.

6. The Quality

This is about the burr, as it is what that has to deal with the most pressure. The burr comes in two options. One is ceramic and the other is steel. Both have a separate set of pros and cons.

If you are traveling with the grinder, look for a stainless steel burr. They are usually more durable and you can clean them easily. A ceramic burr is a good option if your manual grinder doesn’t leave the premises of your house.

While it has become impossible to find a grinder that doesn’t have some amount of plastic materials, we will recommend spending a little more on grinders which comes with a good burr. It is the burr that takes care of the consistency after all.

7. The Amount Of Grind Settings

The coffee grinder you have set your mind to, what are the number of settings on it? Can you change between the settings easily? A coffee grinder is not much of a use if it simply does the job of grinding.

It should be able to grind coffee to different consistency so you can have the best coffee to suit your mood. You also want to look for a grinder that has a good system so that you can use it to grind the beans to the same degree you prefer no matter where you are.

If the manual grinder isn’t good, it won’t produce the same consistency despite the same settings every time, which will result in your brew being either too extracted or underwhelmingly so.

In the end, though, there isn’t a coffee grinder, regardless of whether it is manual or electric, that can be considered perfect.

Of course, if the electric grinder is good enough, it can produce a slight difference in results. A manual grinder will require some of your own determination too.

If you want a grind that is close to perfect, you can opt for a coffee sifter too.

8. The Longevity Factor

Most electric grinders usually have a warranty period. The same can’t be said for most manual grinders. You have to look for this carefully.

There is no point in buying the best budget coffee grinder only for it to break down two days later after you have drank merely five cups of coffee from it. Or end up with one which constantly produced inconsistent brew.

If the product is good, you will most definitely find a warranty attached to it. The manufacturers are proud of their creation in this case and have no hesitancy in offering long term warranty.

There are times when you will get a life as well. They are basically saying through the warranty that they don’t see any chance of the grinder breaking down in the foreseeable future.

The well being of your product lies partly in your hand too. Your cleaning of the grinder, that is whether you do it regularly and with what level of precision will have an impact on whether your coffee grinder performs well and if the burr will be usable for a long time.

9. How To Choose The Perfect Electric Coffee Grinder For You?

If manual coffee grinders require you to think about size and portability, electric coffee grinders means you have to think about, well, the electric parts of it al. Let’s take a look at the factors.

10. The Three On Grind Settings

Usually, you will find the pulse option on most electric coffee grinders. If you press the button, your coffee will start grinding. If you stop pressing it, your coffee will stop grinding. It’s quite simple.

Then, some grinders come with the auto-grind button. In these cases, you don’t have to keep pushing the button. It will grind by itself. All you have to do is turn up the dial. The grinder will start grinding the beans while you prepare the cups for a nice coffee.

The third kind of grinder also has timed grinding as an option. It can be inferred from the name alone what the button does. Much like a microwave, you set the time limit for how long you want the coffee to grind while you take care of any other work you have.

Are all these extra features of any use to you? It depends. Do you have to brew more than one cup? Then, most probably you need the features.

Will you have to pay a little more for each extra feature you get? Also yes. You don’t want to pay for more? Well, either you have to buy a grinder that has the features but not enough warranty or go through the trouble of pressing on the button and holding on to it while you wait for it to grind every time.

If you only need to prepare a coffee for one or two people and only for one or two times a day, the pulse button should be enough. There is no need to make things any more complicated than they are.

11. The Amount Of Grinding Settings

There are a wide variety of electric grinders on the market that have a large range of settings. A grinder with more steps certainly allows you to do more about the consistency of your coffee. However, you don’t really need 100 settings for this reason, do you?

In the end, it is dependant on your choice though. Human beings have a habit of falling victim to the more the better mindset when they are trying out new things.

Rather than choosing a grinder depending on the amount of settings it has, here are some mini tips.

If you want to try and experiment with all kinds of brew styles and are a coffee lover in general, no matter what kind of coffee it is, you will need a grinder with over 40 different settings.

If you want to limit yourself to the most common brew styles and only plan on doing the barest experiments, an electric grinder with 20 to 40 settings change should be enough.

If you only like the standards brew styles and usually stick to french press or the likes of pour over, a grinder that has less than 30 settings should be enough. Granted, you are happy with it.

