Best Coffee Makers 2021: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Cuisinart DGB-900BC 2. Bunn BT Velocity 3. Cuisinart SS-15
 Grind and Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffee-Maker

The day never starts off right if you haven’t had your cup of coffee. But instead of spending money buying it, you can always try making it at home. But is it possible to make the same gourmet-style coffee at home? Yes, it is!

With proper research, you’ll easily be able to zero in on the best coffee maker designed to meet your requirements. While there are a number of brands claiming to provide you with the best rated coffee makers, you can still be confused when choosing one. So what is the best coffee maker? What are the requirements you need to look into before purchasing your own best coffee brewer?

The best home coffee machines are the ones which make the task of making coffee easier. With the new gears, you can just set it up at night and wake up to a cup of fresh and bold coffee every morning. Best coffee maker reviews are also an important factor that you should look into before choosing to purchase your own.

These are some of the usual questions when it comes to your coffee-makers. So to help you to narrow down your list, a list of the best coffee makers 2021 has been listed below:

Top 20 Best Coffee Makers 2021

1. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind and Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffee-Maker

Best Coffee Maker Cuisinart DGB-900BC You can now have the perfect coffee with the new Cuisinart DGB-900BC coffee-maker. With its stylish design and superior grind and brew technique, it’s sure to impress all your friends. This is an automatic coffee-maker that grinds the coffee beans, and gives you a bold and fresh taste with every cup.

The coffee-maker features a double-wall insulated stainless steel carafe with a comfort grip handle that can easily hold up to 12 cups of coffee. This fully programmable coffee-maker features an automatic grind and brew option. With an 8-ounce hopper along with a built-in automatic burr system, the machine can easily hold half a pound of beans.

The Cuisinart’s advantage is that it includes a charcoal water filter and a permanent gold-tone filter that ensures that only the freshest coffee pours through the machine. If you’re a bit on the careless side or you don’t know how to measure the number of beans required for good coffee, you needn’t worry. The Cuisinart coffee-maker includes a measuring cup as well as an instruction book to guide you through the process.

Note: Kindly refer to Pg 10 on the instruction manual for the proper way to place and lock the carafe lid for best brewing and pouring.

According to reviews, this is a great coffee-maker. Customers have loved it so much that they proceeded to purchase this very machine every time, even as a present. The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a great coffee-maker with a grinder. It makes fresh coffee and is easy to clean without taking apart a whole bunch of pieces. However, not many people were big fans of the carafe, which they felt could’ve been removed.

The coffee-maker is overall a great product and is highly recommended.


2. Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee BrewerBUNN BT presents it’s an amazing new coffee-maker that’s sure to impress your guests and turn heads with its attractive design. With a double-wall and a vacuum insulated thermal carafe, it keeps the coffee warm for up to 2 hours.

The coffee-maker has a unique spray that ensures even and complete coffee flavour extraction. The internal portion of the coffee-maker includes a stainless steel hot water tank that water hot to the perfect optimal temperature. This amazing reservoir can brew coffee in 3 minutes and can make up to 10 cups of coffee. It’s always the perfect cup every time.

The BUNN BT thermal coffee-maker is just the one you need. With its superior brewing and grinding technique, this coffee-maker can easily put out a fresh batch of coffee every time you need it. It also features a close-and-brew lid, along with a vacation switch. However, the coffee-maker does not include a warmer plate and so if you need one, you have to purchase it separately.

Customers have had wonderful experiences with their own BUNN BT coffee-maker. The coffee-maker is strong and has a great design. As far as performance is concerned, this machine works perfectly. It brews quite fast and the coffee tastes the same every time. Users were a little sceptical about the lack of a warmer plate, but the thermal carafe did a good job of keeping the coffee hot for up to 2 hours.

This is an amazing purchase for all coffee lovers.


3. Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee-Maker

Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee-MakerWhen it comes to coffee, there’s no better choice than Cuisinart with its sleek range of coffee-makers. With its new model, the Cuisinart SS-15, the coffee-maker stands out from its competitors in terms of both style and function. It even features a 12-cup carafe that’s sure to impress anyone.

The Cuisinart SS-15 features a fully automatic 12-cup coffee-maker on one side and a single-serve brewer on the other. This way you can easily choose the amount of coffee you require and not have to waste any extra beans too. Even if you’re alone and prefer making a solo cup of coffee, this machine understands your needs and you can easily brew it accordingly with the single-serve feature.

