Best Coffee Makers Under $100 2021: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Keurig K-Classic 2. Ninja 12-Cup CE201 3. Cuisinart DCC-3000


Coffee lovers enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book much more than any other activity. Every boresome activity can be turned into an exciting one by simply adding coffee to it.

The warm and bitter taste do not only help in relieving stress, but the strong aroma can help in getting an extra dose of energy instantly.

Coffee is no more a drink, but it is a religion for so many people that they seem always to be striving for.

The addiction of coffee has led to an overgrowing demand for coffee makers all around the world. However, the addicted face a tremendous dilemma when it comes to finding a good coffee maker in a budget.

Most people have this assumption regarding a coffee maker that “it will be good, only if it is expensive.”


However, this assumption is not valid. Good coffee gear does not have to be expensive. There are a variety of features that make the best coffee maker under 100. A person is required to search for all such features while buying a coffee maker, as given below.

Features That Make A Good Coffee Maker under $100

1. Consumption Quantity And The Number Of Members

How many times a day do you intake coffee? Is there a specific period in which the need for coffee increases?

First, you need to answer these questions. Most consumers buy a compact sized coffee maker to fit their budget. Although it may please their pocket, it will lead to an increase in effort required to make a cup of coffee. As a result, the person spends significant time making coffee.

On the other hand, a single-cup coffee maker is good for people who live alone, like students. This helps them enjoy an instant cup of coffee during stress hours.

  • Taste

Have you always been stuck with your favorite cappuccino or tried and liked other varieties, as well? If you enjoy espresso, there is no use of buying a coffee maker, which helps in making a latte as well. This trick will help you save a lot of money as well as time.

  • Cost

Coffee makers are available at various prices, to the diverse consumers . While some look for an all-purpose coffee maker without any budget restriction, others limit themselves to avoid blowing their budget.

A lot of people choose cheap coffee makers to avoid spending a hefty sum, but regret it later on in the maintenance costs. This is because of the high fixation charges demanded by them time and again.

Whatever the criteria may be, it is important to purchase the coffee maker that corresponds to your budget and comes with all the necessary features.

  • Effectiveness

Noone wants to go through a complicated process early in the morning to get themselves a cup of coffee.

We all look for equipment that simplify our lives and suck out the stress. However, getting into a complex making procedure only adds to the stress. If you are a person like that, it is better to go for a less complicated option.

Sometimes, people also give up on their coffee intake because of the entire hassled process. Hence, it is better to look for a coffee maker to avoid unnecessary issues cropping up.

You can also go for coffee makers that come with adjustable timings. This will allow you to set a time. Your coffee shall be made available according to the set time only without any extra effort from your side.

1. Size:

We all are aware of the huge kitchen applications we use. The microwave and juicer mixers takes a lot of space, and hardly leave any for a coffee maker.

Hence, it becomes crucial to look for a coffee maker that fits well in whatever the space left in the kitchen. This will not only save some space but make the kitchen look much more organized. A space with too many appliances will only lead to confusions and injuries.

2. Durability:

Consider the number of coffee lovers in your family and their corresponding amount of coffee intake. If
you find this number to be large, then it’s better to stick to a maker with ample quantity. This will also
save a lot of your time and energy. Although these coffee makers require extra cleanliness daily, they
surely work better in the long run.

3. Adjustable Settings

Pre-programmed settings are a huge relief as they allow one to focus on other important activities.
This also allows uniformity in the coffee every day. Also, standing idly until the coffee is brewed can be extremely frustrating. Programmed settings help in using time much more efficiently.

A lot of people are also concerned about turning off an appliance once they are out. Coffee maker with adjustable settings will make sure that no such incident happens.

4. Grinder Being Attached To The Coffee Maker

A lot of companies have been coming up with coffee maker models that can grind the coffee beans simultaneously. Freshly prepared coffee beans also help in ensuring a good taste throughout.

Purchasing a coffee grinder can be expensive and might take up a lot of space, as well.

5. Automated Turn Off

We all have undergone a situation in our lives where we forget an important task because of our busy schedule. A repeated number of accidents occur each year due to such ignorance.
As such, the Automatic shut down option can help in avoiding such situations.

Apart from all these considerations, people also look for several other features in a coffee maker.
These features include a water filter, steamer, and multiple warmers to enjoy the coffee of one’s choice.

Top 11 Best Coffee Makers Under $100 2021

1. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig Best Coffee Maker Under 100Keurig is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to finding a good coffee maker.
The first one on the list is almost everyone’s favorite coffee maker under 100. This one makes it to everyone’s list because of the user-friendly features in it.

