Best Camping Coffee Makers of 2020: Review & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hamilton Beach2. Planetary Design3. Primula


Some people are such big coffee addicts that it doesn’t matter if they crawl out of a king-size bed at their apartment or a flimsy backpacking tent on a mountain valley; the number one priority is getting a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

So, what’s a better option than rushing to the nearest café to order a cappuccino or manually beating coffee?

We all resort to machines and gadgets that make our day-to-day tasks simpler, so why not the same when it comes to making coffee? Having a coffee machine of your own is much better than spending a lot of bucks on a cup served by Starbucks.

The best camping coffee maker will not only save you time and money but is also a portable option if you like travelling. A lot of people enjoy taking short breaks from their busy lives and resort to trekking, camping, and hiking tours.

If you are a coffee fanatic, you would definitely require your morning cup of coffee, especially in the chilly mountains. After researching several different coffee makers, we have hand-picked the best coffee gear for you.


In this guide, we will list some of the best camping coffee makers available online, types of coffee makers available on the market, and what factors to consider before purchasing one for yourself.

As you’ll be needing something portable to carry during your treks, there are plenty of brewing styles that come in a portable version. Keep reading to find your best camping percolator, a perfect camp coffee companion.

Types Of Camping Coffee Makers

There are 3 main types of coffee makers available on the market:

1. Press

It is a type of coffee maker that allows coffee grounds to sit in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Then uses a plunger to isolate the grounds from the water. In some presses, the plunger presses the grounds to the bottom, leaving the coffee at the top. While the others press the water out of the grounds.

2. Percolator

Percolators rest on a stovetop. Hot water creates pressure which thrusts the water out of the coffee grounds. These come with an added advantage; you’ll not require a separate vessel to boil water.

3. Pour-Over

These are somewhat like classic drip coffee makers, except that you need to pour boiling water over the grounds gradually. These come in simple designs, and are easy to clean, and user-friendly.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Camping Coffee Maker

Before we move on to product reviews and other sections of our guide, it is important to consider a few factors before sealing the deal. For example, if you do not like going to a lot of trouble to prepare your morning coffee, you’d prefer a coffee maker, which is easy to use and delivers quickly.

Besides ease of use, there are other factors like packability, brew time, the strength of the coffee flavor, etc. that need to be kept in mind so that later you do not regret your decision. This buyers guide will help you in prioritizing your needs.

1. Type Of Coffee Maker

The first step is to consider the type of coffee maker you want. Each type of coffee maker offers a different taste and requires a characteristic brew strength, even if you use the same grounds. Choosing a particular type will also make it easy for you to shortlist coffee makers.

2. Ease Of Use

You are camping and sleeping inside a tent to escape your daily routine, away from city life, to enjoy the mountains and some scenic beauty. So, you don’t want to pack a device or a machine with you that is complicated to operate.

Especially for those who like to go solo, struggling in the morning to make coffee all by yourself is strongly unwelcome. You may prefer to filter coffee regularly, but it can be quite irritating to get to your campsite and realize that you’ve forgotten your coffee filters at home.

Thus, finicky coffee makers are avoided because they require accurate ground size, water temperature, or materials like specific filters. You need something easy to operate, the best backpacking coffee maker that comes with simple instructions and is straightforward to use.

Make sure you select a coffee maker that can make a perfect cup with whatever provisions you have at camp. It is different if you are a coffee connoisseur and like to spend hours perfecting your pour-over skills with a coffee pot.

3. Clean-Up

Ease of use also incorporates ease of clean-up because you can’t possibly keep using a dirty coffee maker each day. Easy clean-up is as essential as easy operation. If you usually visit campsites that have a spigot and running water, then cleaning may be no issue.

But if you visit campsites where you have to clean it by pouring water out of a bottle or a container, it’ll definitely be easier if you choose a coffee maker that is not complicated to clean and maintain.

You’ll have limited access to water, so if it is cumbersome to clean it, you’ll end up annoyed, instead of enjoying the benefits of bringing one.

4. Taste And Brew Strength

As mentioned earlier, the first step is to choose what kind of best camping coffee maker you want because with each type, you’ll get a different taste, even if you use the exact same grounds. When it comes to taste, another significant thing to keep in mind is brew strength.