This coffee-maker has been created with metal and includes a glass carafe with a stainless steel handle. You can even choose the brew-strength control and opt for ‘bold’ if you need a stronger flavour. The gold-tone coffee filter ensures that nothing but the purest coffee pours through.

The Cuisinart SS-15 coffee-maker also includes:

Single-serve serving sizes, 6, 8 and 10 oz
Charcoal water filter
Home barista reusable filter cup; compatible with a K-Cup pod as well

According to users, the Cuisinart SS-15 is one of the most coffee-makers that you can buy. It is easy to use and clean, and also serves you a great cup of coffee every time. It maintains the freshness of the flavour and ensures that you get nothing but the best. The carafe keeps the coffee hot for 2 hours easily and you can drink it at your own pace. The only disadvantage is the commercial K-pod, which customers feel is a major letdown.

The machine is overall a great product and at an affordable rate as well.


4. Ninja CF091 Coffee-Makers

Ninja CF091 Coffee-MakersNinja CF091 is more than just your average coffee-maker. It’s the next generational coffee-maker with its attractive design and specialised features. This coffee system is complete with a variety of brew types and sizes, along with a built-in brother and tons of different coffee recipes that you can create and enjoy at home.

The coffee-maker has been created with ABS housing and includes a stainless steel mesh filter and has the capacity of 60oz, which means that the carafe can easily hold 10-cups of coffee. The advantage of the Ninja coffee machine is its in-built frother which lets you brew, froth and drink your favourite cup of coffee. The frother makes the coffee feel all the more special and great.

The Ninja coffee machine includes a ninja smart scoop, which keeps your coffee bar pre-warmed after you’ve brewed the first cup of coffee. This saves you a lot of time for brewing another cup and makes them slightly hotter than the first. The coffee-maker also has a permanent reusable filter, which can be washed and used repeatedly and has been designed specially to brew coffee grounds only. Kindly avoid answering K-cups or pods.

Users have commented that it’s a great product at an amazing price. Most of them enjoyed the preinfusion/pre-wetting phase where it introduces hot water to the coffee and waits 30 seconds to begin brewing. It also has a nice spread out shower head to hit most of the grinds as it brews. The stay warm feature of the heating element under the full carafe can be turned on and off.

One of the main disadvantages that the Ninja coffee-maker faces is that it doesn’t brew at 195°-205°. The machine also has no control over how much water goes over the grounds other than the selected brew amounts for each brew size.

The machine works quite well as an espresso maker.


5. Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee-Maker

Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee-MakerNo coffee machines provide a smoother and richer brew than the Keurig K-Elite coffee-maker. It blends a premium finish and has programmable features to deliver both modern design and the ultimate beverage customization. With its stylish finish and attractive design, its an asset to any kitchen.

The coffee-maker is made of metal and brews multiple cup sizes ranging from 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12oz. With its strong brew button, it easily increases the brewing strength and ensures a bold coffee flavour. The large 75oz water reservoir on the coffee-maker allows you to brew 8-cups before having to refill. This allows you to brew a larger quantity of coffee and to easily entertain guests.

The Keurig also has a removable drip tray which can accommodate travel mugs of up to 7.2 inches tall and has a full accidental brew which allows easy cleanup. There is a brewer maintenance reminder that alerts you every time you need to descale your coffee-maker and the machine produces minimal noise when brewing. It can be used for a wide range of beverages such as coffee, tea, hot cocoa and one of the specialities is the iced beverages.

According to customers, it’s a pretty good coffee-maker that can easily make coffee for a single individual without wasting it. You can set the temperature for hotter coffee and because of its compact design, it’s easier to store in the kitchen or in any counter. It makes the coffee in a minute and maintains the bold flavour always.

However, there have been instances where the coffee machine has been found leaking water. The problem usually occurs if you’ve not set up the machine properly or have been given faulty parts. In such cases, it will be well advised to refer to the instruction manual before setting it up and if the problem persists, kindly contact customer support.

The coffee machine itself is a decent buy.


6. Keurig K-Select K-Cup Pod Coffee-Maker

Keurig K-Select K-Cup Pod Coffee-MakerThe Keurig K-Select is no stranger when it comes to brewing the best cup of coffee every single time. The K-Select range of coffee-makers combine sleek design and features four brew sizes, 6, 8, 10 and 12oz. You can now use this machine to prepare any of your favourite beverages such as tea, coffee, hot cocoa and even iced beverages.