These features are easy to use for people of all ages. All the options are mentioned properly to make the process hassle-free.

Even though it ranges below 100, it still includes the option of “turn off.” This helps the user avoid severe accidents that tend to occur because of negligence. The drip tray is also removable, which helps in saving energy.

Apart from all the other trendy features, this coffee maker also includes an additional property of Descaling. Descaling is a process that helps in reducing the amount of calcium which gets deposited on the surface.

This usually happens because of the continuous use of the coffee maker for the purpose. Also, a lot of people tend to get extremely irked when it comes to filling the maker with water for the desired cups. One can simply not do this job for their entire day.

This coffee maker has a lot of space which allows storage of almost 48 ounces of water. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary requirement of filling the coffee maker now and then. One can save a lot of time putting on such activities.


2. Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee MakerThis coffee maker provides 12 cups of coffee in one serving, which is sufficient for coffee addicts and people with joint families. A lot of coffee makers in a budget tend to degrade the aroma altogether.

This one comes with a lot of settings that promote a consistent aroma and flavor without screwing the taste of coffee beans.

You can also try different brewing techniques like the small-batch or the classic method. This will help you experiment with brewing methods you never tried before.

It also makes use of thermal flavor extraction to lock the exotic flavor of the coffee. The thermal paper extraction makes use of the right temperature and locks it in for an extended period.

The pull away design of this coffee maker helps in avoiding any mess that usually happens in other makers.It also comes with the timer by which you can program your coffee for a brew in advance.

The Automatic shut off option turns off the coffee after 2 hours and makes sure to lock in the heat for 4 hours. The flavor straw attached in it mixes the coffee completely, avoiding any compromise in the quality. This maker also comes with a tablespoon that will help you measure the quantity every time while you prepare the coffee.


3. Cuisinart DCC-3000 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-3000 12-Cup Programmable CoffeemakerThis coffee maker makes it to this list because of the several high ends features that it provides in a budget. First of all, it comes with a detachable water reservoir. This feature helps in avoiding the unnecessary mess that happens while filling the reservoir.

Along with this feature, a detachable tray plate also attracts a lot of consumers. This plate helps in keeping the drip tray firm and stable. The drip tray also makes sure that all the leftover coffee is condensed without leaving any calcium residue. Generally, the brewing process can cause a lot of coffee not to get filtered in the cup.

The detachable coffee reservoir stores 12 cups of coffee in fresh state, allowing the person to enjoy it without any time restriction.

A lot of people opt for tap water while making coffee. This water contains a high amount of chlorine in it. This coffee maker comes with a charcoal water filter that helps in reducing the amount of chlorine in the water. It also helps in eliminating bad smell and taste from tap water.

The coffee gauge attached to it ensures that the user can always keep an eye on the amount of brewed coffee left. The timer is yet another feature that attracts a lot of customers.

The control panel is very user-friendly, and all the options are listed to avoid any confusion. A particular tone is also provided to alarm the person about the brewing process.

Even though this maker allows extraction for around 4-5 cups only, there is surely no compromise on the quality of the coffee.

A person is bound to become a coffee addict with this coffee maker under 100.


4. Hamilton Beach (49976) FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach (49976) FlexBrew Coffee MakerThe Hamilton Beach coffee maker is one of the best coffee maker under 100 on this list. This is because of the versatile features that allow a personalized coffee expensive for every individual.

We all agree about the different taste buds which demand a different coffee and the brewing process. This coffee maker gives the option of customizing one’s coffee, using an altogether different brewing technique.

It comes with 2-way pots in which you can either go for the carafe side or choose the single-serve side. You can even decide the quantity, considering if you want one cup or an entire pot. Similar to all the above coffee makers, it also comes with a timer.

However, it does not have a built-in filter to strain chlorine from tap water.
One can even select the kind of brew he/she is looking for. Whether it is the bold one or the generic brew, this coffee maker won’t be disappointing you.

It also has an auto-pause option, which also serves the coffee. The auto shut off option ensures that there is zero wastage of resources.

The Assembly tool of this coffee maker is detachable and can be cleaned very easily.


5. Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS 12 Cup Brew Central Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS 12 Cup Brew Central Coffee MakerIf you are looking for a coffee maker with a metallic finish, then this one should be your topmost priority.
Apart from its classic design, it also provides a 12 cup carafe with sturdy handles. This carafe promotes a dripless pouring process, which is a huge headache for coffee lovers. Most of the coffee makers do not provide the option of coffee before the brewing process has settled in.