Some people prefer a strong brew, while some prefer a weak cup. Thus, it is important to be able to choose how strong or weak you want your cup to be. A lot of times, a person’s mood regulates the kind of cup he or she needs to get through the morning or the rest of the day.

5. Brew Time

It gets difficult to be patient while you are waiting for your morning cup, so you may want to buy a coffee maker that brews quickly. If you are the kind of person who likes having at least 3 to 4 cups after waking up, then it’ll be better to wait longer and prepare a large pot in one go.

6. Portability

This is also an important consideration to make, as you are getting a coffee maker specifically for camping, you’d need something that is portable and occupies less space. If you only like to camp, relax inside a tent, and have ample room, you can choose any model based on ease of use and taste.

But packability is important if you are a backpacker who likes trekking. If you like to hike carrying your backpack, you’ll have a limited space that’ll allow you to carry only the most essential supplies. Hence, you’ll require a compact coffee maker that is both durable and sturdy.

5 Best Coffee Maker Brands 2020

Before we move on to product reviews, it is important to mention a few popular brands that manufacture some of the best camping percolators.

1. Coleman

Coleman is a Chicago based brand that manufactures outdoor recreation products, for example, camping gear. It has been producing a huge variety of equipment aimed at camping for decades.

Some of the popular products include; pressure lamps, camp stoves, camping coffee makers, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. Coleman manufactures some of the models mentioned on our review list.

2. Farberware

A Russian immigrant, Simon Faber, founded it. It started with gift trays and racks, and today the brand produces some of the best kitchenware and related appliances. It was based in New York City and gained popularity after World War II. It produces compact coffee percolators, usually made of stainless steel.

3. Mr. Maker Coffee Maker

Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer founded this brand. The brand was immediately recognized because the founders introduced a unique kind of coffee maker system. They produced one of the first automatic drip coffee maker units.

Consumers still prefer such coffee makers because their brewing style helps enhance the coffee flavor. Only recently, it has started manufacturing compact coffee makers that are portable, thus ideal for backpacking.

4. Primula

Primula is another American brand that manufactures explicitly coffee ware, cold brew, pour-over, and tea gift sets. Its has developed quite recently as it was founded in 1991. It manufactures quality products, and as it specializes in coffee ware, there’s absolutely no dearth of high-quality camping coffee makers.

5. GSI Outdoors

In 1985, Don, Ian, and Kathy Scott founded GSI outdoors in San Diego. Now it has moved to Spokane, Washington, and has expanded into sales, marketing, and manufacturing of a vast line of cookware and dining products that adapt the comforts of home as well as active outdoor lifestyles.

It manufactures camping gear like stoves, micro tables, soft travel bottles, and coffee makers. The product review list that follows this section mentions a lot of coffee makers produced by the brand.

In this section of our guide, we have reviewed the top 20 best backpacking coffee makers available online. To help you find the most suitable one for yourself, we have compiled a list of some of the most durable and compact coffee makers manufactured by renowned brands.

We tested a lot of models, shortlisted the best, covering different types of camping percolators; varying in cost, size, and design. Almost every kind of brewing style from French press to espresso is available in a compact version. Reading these detailed reviews will help you find your ideal camp coffee companion.

Top 20 Best Camping Coffee Makers 2020

1. Hario V60 Plastic Dripper

Hario Best Camping Coffee MakersThe first model on our list of best camping coffee makers is by Hario, a Japanese brand was founded in 1921. Hario V60 is designed like a classic ceramic cone, made of durable plastic. It is extremely lightweight, provides gourmet flavor, and is simple to use. It is one of our favorite choices for camping because of its easy operation.

As it only weighs 2.95 ounces (3.37 ounces with the measuring scoop), it is an ideal choice for backpackers because it won’t increase the load much. But its shape impairs its portability because it can be a bit difficult to tuck it inside a rucksack. Another flipside is that you’ll need to carry V60-specific paper filters. It also means that it is not a one-time investment, as you’ll have to buy paper filters to brew coffee in it.

For optimal flavor, you’ll need to make sure your coffee is evenly ground. Then you’ll have to weigh your coffee and water and begin brewing. However, once you’ve gathered all the tools and dialed in your process, this coffee maker will deliver one of the most flavorsome coffee cups you’ve ever tasted.


2. Planetary Design French Press

Planetary Design French PressThe second model on our list of best camping coffee makers is by Planetary Design. Some people tend to prefer a specific kind of coffee maker, for example, French press or a percolator.