The sleek metallic coffee-maker has a quiet brewing technology, which minimizes any noise that can occur when brewing. It’s a step ahead of its competitors in this field and it produces premium cups of coffee. The large 52oz water reservoir on the machine allows you to brew up to 5-cups before you need to refill. Not only does this save you a lot of time but also simplifies your morning routine.

The strong brew button available on the machine increases the strength of brewing and kicks up the coffee’s intense taste. The buttons on the Keurig K-Select are easy to use and you can even insert a pod and select your desired brew cup size. The removable drip tray can accommodate 7.4 inches tall travel mugs and has an accidental brewing for easy cleanup.

The Keurig brew box contains:

  • A bonus 6-count K-cup pod variety pack
  • One water filter handle
  • One filter to ensure that every beverage tastes great

Users have termed it as a decent coffee machine that performs what is required of it. The pop holder jaws have a nice luxurious feel when they open and close. This unit has an attractive design that hides away on the counter without drawing attention to itself.

The only drawback is that the water reservoir feels smaller than expected and you have to make frequent refills.

Overall, Keurig K-Select makes a decent cup of coffee.


7. Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee-Maker

Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee-MakerA delicious and rich cup of coffee is now possible with the new OXO Brew coffee-maker. It heats water up to an optimal temperature and helps your favourite coffee roast reach its full potential while maintaining the temperature throughout the brewing process.

The OXO coffee-maker features a microprocessor-controlled brew cycle that replicates the pour-over method to produce 2-9 cups of SCAA-certified perfect coffee. This stainless steel machine heats water to the perfect temperature before brewing the coffee. The temperature is usually between 197.6°-204.8° F.

The rainmaker shower head on the OXO coffee-maker evenly disperses water over coffee grounds for uniform saturation and full flavour extraction. With its intuitive LED interface, the machine features a backlit screen that displays the making status and freshness of the brew. The added bonus is that the coffee-maker also has a single dial that lets you program the timer for up to 24 hours to brew you the perfect cup.

Users have mentioned the OXO Brew as a good product that makes consistent cups of coffee. The machine is striking in design but not obtrusive and is a bit larger and taller than the pictures. It still manages to fit under cabinets, but not while the top is open. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for a few hours though the temperature may not be too hot.

The only problem that you can face is the fogging up of the tank when left alone during the day. However, it’s a minor problem and you can easily resolve it by leaving the lid propped open for just a bit and the fog will dissipate.

The OXO Brew is good, but not great. You can still purchase it for its consistent brewing.


8. Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KGB Coffee Brewer

Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KGB Coffee BrewerThe Technivorm Moccamaster has always been a top choice for brewing experts. With its glass carafe and automatic drip-stop brew-basket to stop the flow of coffee when the carafe is pulled away, it’s no wonder as to why people opt for this smart machine. Not only is it easy to use but also a top-notch coffee brewing machine.

The coffee brewer is made of metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf and phthalate-free plastics. The coffee brewer is easy to use with single button operation. It takes up to 4-6 minutes for a cup of coffee to brew. With its unique, copper boiling element and no pumps, the machine ensures that it always brews the coffee to the right temperature. The machine also includes a hot plate which has two settings, giving you the choice to hold your coffee between 175°-185°F, without burning your coffee.

The Technivorm Moccamaster coffee-makers automatically shut off after 100 minutes. They include a total of 4 coffee filters and this handmade coffee-maker from the Netherlands is backed by 5-years manufacturers guarantee.

Most of the users seemed satisfied with their purchase. They’ve given this machine a thumbs up and stated that any person who loves great coffee should purchase this machine. The copper heating element is a huge bonus and different from the usual aluminium elements which other coffee-makers have. Aluminium elements can corrode after a while or even short-circuit the machine. The Moccamaster includes replaceable parts and features one of the best brewing temperatures required for a perfect cup of coffee.

The Moccamaster is a bit more expensive than other coffee-makers, but it’s totally worth it.


9. Senseo Original XL Coffee Pod Machine

Senseo Original XL Coffee Pod MachineSENSEO presents a range of uniquely designed coffee pods which brew a single serving of gourmet coffee and that too at the push of a button. The machine is quite easy to use and necessary addition to your morning routine.