If you are the type that prefers Turkish coffee, you will need to produce super fine grinds. The usual electric grinder isn’t capable of doing so. In that case, it’s best you start looking for a Turkish grinder.

12. What Does It Grind Into? Portafilter Or Bucket?

On some electric grinders, you will find a small bracket. This bracket does the job of keeping your Portafilter in its place. The Portafilter is the handle like things you see on a grinder. It takes the pressure of the grind while brewing for an espresso.

The bracket will first grind the beans and then throw the ground to the Portafilter. There are also grinders that will send the grounds directly to another container.

If your main objective is to brew espresso, or at least you drink espresso quite frequently, a portafilter on your coffee grinder is a wise decision.

If you are brewing espresso and other types of coffee, then you have to make sure the grinder you purchase has a bracket that can be removed.

If you have no plans of making espresso, portafilter definitely isn’t necessary. In fact, it can prove to be a problem where you have to remove the bracket every time you want to brew something.

It also makes cleaning a lot harder. It is important you keep the grinder clean if you want it to perform to the best of its abilities.

Now, cleaning a grinder isn’t exactly a happy activity for most people. It is better to choose something that is easy to clean if you don’t need a portafilter for long term use.

13. The Other Technical Aspects: The Size Of The Burr, The Type, The RPMs

While this is a section that might not be that interesting to you, you are going through so much work to purchase that one grinder, you can certainly make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. After all, even a low budget coffee grinder can be quite expensive.

Electric coffee grinders come with high speed and low speed variety. The measurement for grinder’s speed is known as Revolution Per Minute or RPM. This has quite a bit of an effect on the brew you end up with.

There is a little problem in this regard. Usually, the higher the RPM number goes, the grind is more consistent.

However, higher speed also means the production of more heat. Heat is always a bad thing for coffee beans. The coffee flavor changes due to it, thereby ruining the taste.

For high speed grinders, they can beat the heat complication if the burrs are large and flat nature. They also need a powerful motor.

This kind of burrs can do the grinding consistently without falling victim to the heat, that is by not allowing the heat to buildup in the first place.

As for low speed grinders, they tend to have a ceramic burr that is cone like sides. The speed for grinding is simply slow, thus avoiding any kind of heat or static build up.

These kinds of burrs are usually a strong presence in home market grinders. While a lot more can be said about the technicalities of high speed and low speed grinders and different burrs, what you really need to remember is two things for now.

If you are into espresso, you will want a grinder that has high RPM. If not, and the grinding technique is manual, a grinder with low RPM will do the job smoothly.

Top 15 Best Budget Coffee Grinders 2020

1 . JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Best Budget Coffee GrinderFrom JavaPresse, this manual coffee grinder comes with already built-in settings that are highly adjustable. The grind selector has over 18 kinds of settings, thus allowing its user to exercise 100 percent control on exactly how coarse the coffee beans shall be.

The grinder also has a hand crank mechanism. It can be removed if you find it unnecessary. It’s a good choice if you want to eliminate the loud deafening noises of the grinder. This is a compact grinder that you can take anywhere. As it is manual, battery, plastic cord or power isn’t necessary to operate it.

From JavaPresse, the ceramic burr is actually patented by the company. It has been tested and designed to be 5 times stronger than the usual stainless steel burr. Additionally, you might get an extra bag of coffee that comes with the grinder with the code.


2. Mr. Coffee IDS77-RB 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee IDS77-RB 12 Cup Electric Coffee GrinderFor an electric coffee grinder, this is definitely one of the most inexpensive ones, thus making it one of the best budget coffee grinders.

For people who don’t particularly enjoy cleaning their grinders- and let’s be real, no one does- the grinder comes with Chamber Maid Cleaning System.

This takes care of the walls of the grinders, thereby sweeping away the remaining mess from the beans and the waste.

This is a coffee and spice grinder and has various kinds of settings. The main ones are Coarse, Medium, or Fine.

It produces the precise grind depending on the amount of coffee you want to brew. Ideally, it will be enough to do 4 to 12 cups of coffee in one go. The length of the cord for this one is about 25 inches.

The electric coffee grinder from Mr. Coffee also comes with a one year guarantee.


3. KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder – Onyx Black

KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder - Onyx BlackThe KitchenAid coffee grinder has a motor of 160W. Despite the power, it is made so that the grinder does not produce an absurd amount of noise.