If you are a French press enthusiast, this is a good option to consider. It is a pick if you like camping in large groups as it prepares a huge pot of coffee in one go.

Compactness is what everyone prefers when buying a coffee maker for camping, but how to accommodate multiple cups for a large group? Planetary Design’s French Press is the solution.

Single-serving coffee brewers are easy to clean and quickly prepare a cup, but it can get annoying if you need to repeat the coffee-making process 4 times in a row or more. This best backpacking coffee maker prepares 5 cups in one go, so no need to keep repeating the process.

It features double filtration for a cleaner cup and a ‘bru-stop’ screen which stops the brewing process when pressed to prevent over-extraction. It is well insulated to keep your coffee nice and hot for some time.

You won’t require any filters, but it can be a little difficult to clean it plus it is a costly product. It is heavy and large, not the best option if you like carrying light backpacks.

Though, it is suitable for group camping with friends or family. It is available in two sizes; 32-ounce and 48-ounce. If you want something traditional, built to serve a group, this versatile and durable model won’t disappoint you.


3. Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew BuddyIf you are a frequent backpacker and want to make sure you always have pour-over coffee when camping, the Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy is a great choice. It is extremely compact, reliable, affordable, and will take up very little space. It doesn’t require any filters and is easy to operate.

It will give unvarying taste, no matter how much you pour. Most pour-over coffee makers need a much more accurate pour that can be very challenging to achieve with a camping pot. But this one isn’t very hard to master.

The only downside of this model is that you’ll have to keep an eye on it while your coffee is brewing and make sure to lift it out of the cup after some time to avoid over-steeping.

If you don’t, then you’ll end up with an over-extracted butter cup of coffee. However, it is worth considering if you are looking for a light and cheap option.


4. Espro Travel Press

Espro Travel PressFrench press coffee is not preferred by some because it continues to draw out after pressing. This ends in over-extraction unless you pour everything out just after brewing is complete.

Sometimes the last pour is sludgy. The Espro Travel Press on the other hand, is a clever design equipped with a dual filter system that eliminates sludge as well as stops over-extraction.

If you want more clean-up duty you can also add a paper filter between the 2 mesh filters. You’ll definitely be impressed with the final result. You don’t need to carry any additional cup while traveling because the top of the Espro is a leak-proof lid, so it can be used as a sipper.

The major downside of this best camping coffee maker is that it weighs a lot; about 12.3 ounces. But you can opt for its ultralight version that weighs only 7.4 ounces, the capacity may be less, but it is a good backpacking option.

Though 7.4 ounces isn’t exactly “ultralight”, still a significant improvement nonetheless. This leakproof coffee maker is a good choice for those who like going solo as it is designed for a single user at a time.


5. GSI Outdoors MiniEspresso

GSI Outdoors MiniEspressoDo you like espresso coffee and dislike switching to regular one when camping? If this is the case, then look no further than GSI Outdoors MiniEspresso. This brand name has been mentioned in the previous section of our guide because it manufactures some of the best backpacking coffee makers.

This compact espresso coffee maker may be your dream-come-true. It operates somewhat like a Bialetti or Moka pot but features a platform for a small espresso cup.

It won’t produce the exact shot like the ones get from your favorite barista, still it does quite a decent job and prepares a cup within a few minutes. If you do not want to drink a large cup and want something small to gratify your caffeine needs, you can brew just a little bit at once.

Its brewing time is fast, it is easy to set up for car camping, plus its base is compact enough to fit better on a small camping stove than on larger table top stoves.

This may be bulky for those who like to go on hikes as it’ll occupy a lot of space inside a backpack. You also have to take care of the gap on your cooking surface, as it may fall through. It is recommended that you take some measurements before buying to ensure this brewer is compatible with your stove.


6. First Ascent Instant

First Ascent InstantThe term ‘instant coffee’ makes a lot of people cringe. But we’ve found an instant coffee that won’t make you shudder as we have been trying hard to find once that isn’t abjectly awful.

Instant coffee works great for certain activities if you are able to find the right one. First Ascent is a craft coffee roaster based in Crested Butte, Colorado that manufactures instant coffee packets as well as roasts high-quality beans for sale.