This metallic coffee-maker includes boost technology which spreads the water via 45 holes over the coffee pad for the richest flavour from each fresh sense coffee pod, giving you the perfect gourmet coffee. You can select the coffee pod you require to brew coffee, espresso and your own customized cup. The new range of coffee-makers feature intense strength which can be used to brew coffee and the coffee pods have a removable XL water tank of 40.6oz. You can easily brew 8 cups of coffee with the SENSEO Original before refilling it with a fresh batch.

The SENSEO coffee-maker is one of the most loved coffee machines across Europe. The high quality and rich flavour attract a lot of customers. SENSEO’s advantage is that it doesn’t require a coffee pot and you can brew coffee without it as well. You can pour the freshly brewed coffee straight into your own cup with sense coffee capsule.

According to customer reviews, the Senseo lives up to expectations and memories. The coffee lives up to the high quality and richness that it boasts of. The machine doesn’t burn the coffee and the optimal temperature is nice and hot, just the right amount to brew the best coffee. The only drawback is that the tray where your cup sits on is plastic and not the stainless steel tray like others. However, people who prefer its matte black look may disagree.

A satisfying purchase overall.


10. Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee-Maker

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee-MakerKeurig is one of the most renowned names in the world of coffee-makers. Not only does it provide premium coffee to its users but also allows you to choose your own customized beverage with the touch of a button. It can easily brew hot cocoa, coffee, espresso and iced beverages.

When it comes to commercial coffee-makers, no one is better than the Keurig K155 Office Pro coffee-maker. With its impressive style and different features, it’s the perfect accessory for any home or office. The coffee-maker features a fully advanced, colour touch screen interface with on/off settings and adjustable brew temperature settings. With a water tank capacity of 90oz, you can easily make up to 18 cups before refilling it with a fresh batch. The full-colour LCD touchscreen is easy to use and makes it more convenient for your morning routine.

The Keurig offers you four different brew sizes to choose from — 4oz, 6oz, 8oz and 10oz. The machine brews your coffee in less than a minute. You can choose the one you prefer, from a mild taste to an intense or bold taste. They’re all available to you with the push of a button. The added advantage to a Keurig coffee-maker is that it lets you remove water easily from the internal tank and is compact enough for easy transport and storage.

User reviews mention that this is a great product and for better cleaning guidance, a manual has been provided to ensure you get the best tasting coffee at all times. It gives you a rich, creamy coffee taste and also the various brew settings provided are always an added advantage. For better use of the machine, you can refer to the manual or look for videos in case you face any issues. Also, not many people are big fans of the strong plastic smell that emanates from the coffee cup upon arrival. However, that can be fixed if you take the correct measures.

A good option if you’re on the lookout for commercial coffee-makers.


11. Cuisinart CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer Thermal Carafe

Cuisinart CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer Thermal CarafeThe art of premium coffee making has been taken up a notch with the new Cuisinart CPO-850 coffee-maker. This high-quality superior model coffee-maker ensures that its users always wake up to the best gourmet coffee. The rich, intense and bold taste provided by the coffee-maker makes it one of the best-selling products.

The Cuisinart coffee-maker meets and exceeds the SCAA standards and is certified by it. With its precision brewing technique that provides superior flavour extraction, it is one of the best coffee-makers that you can invest your money on. The Cuisinart is available at a budget under $200 and is affordable when compared to the more expensive machines. The thermal carafe includes a capacity of 64oz, which can easily make up to 8 cups of coffee.

The Cuisinart CPO-850 includes features such as:

  • Flavour strength control – mild, medium or bold
  • Temperature control – hot and extra hot
  • Programmable 24 hours – auto on, adjustable auto-off and self-cleaning option
  • 8 cup carafe – Glass (CPO-800), Thermal (CPO-850)
  • Brew pause – pour a drip-free cup before the cycle is complete
  • Includes charcoal water filter, laser-etched stainless steel permanent filter and #4 paper filter starter pack

The coffee-maker is easily adjustable and can be customized according to your coffee needs. With its revolutionary brew-pause option, you can pour a nice, hot cup of coffee for yourself mid-cycle after you press pause. The machine resumes from where it had been paused. With a self-cleaning option, it makes the task easier for you. The Cuisinart coffee machine is compact and can be stored comfortably.