While instead of burr, this one has stainless steel blades, it does the right job of grinding the coffee beans until we get the aromatic beauty we want.

Along with the heavy duty motor housing, we certainly consider this a grinder that is quite easy to clean. The blade, bowl and the top cover can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

You don’t need to spend your precious time cleaning it by hand. Despite being an electric grinder, it’s on the compact side. You can carry it anywhere you want, though of course, you will want the place to have plug in options.

The grinder also has a wonderful 1 year guarantee for its users.


4. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Coffee Grinder 80335R

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Coffee Grinder 80335RThe Hamilton Beach coffee grinder leaves its competitors behind by far being one of the best budget coffee grinders in the market.

For one, it certainly produces the lowest amount of noise. It doesn’t matter if it’s early morning or quite late into the night, you can have your fresh brew without waking the whole household up.

The grinding chamber can be easily removed. You can take it out and fill it with beans or spices, whatever you want to grind. It also makes the task of cleaning easier by simply removing it and washing it.

If you fill the grinder with 9 tablespoons of beans, you can have 12 cups of coffee without any problems. At the bottom of the grinder, there is a hidden storage space. Here, you can stowaway the cord until you need it.


5. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice Coffee Grinder

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice Coffee GrinderIt doesn’t matter what kind of coffee you are going for, Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Keurig K Cup, or maybe you are simply looking to grind Herb and Spices.

The grinder from Mueller Austria will produce the perfect consistency and allow you to control the preciseness.

The grinder is an absurdly compact one. It doesn’t take up much space at all. You can store it away in the cupboard or other storage area until you need.

Though, due to how aesthetically pleasing the grinder is, thanks to the European style, we assume you want to keep it in the open for decorations.

The company promises to compensate if the grinder is found defective. They also promise the grinder has been through enough tests to assure us of its quality.


6. Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Coffee Bar Coffee Grinder, Black

Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Coffee Bar Coffee Grinder, BlackThe coffee grinder from Cuisinart comes with the assuring promise of safety and security. The bowl and blade are made of stainless steel. The on and off switch of the grinder has safety interlock. You can also grind spices, herbs, basil, etc on this one.

One of the best budget coffee grinders, this one can take about 70g of coffee beans or 2.5oz to make about 12 cups of coffee.

The inside also has measurement marking so you can tell exactly how much bean you have placed in. This way, you won’t end up making too little or too much coffee.

On the bottom is the convenient cord storage space. The grinder is compact on top of that so it doesn’t take up much space at all. Cleaning up the bowl and lid shouldn’t be a problem either. The warranty is limited to 18 months.


7. Veken Coffee Grinder Electric Spice & Nut Grinder

Veken Coffee Grinder Electric Spice & Nut GrinderThis coffee grinder from Vekens allows you to make about 12 cups of coffee. This one comes with a powerful grinder. It will take seconds to chop up your beans.

It is also capable of grinding other materials that have a similar hardness to coffee beans. The motor isn’t noisy despite being a fast and powerful one.

It’s a compact grinder that can be stored anywhere you prefer. It also has a good capacity. As we mentioned, 12 cups of coffee, or in this case, 50 g of beans, depending on whether you prefer large or big cups.

If you don’t need to use the coffee grinder, you can detach the power cord and store it elsewhere.

The cover of the grinder is embedded properly to make sure beans don’t spill out of the grinder. At the same time, the lid is transparent so you get a good look at what is happening inside.


8. Shardor Coffee Grinder Electric

Shardor Coffee Grinder ElectricThis electric coffee grinder has quite a bit of grinding button and settings. The settings can be custom grinded as long as you press the lid on different time according to your preference.

You can get a cold brew coffee, French Press, Pour over, Moka pot, Espresso, anything you want by grinding the beans into fine or coarse grind. It takes less than 20 seconds for the electric grinder to do its job.

The stainless steel blade which is of high quality and the 200 W motor work together to create a fine grind. They make sure the grind is even so the rich aroma can be maintained in the coffee.

The bowl is also made of stainless steel and can be removed from the griner. This way, you can clean it separately. The bowl has a capacity of 70 g.