It comes in 2 single origins called Ethiopia and Honduras and plus their popular Hero Day Blend. Most coffee connoisseurs are put off due to weird smell and flavor usually associated with instant coffee.

But this one is devoid of all that, as we have tried its flavors and some of our taste testers didn’t even realize that they were sipping instant- something that isn’t the case with other brands manufacturing instant coffee.

Swift Cup is the only other instant coffee manufacturer on the market that gives a tough competition to First Ascent. Neither of these two is a cheap option, plus these brands are cot commonly available online, so you may have to pay extra shipping charges.

But for many backpackers out there who like to keep their load light, this is worth trying.


7. AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Coffee MakerThe AeroPress is a machine used for brewing coffee, invented by Alan Adler in 2005. Its working mechanism includes; pouring coffee into the container, then it is steeped for 10 to 50 seconds and forced out through a filter by thrusting the plunger through the tube.

The filters usually preferred are the AeroPress paper filters, but some even use other disc shaped thin metal filters for the purpose. It is considered the top pick all around because it does well in blind taste tests; most of our coffee tasters claimed it tasted the best.

It takes very little time to brew your coffee (just over 2 minutes, excluding the time needed to boil water). It is easy to clean and maintain, thereby, making it ideal for backpackers who camp at sites with low supply of fresh water.

It is especially designed to fit into anyone’s backpack or camping kit. It can be a little bulky for long hikes, but you can carry it on short camping trips. It weighs 9.5 oz, including all the filters, but you can get by with the main body plus a few filters (about 6.5 oz).

It is not recommended if you travel with a large group of friends as it can only serve on cup at a time. It is ideal for small groups. This best camping percolator is probably the quickest way to get your morning caffeine fix, though it does have a few downsides.

It could be a little fastidious and sometimes result in under-extracted or slightly sour coffee. If you want a nice cup, you’ll have to make sure to flip the AeroPress upside-down and let the coffee stay for at least 2 minutes before turning it over and pressing.

You may have to try it out a couple of times to get the flavor you want. Although it comes with a generous supply of coffee filters, still you’ll have to spend extra once those filters are utilized.

It can be tedious to separately pack the filters as if by chance you forget them at home, you won’t be able to brew coffee. You can resort to a metal filter, but a lot of customers reviews suggest that it doesn’t work very well as compared to paper filters.

However, it is still a decent coffee maker to quickly brew your morning cup. Its priced reasonably and you can easily carry it around while camping or hiking.


8. GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java DripThis is another best camping coffee maker by GSI Outdoors. It is extremely light in weight (0.32 oz), portable, and delivers a good cup of coffee. This is probably one of the lightest portable coffee makers available on the market. It is suitable for those backpackers who like to be on the mountains for weeks or months.

You won’t need to pack any paper filters, packs down to almost nothing, is very easy to clean, and fits on any kind of camping mug or cup. Most campsites have a low supply of water, but you won’t need to worry if you have the Ultralight Java Drip as it can be rinsed with less than ¼ liter of water.

One major drawback of this coffee maker is that it isn’t very sturdy- its plastic clips can break easily if some pressure is exerted. Once you fill it with grounds and water, it may get a little top-heavy. You’ll need to hold onto one of the plastic legs to prevent it from toppling right off of our mug.

Those issues are not that important, considering the product’s low price and it’s a great option if you do not prefer instant coffee. It is an ideal coffee maker for long backpacking trips as it weighs barely a third of an ounce. Paired with a camping stove and your favorite coffee grounds, this is all you need to brew coffee on the trail.


9. Farberware Classic Stainless-Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Percolator

Farberware Classic Stainless-Steel Yosemite 8-Cup PercolatorFaberware is another renowned brand name, already listed in one of the previous sections of our guide. This Stainless-Steel Yosemite percolator is an impressive product because of its affordable price and high efficiency.

You just need to make sure the cups are percolated long enough (about 1 minute per cup) and don’t keep it at a hard boil while it percolates. It is an ideal coffee maker if you camp with a large group of friends as it can make 8 cups at a time.

It boasts a classy design, manes it’ll look great at your campsite. There are a few downsides though; it does prepare 8 cups at a time, but takes a lot of time (about 21 minutes). So, you can’t expect instant coffee right after you wake up in the morning. You’ll have to set it up for a few minutes.