However, the Cuisinart coffee maker allows a person to enjoy their coffee even if the brewing has not been finished. The Heater plane is also customizable, allowing the person to enjoy their coffee at a temperature of their choice.

If you have friends or family coming over, then this coffee maker can help you prepare 12 cups of coffee. You can also shift to a normal setting when you need to prepare less than 4 cups of coffee. It also comes with an auto shut off option. The charcoal water filter and ensures that the chlorine from tap water does not get dissolved into the coffee.

It also contains an additional gold-tone filter that improves the texture and fragrance of the coffee beans.
This coffee maker is also given a very classy feel to the entire kitchen because of the metallic shine. It never fails to send an alarm as soon as the coffee is prepared, eliminating any form of energy waste.


6. Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker | Optimal Brew Thermal System

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker Optimal Brew Thermal SystemThis coffee maker is one of the favorites in the entire list and the positive comments and reviews are the clear evidence to the statement.

It comes with a detachable water reservoir. A detachable water reservoir ensures that the process of storing water becomes less complicated than it already is. The water filling process in other coffee makers seems to be an actual headache for the users because of the entire mess.

The carafe provided ensures that the temperature remains locked i,n and the coffee tastes the same even after hours. Also, when compared to other coffee makers, this coffee maker succeeds when it comes to brewing speed. It fastens up the brewing process by 20 percent.

The water filtration system attached to it ensures the proper removal of chlorine particles in water. You can even set the brew time beforehand and avail freshly prepared coffee on time. It also has an added feature of freshness timer, which keeps a check on the freshness of the coffee.

The best coffee makers under 100 also tend to attract calcium on their surface. This particular coffee maker makes use of a special cleaning process to eliminate any form of calcium buildup on the surface. The Brewing speed can help you prepare 10 cups of coffee less than 7 minutes, ensuring that the coffee fragrance is not lost.


7. Mueller Ultima Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker Machine

Mueller Ultima Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker MachineThe most notable aspect of this coffee maker is that it doesn’t need a standard pod. You can place even a 1.0 or a 2.0 pod, based on your requirement. Your cup of coffee will also work fine for the purpose.

This coffee maker also considered the different brewing strength demanded by people. It gives the option of choosing the brewing strength from 6 to 10 oz. One can opt for the strength he/she wishes to enjoy.

The Brewing time taken by coffee Lakers is extremely annoying. Hence, this coffee maker comes up with quick brewing time. Also, the temperature is kept in check during the process. There is no decline in the quality of the coffee.

The water tank attached with this coffee maker is also detachable, giving more flexibility to fill it without creating a mess. One can even decide the brew size with this coffee maker. The entire setup process is also easy.
If you are looking for a compact option, then this is the best coffee maker under 100 you should go for. The cups make sure that none of the coffee beans gets spill out.

You can even go with chilled water, and the outcome will be similar to the one without using the chilled water. This coffee maker ensures a proper temperature, irrespective of the water or the beans.


8. Cuisinart DCC-3400 Thermal Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-3400 Thermal CoffeemakerCuisinart is one of the best brands selling good quality coffee makers under 100. It makes use of the latest technology to provide for an on-point Coffee for all coffee lovers. The temperature is always in check to ensure that the coffee is hot and does not lose its flavor.

If you are someone who prefers a bold brew strength, Cuisinart provides an option for that as well. Users can choose between regular and bold brew strength, according to their taste and preference. Most of the options work automatically in a 24-hour setting.

The best part about this coffee maker is that it gets cleaned automatically, as well. So there is no need to worry about cleaning it up after every cup of coffee. You can also look inside the water window to check the amount of water inside. This helps to avoid filling excess water inside the water window.

To all the above coffee makers, this one also has charcoal and a gold-tone coffee filter to strain chlorine and restrict any mineral to settle on the base.

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee while the brewing process takes place. Most of the conventional styles do not provide this feature, leads to a lot of time wastage. It comes with a user manual to simplify the process of making coffee in the first shot.

A lot of people also claim that the taste of the coffee prepared in this coffee maker is ten times better than any regular one. It provides a 12 Cup capacity, which is sufficient for people with joint families. This one is surely going to blow away your mind with the excellent coffee that gets prepared.


9. Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee MakerThis coffee maker provides a one-touch instant brew processing that gets turned off automatically. Various other parts of the coffee maker including the lid and the filter basket can be washed without any technical restrictions.

It also consists of a strong 1500 watt heater which helps in balancing the temperature during the brewing process. In addition to the features mentioned in the above coffee makers, this one also includes pre-infusion mode. This mode helps in damping the coffee grounds for a good taste at the end.