9. Vremi Electric Coffee Grinder

Vremi Electric Coffee GrinderThe coffee grinder from Vremi comes with a simple one touch control. All you have to do is fill the grinder with the beans, secure it with the lid and then press the button. The freshly ground coffee will be at your disposal in a matter of seconds.

This interesting looking red grinder can fit in coffee for 12 to 14 people in one go. Ideally, it is capable of fitting about 100 g of beans inside it.

The lid also has a safety lock which is removable. This can be good for anyone looking to travel as far as they have an electric connection. The coffee grinder is also on the compact side.

It has a high power motor of 150 W, yet the grinder is noiseless. The machine also has anti-slip feet so even as you are grinding the beans, you don’t need to hold on to the grinder. Certainly worth considering one of the best budget coffee grinders.


10. KF2020 Electric Coffee Grinder

KF2020 Electric Coffee GrinderThis is a relatively small coffee grinder. It has the bare minimum of what a travelling coffee lover could possibly need. Of course, as it is electric, it is important that you at least have a power connection.

The grinder has a capacity of 3 0z of beans. The bean turns into wonderful grounded coffee with the press of a button. You can make french press, espressor or a percolator with this one.

The on and off button for the griner is on the top of the lid. This way, you won’t be able to grind the coffee until you have the lid secured on top.

As the lid is transparent, you can also monitor how the grinding is going. The grinder also has a cleaning brush included in the mix. Other than that, we have lifetime guarantee, thereby covering any damage.


11. Arsetto 150W Powerful Blade Coffee Bean & Spice Grinder

Arsetto 150W Powerful Blade Coffee Bean & Spice GrinderThe coffee grinder has a pulse mechanism. You have to press the button and then release it when you want to stop grinding the coffee beans.

To get the perfect coarse grind, you will at most need about 8 to 20 seconds. Do not spend any more than that amount of time to grind the beans. Most certainly do not cross the 1 minute limit or you will end up overheating the beans.

The double stainless steel blade combined with the 150 W powerful motor do a good job of getting the even and consistent grind by working together.

It has the capacity for 40 g of beans or about 1.4 oz. This makes for about 8 cups of coffee.

You can grind herbs and spices here too, though don’t grind anything gummy or oily. We have no reason as to why we won’t consider it as one of the best budget coffee grinders.


12. Taucken Ultimate Electric Coffee Grinder

Taucken Ultimate Electric Coffee GrinderThis coffee grinder comes with stainless steel blades and a grinding chamber that works to lower the heat. As the heat is lowered, we make sure the aroma and flavor of the coffee bean is maintained.

The more time we spent on grinding the beans, the better they are for this one. Though, again, if you do it for too long, the coffee beans will get overheated.

That will take a lot though, since the electric grinder already has a built in overheat protection mechanism.

You can time the grinder for this one. You just have to select the grind size and the machine will do it. Not to mention it has a transparent lid, so you can see what is happening from outside.

You can grind more than beans on this one. It can be nuts, spices or even wet ingredients. You will have to time the grinder based on the ingredient.


13. Manual Coffee Grinder, Hand Coffee Grinder Mill with Ceramic Burrs

Manual Coffee Grinder, Hand Coffee Grinder Mill with Ceramic BurrsFrom Triple Tree, this manual coffee grinder allows you to get the coarse or fine grind you want with ease. It’s a small, portable grinder that’s perfect for travelling. In fact, it’s quite good for campers.

The grinder comes with two glass jars. It is completely transparent and can hold 5.5 oz of coffee each. So, on a day when you go camping, you can make use of the wonderful jars to hold coffee for all your friends. They also look quite pretty, so that’s a wonderful bonus.

We consider it as one of the best budget coffee grinders for more than one reason. It has lengthening handles, thus saving you on some manual labor while you’re grinding the beans. While its slow as all manual grinders are, it’s still faster than most in the market.


14. AmazonBasics Electric Coffee Bean Grinder, Black

AmazonBasics Electric Coffee Bean Grinder, BlackThis is an electric coffee bean grinder that is strictly for home use. It is made with heavy duty stainless steel. As such, it has lots of weight and it is recommended that you don’t take the grinder with you while travelling.

However, it would make for a nice addition to your kitchen. It is still small in size and looks good in the aesthetic sense.

It is capable of grinding about 30 g of beans or 1 ounce to be precise. The electric grinder barely takes 10 seconds to complete this task. The lid come with safety lock and keeps the coffee beans inside secure.