It is a bit complicated to clean as it features multiple parts that ought to be rinsed separately, probably not the best option if there’s a low water supply at the campsite. The glass knob on the lid is a bit finicky, glass and camping are usually not considered a great mix. But it does allow you to see when the coffee begins to percolate.

Although you need to wait a couple of minutes to enjoy your early morning caffeine fix, it is worth the wait. You can also leave coffee in it for as long as you wish, it won’t taste bitter like the French Press coffee maker. Overall, this best camping percolator is a cheap and reliable way to make a lot of coffee in one go.


10. GSI Outdoors Collapsible JavaDrip

GSI Outdoors Collapsible JavaDripThis is another best camping percolator by GSI Outdoors which is the easiest to use of all the pour over coffee makers. It doesn’t matter what ground size you use or what kind of pouring technique you apply, it’ll always deliver a reliably decent cup of coffee.

It is not only user-friendly, but also easy to clean and requires little water to rinse. You’ll have to buy standard paper filters to brew your coffee that can be bought at any convenience store.

It is suitable for backpackers and hikers as it packs down to a mini disk. If space is what concerns you; this is a good option to consider.

If you like travelling with other backpackers, this is an ideal coffee maker as it can make 1 to 12 cups at a time. It also works well even if you’re going solo and prepare no more than 1 large cup at a time.

You’ll require a narrow yet large container to hold 12 cups of coffee. It can be easily placed on top of the container. The GSI Outdoors Collapsible JavaDrip is worth considering if you are looking for a cheaper, lighter, and easy to use coffee maker.


11. GSI Outdoors JavaPress

GSI Outdoors JavaPressGSI Outdoors JavaPress is another great option if you want something lightweight and inexpensive. The best part about this brand’s products is that no matter what the price, it doesn’t compromise on quality and durability.

It isn’t very user-friendly like the previously listed model. One downside is that you can notice more grounds in the last cup, similar to other French press coffee makers.

Some customers have rated it low in matters of taste and flavor as sometimes the coffee prepared taste sludgy and bitter. Usually French Press coffee makers are expensive, so if you prefer the French press style, but want something that is cheap and compact, there’s no harm in checking it out.


12. Bialetti Moka Express, 9-Cup

Bialetti Moka Express, 9-CupA lot of consumers love the Bialetti Moka Express because it works well as an everyday coffee maker. However, it is not considered the best choice for camping. We’ve tested it and think that it is suitable for those solo campers who do not want to compromise on flavor.

It makes about 18 oz of strong coffee; large enough to fill one big coffee mug. It delivers delectable coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. If you prefer something light, dilute it with about 1/3 of boiling water.

The only reason why backpackers don’t prefer it is finicky on a camping stove. You’ll need to try it a couple of times to get the right heat level.

It weighs 12.3 oz and prepares 9 espresso cups at a time (18 oz). It can get tiresome to use because you’ll need to boil water separately.

Other than that, if you are willing to learn the right heat levels and want a flavorsome cup of strong coffee in the morning, the Moka Express can make a stellar cup.


13. Melitta 1-Cup Pour-Over

Melitta 1-Cup Pour-OverAt first view, the Melitta 1-Cup Pour-Over may seem quite similar to the Hario V60, the very first product mentioned on the list. But it has a few added features that make it a better choice.

It is light, compact, simple to operate, and priced reasonably. It features view hole that allows you to monitor the level of your brew to prevent overflow.

It provides excellent flavor, though reaching that level demands precision and attention to detail. It is easy to use as you don’t need to measure before brewing, and is easy to clean as it doesn’t feature multiple parts that need to be rinsed.

The only flipside is that you’ll need to use paper filters; this increases the overall cost of the product, plus you’ll need to pack the filters separately which may add to the load. Still, it is worth a look as it offers a decent morning brew and is cheaper than many other options.


14. Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker

Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee MakerFilters are not preferred by backpackers because they are another thing to worry about when packing. Sometimes, certain models require unique filters that can be hard to find or are a little on the pricey end. Thus, it is better to look out for no-filter options that get the job done without the requirement of extra accessories.

Caffellossomo is a pour over style dripper that delivers great results without a lot of inconvenience. You just need to carry your favorite ground coffee, and you are good to go.

Its stainless-steel mesh is extremely durable and makes sure you don’t find any grounds floating on the top of your brew.