It also promotes a dense and uniform saturation with its various features like the plain leveled filter basket. The large shower head also helps in uniform saturation.

The best part about this coffee maker is that the plastic used in it is BPA free. This plastic can be reused after the purpose has been served.

The broad spray head ensures that the water spreads evenly throughout the coffee. As a result, the brew after the processing is much more addictive and hot. It is simply impossible to restrict yourself from enjoying the coffee that it prepares.


10. Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee BrewerThis coffee maker can provide you 10 cups of coffee in almost 3 minutes. The internal section of this coffee maker is always hot which helps you to grab a coffee whenever and wherever you like. But, it is suggested to pour a carafe of chilled water as it helps in eliminating the vinegar smell.

It also consists of multiple steam showers that help in spreading the hot water evenly throughout the grounds.
This coffee maker also has a large plain filter that promotes excellent coordination and mixing of hot water and the grounds. As a result, the coffee tastes better than it would without a flat bottom.


11. Russell Hobbs CM3100BLR Retro Style Coffeemaker

Russell Hobbs CM3100BLR Retro Style CoffeemakerIf you are not sure about the brewing process and wish to keep a check on it, this is the one for you.
This coffee maker comes with the progress gouge which can help you see the brewing progress that has been made in a fixed time.

The showerhead attached to it is advanced, hence allowing better saturation throughout the coffee grounds. One can even pour themselves a cup of coffee while the breathing process is still going on. Most of us are too aggressive to wait for 10 minutes to get out coffee, so this option is a savior to us.

It also comes with a water level indicator which shows the amount of water left in the coffee maker. You can easily make 8 cups of coffee in this coffee maker.

The body of this coffee maker is too perfect to be seen and can turn an ordinary kitchen into a high tech one with its mere presence. A significant number of people also prefer to buy it for the sleek and classy look it carries with it.


Why Invest In A Coffee Maker?

A lot of people consider the expense of a coffee maker as highly unnecessary. The initial cost might cause a lot of pain to your pocket, but the return on this investment is profitable in the longer run.

Given below are a few reasons why everyone should consider getting themselves a coffee maker.

1. Profitable In The Long Run

The initial cost of a coffee maker can put anyone in a major dilemma as to whether to buy it or not. But the long term benefits exceed the initial cost by a heavy margin. This is because even people who are not addicted to coffee prefer to consume one cup of it daily. Calculating this amount, one can be assured of their decision to invest in a good coffee maker.

2. Save Energy And Time

The daily struggle a person goes through for that one cup of coffee is remarkable but tiring. A single cup of coffee does not only leads to time waste because of the constant run to a coffee shop, but it can waste gas when prepared at home.

As such, a coffee maker can provide relief from all the unnecessary hustle early in the morning.

3. Experiment As Much As You Can

We all are aware of the fancy prices quoted for a regular cappuccino or latte at coffee shops.
The price demanded by them restricts our choices to espresso or the other cheap options.

Purchasing a coffee maker will help you prepare all types of coffee, without spending a lot of money.

4. Enjoy The Coffee Aroma Every Day

Coffee addicts will agree about the irresistible fragrance of coffee beans, which can uplift their mood instantly
Once you purchase the best coffee maker under 100,, you buy the monopoly of enjoying these aromas for every single day.

Till now, you must be already looking for the best coffee makers online. Hakuna Matata, because we are here to help you find the best coffee maker without running along with the pages of popular websites.

All these coffee makers are under a budget of 100, therefore causing no strain to your pocket.

Best Coffee Makers Under $100 – Conclusion

All these are the best coffee makers under 100 and are surely an excellent deal to close, especially when it comes to their excellent features.

It is also important to buy the one which provides an adequate cup quantity. Otherwise, there are chances you might regret your decision later on.

Coffee is a reason why most of us look up to our morning. Hence, it would be daft to get a coffee maker without going through proper analysis. Also, if this is the first time you are purchasing a coffee maker, it is better to look for one with a warranty. Almost all the brands provide a reasonable period of warranty to attract customers and satisfy them with their offers.

You might be willing to go for expensive coffee makers as well. But, as a first-time buyer, it is better to stick to a budget. It will not only save you a lot of money but will help you understand the process better. Once you understand all the titbits, you can shift to an expensive one. The chances are that you may already grow familiar with the coffee maker in the budget.

Coffee should be your last resort from all the chaos of the world. It is simply irritating to go through an entire process to prepare it. A user-friendly coffee maker can transform your life.

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