You can see the result of the grinding from the outside and check up on the progress. As it is heavy, it also doesn’t move much while the grinding is done. The design also simply makes the grinder look good on one’s kitchen countertop.


15. Zulay Stainless Steel Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Zulay Stainless Steel Manual Burr Coffee GrinderThis wonderful coffee grinder from Zulay has a stainless steel burr. The combination of the burr and the manual grinder makes for a grinder you can use to create the perfect brew, deciding on your own consistency.

The grinder also has an adjusting wheel. This wheel gives you the option to choose the coarseness to make coffee such as Pour Over, Drip, Cold brew, French Press, Chemex, Percolator, Aeropress, Turkish and so on.

No doubt this has made its way into our list of 15 best budget coffee grinders. The grinder has a lightweight design and its compact. There is no doubt as to whether it would make for a good travelling companion.

We have already spoken on why we prefer burr over blade, as burr gives a better consistency. The hand cranks are detachable so you can pack it up when you want to go somewhere else.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should You Grind Your Own Coffee?

Yes, it’s a significantly better idea to grind your own coffee if you can do it right than taste one from the shop. You can preserve the aroma and flavor of coffee when it is freshly out.

If you are a caffeine addict, you have tasted pre-ground coffee before and most definitely can tell the difference in taste between the pre-ground coffee that has been around for days and one that has been freshly grounded.

When you have a coffee grinder at home, the flavors and freshness of your coffee beans will stay until you have to ground it.

2. Is It Better to Buy A Manual Coffee Grinder Or An Electric One?

If it’s about affordability and simplicity, manual coffee grinders are definitely better than electric ones. They are also a better choice in the term they are portable. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use it.

However, the user will have to exert more effort. While the grinding process is drastically simpler than manual coffee, the result of the produce depends both on the labor exerted by hand and the setting of the grinder.

Electric coffee grinders have slightly more complicated settings and you can’t take them anywhere with you. Even if you take them somewhere, you have to make sure you have proper plug points to turn it on.

However, they don’t require the user to spend too much time on it. You can just click on the right settings and let the grinder do its job.

3. Can Coffee Beans Be Grinded On My Food Processor Or Blender?

No, never make this mistake.

The food processor or blender you own has a powerful blade compared to a grinder. It’s not the same as a burr.

Instead of grinding the beans, it will basically beat them into inconsistent pieces. It’s better that you buy pre-grounded coffee beans, if freshly roasted ones and a little expensive in the market than torture coffee beans through a blender.

Even coffee beans from the store are better than the mess you will get from coffee beans grounded on the blender.

4. What Is The Best Grind Size For My Coffee?

The grind size is dependent on the kind of coffee you consume and the brewing style you prefer. If it’s for an immersion style brew, like the ones for french press, the coarse grind is usually the best option.

For pour overs, the medium grind is good. For espresso, most coffee experts will recommend a fine grind. Of course, the whole grinding process has more to it than this and you will probably find the right setting for you by your own experiments.

5. How To Clean The Coffee Grinder?

The easiest way of cleaning the coffee grinder is to run the grinder pellets inside it. You should do this twice a month. There is a bit more complicated manual method which requires a lot of your time and labor. However, if you want to deep clean, the manual method is your best option.

6. Do Electronic Burr Grinders Have Cheaper Alternatives?

Yes. It’s manual or hand grinders. Compared to electronic grinders, they are inexpensive by far. However, you can at the most produce three cups of coffee with hand grinders and you have to do some labor to get the grind.

7. What Is The Best Coffee Grinder That is Non-Hand?

What you consider the best budget coffee grinder simply depends on what kind of brew you prefer to consume in your home.

If you have enough time to relax and ground coffee by using a little bit of your own effort and have no problem doing so, hand coffee grinders are best for you. They are also affordable, which could be your main concern.

Hand coffee grinders are simply a type of grinders that doesn’t require you to spend your entire budget on it and yet, can give electric coffee grinders a run for their money if purchased the right one.

Best Budget Coffee Grinder – The Conclusion

You have looked through our list of the 15 best budget coffee grinders. You also have a good idea of what you should do depending on whether you are buying a manual or electric coffee grinder.

The only thing left for you to do is make a choice from this wonderful list of coffee grinders.

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