This best backpacking coffee maker is preferred by buyers because it offers richer and bolder flavor compared to other models available in the same price range. It is suitable for those who prefer a strong cup of coffee in the morning. It is also easy to clean as you just need to raise it properly by hand.


15. Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee MakerColeman is a renowned outdoor recreation products manufacturer as it has been in the market since 1900. Its products are loved by backpackers because the brand has maintained its quality over the years.

To save the day out in the forest is Colema’s Propane coffee maker, which appears like a regular coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter back home. It doesn’t feature a timer to start the brewing process, but you can instantly light it up with a single-touch InstaStart ignition.

You won’t have to hassle to get the flame started. This coffee maker can handle any kind of extreme weather; rain, snow, sleet, etc. Its PerfectFlow technology makes sure you get a consistent brew every time you fill your cup.

It is an ideal coffee machine for large groups of campers as it can prepare 10 cups at a time. One cylinder of propane will allow you to brew for almost 5 hours. This means that you can manage extended trips to the woods even on one propane cylinder.

However, there are few downsides too. It is a bit bulky and requires propane refill for longer trips, hence, not at all suitable for solo backpacking.

To brew a full pot, you’ll need to fill the water tank twice. You’ll have to buy your own propane cylinders, this is what makes it one of the most expensive coffee makers on this list.


16. Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso MachineWhether you are going out for a few days or weeks, weight and storage space are major considerations when selecting any travel equipment. If you are looking for something compact for your solo backpacking trips, look no further than Wacaco Minipresso.

It is designed to be the lightest and most portable handheld espresso machine. Its use is derived from its advanced design. It is equipped with semi-automatic piston that injects small quantities of water into the coffee adapter.

After a few thrusts, the optimal extraction pressure is attained and it results in a flavorsome expresso. It is a good product to consider if you are looking for something versatile that can be used without the need of a stove, electricity, or campfire.

It is lightweight, easy to slip inside a backpack, and affordable. It’s like buying a flu piston-operated machine, but this is a mini version. It needs to be manually operated, which means that you’ll have full control over how you want to brew your coffee.

It has a capacity of carrying 70ml water with 8g maximum coffee grounds in a single brewing operation. With this best camping coffee maker, you can prepare a variety of coffees in the middle of the woods; lungo, espresso, and ristretto.

You just need to carry your favorite coffee grounds and get hot water ready. However, if not handled with care it becomes messy with spills. You also need to avoid tamping your coffee grounds as it may damage the machine.


17. Presto 02835 MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker, Black

Presto 02835 MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker, BlackAre you a solo backpacker? Then a single-serve coffee maker will suit you the most. Presto MyJo single cup coffee maker is a versatile machine that allows you to brew 6, 8, or 10oz of your favored coffee anywhere.

It features MyJo cup for loose coffee grounds and is also compatible with K-cups. It is also easy to operate as you simply need to add boiling water to the reservoir and connect it to the K-cup in the base.

The next step is to put a mug under the system and begin pumping. The process is almost the same if you want to prepare hot cocoa or tea. Alternatively, you can place the reservoir in a microwave if you require hot water. Then connect it to the base where the coffee grounds are placed.

You can use refillable cups for ground coffee and make a nice hot cup of coffee anywhere you want. The only drawbacks are; the dripper doesn’t set well on smaller cups and may sometimes overfill, when you use smaller mugs.


18. Gourmia Coffee Maker with Built-in Grinder

Gourmia Coffee Maker with Built-in GrinderThis powerful coffee maker with built-in grinder combo by Gourmia will elevate your fresh beans or favored pre-ground blend into boiling hot, strong coffee.

You can instantly prepare your morning cup of coffee with its instant grind and brew system and pre-set brewing time the night before. It is made from high-quality material, so there is no doubt about its durability.

It lets you brew anytime in less than 40 seconds; therefore, it makes for a great travel companion. It makes coffee in three simple steps- first you need to use your favored k-cup coffee and put them inside the brew chamber.

The next step involves filling the reservoir with hot water. The last step is to slowly press, then plunge down and your steaming cup of coffee is ready.

It is a versatile machine that allows you to make different types of coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. If you enjoy tea as much as coffee, then this model will suit you the most. The major problem is that it usually is not available on popular shopping sites like Amazon.

You need to make sure that only K-cup coffee capsules are used, as it can’t accommodate ground coffee plus you need to use tall cups (up to 4.5 inches long). If you are looking for a versatile best camping percolator that is easy to assemble and quickly brews coffee, then this one is worth a look.


19. Coleman Enamelware Percolator

Coleman Enamelware PercolatorThis is another best camping coffee maker by Coleman that lets you prepare multiple cups of coffee at a time. It is a decent option for solo backpackers as well as those who like to travel in groups. The whole set includes a base, tube, basket, and basket lid. You can brew as much as 14 cups of coffee while camping.

It is made of double-coated enamel with durable wide base for providing stability during the brewing procedure. Enamel helps to resist heat and cracks, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

It also features stainless-steel rim that prevents cracking, so that it lasts longer. Its side handle provides a good grip for easy pouring and serving.

This best backpacking coffee maker is lightweight, easy to clean, flaunts rugged design, and offers great capacity. There are a few drawbacks though. It requires a stovetop as a source of heat, that means you’ll separately need to carry one to brew coffee. You may need to try it a few times to get the right flavor.


20. Costway Portable Espresso Maker

Costway Portable Espresso MakerThe last model on our list of best camping coffee makers is by COSTWAY. It is a unique model as it flaunts 2 in 1 extraction design. This mini espresso machine accepts moth K-cup coffee capsules and ground coffee.

Another significant addition is that it can also make frothed milk, which means you can enjoy a variety of delectable coffee like espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc. This 2 in 1 espresso maker is both lightweight and portable.

It occupies very little space and won’t even increase your load. It can contain up to 80ml water and 15g ground coffee. It is suitable for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor recreation activity.

Due to its advanced pumping technology, the pressure it exerts during the extraction process is up 20 bars, so you can make manual espresso easily. It is easy to operate and is equipped with clear instructions.

It doesn’t require batteries or electricity to brew coffee. Each part can be effortlessly disassembled for easy cleaning and is also dishwasher safe.

Its main body is made of superior Tritan which is BPA free, which means it is FDA approved. Stainless-steel is used to make pressure pump to make sure it lasts for a long time.

It is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for a compact coffee maker that brew flavorsome coffee, COSTWAY Portable Espresso maker won’t disappoint you.


How To Make Coffee While Camping

This is the last section of our guide where we have discussed different ways to make coffee while camping. For all the methods you’ll obviously require coffee grounds and clean water.

1. Cowboy Coffee

It is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee when limited resources are available. You just require a kettle to place over any type of heat source. The first step is to fill your kettle with water, after it starts to boil remove the kettle from the heat source. Then mix 2 tablespoons of ground coffee grounds per cup.

You should hear a sizzle when the grounds mix with the water and sometimes a little foam is formed. Let the coffee rest for a minute or two. Stir it again and let it rest. Once the grounds have resolved to the bottom, pour your coffee carefully to prevent grit from entering your cup.

2. Percolator

If you like your coffee bold and flavorsome, but only have the space to carry minimal accessories, get an enamel percolator. To brew with a percolator, you need to open the lid and remove basket insert and the tube. Then you need to use a paper filter and place it inside the basket to prevent the grounds from making you coffee sludgy.

The next step involves putting the tube and basket back inside the kettle. Then place the lid on top and set the percolator on a heat source. As it features a clear top, you’ll be able to keep a check on the water as it perks. If you can’t have a view, let it perk for at least 8 minutes. Let it rest for a few minutes before pouring into a cup to let the grounds settle.

3. Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are not preferred by some as they are not compatible with every other heat source. A drip coffee maker is specially designed to sit right over the top of a camping stove. The base has 2 legs. You can adjust the flame accordingly and watch your coffee brew in front of you.

You need to put water into the container located in the back. Open the front filter basket to add coffee grounds for up to 10 servings. Turn on the stove and boil the water. It takes about 10 minutes to brew a full pot of coffee.

Best Camping Coffee Makers – Tired Yet?

We hope this guide has helped you get a lot of information about camping coffee makers. Keep the important factors in mind and consider what kind of coffee maker you want.

The type of coffee maker you choose will determine your budget. We have tried covering different kinds of best camping coffee makers available online, but it is not necessary to stick to our list.

You are encouraged to browse more if you are not satisfied with any of the products mentioned here. We recommend you to read online reviews of a product before purchasing it. Read the product details carefully and check if it meets your priorities. All the best for your purchase!

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