Customers have loved the product and purchased it for their family as well. The brewed coffee is really good and the bold setting provides a strong and intense coffee. The Cuisinart is attractive and is sure to impress all your guests. It brews coffee in a minute and the hot plate keeps the coffee hot without burning it.

According to a few, they were unhappy with the size of the carafe which seems small in comparison to the carafe of other coffee-makers. It isn’t a major problem as the coffee-maker brews quite fast and you can easily make more.

You can purchase this product for individual use and it makes the perfect present as well.


12. Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer coffee-maker with Thermal Carafe

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer coffee-maker with Thermal CarafeBreville designs kitchen appliances to inspire people to produce perfect food and beverages in the comfort of their own home. This automatic coffee machine brews gourmet coffee for you. It is the world’s first 60oz drip coffee-maker with the precision required to brew craft filter coffee.

With its automatic presets and six customizable brewing modes, you can enjoy the perfect, balanced cup of coffee. The preset modes on the machine include gold, fast, strong, iced, cold brew and my brew. My brew gives you to make your own customized drink according to your taste. Breville BDC450 features a thermo-coil heating system that delivers water that is purer than typical brewing systems that use aluminium.

The gold cup present mode is the standard option in the machine. It can automatically adjust the brew time to meet the criteria set by SCAA. With the auto ‘steep and release’ technology, the valve brings water into contact and decides the volumes automatically, without having the carafe in place. You can brew any volume of coffee exactly how you like it using the Flat Bottom and Cone Filter baskets.

Customers were stunned with the superior results they got from the Breville coffee machine. The design is attractive, while the coffee is intense and rich with flavour. You get the same freshness in every batch of coffee that you brew. The water chamber has a wide opening and so you won’t be spilling any water when trying to fill it. The carafe pours perfectly, it isn’t sticky and is fully spill-proof.

The product is high end and is priced under $300. While it does make a great cup of coffee, you can choose to miss out on the deal if it’s way of your budget.


13. Bunn CSB2GD Speed Brew High Altitude Coffee-Maker

Bunn CSB2GD Speed Brew High Altitude Coffee-MakerBUNN presents to you one of the fastest home coffee-makers in America, now with an updated design. It allows you to brew coffee on demand and can make coffee within 4 minutes, making up to 10 cups for all your caffeine needs.

This is a special coffee machine as it has been designed for exclusive use in high altitude locations. It features a commercial-grade, stainless steel hot water tank that stores hot water and lets you brew coffee whenever you feel like it. The BUNN CSB2GD also includes a drip-free carafe that delivers the cleanest pour of any coffee-maker in the market.

This automatic coffee-maker is one of a kind. All you have to do is plug it in and at the push of a button, fresh coffee is prepared for you. The unique spray head included provides optimal coffee extraction and maintains the freshness of its flavour. It also brews a full pot of coffee in less than half the time taken by most of the best-selling coffee-makers.

According to customer reviews, BUNN is a good option for anyone looking for a fast coffee-maker. It makes you great coffee within four minutes and you can keep refilling it and preparing a fresh batch anytime you want. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm while the hot plate keeps the coffee hot without burning it. The only drawback that most customers have mentioned is that the coffee-maker may emanate a strong plastic smell when it’s newly purchased. However, that can be sorted by adopting certain measures to ensure a perfect coffee machine.

This is a coffee machine that’s definitely worth your money and would make a lovely present for a loved one.


14. Bunn CSB3TD Speed Brew High Altitude Coffee-Maker

Bunn CSB3TD Speed Brew High Altitude Coffee-MakerWhen it comes to brewing coffee within minutes, there’s no beating BUNN coffee-makers. These are the fastest coffee-makers that you can possibly buy and have been designed specially to cater to high altitude locations above 4,000 feet.

With its commercial-grade stainless steel hot water tank, the coffee machine can easily store hot water which can be used to brew coffee whenever you need it. It can easily brew 10 cups of coffee within 4 minutes, and the machine is always prepped and ready to brew your coffee any time. The double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm up to 2 hours, so you can drink it at your own pace.

The BUNN coffee-makers feature a unique spray head that provides optimal coffee extraction and maintains the freshness of the coffee. The taste is rich, intense and bold every time you prepare a cup. The advantage that the BUNN coffee-maker enjoys is that it makes coffee in just half the time than the other top-selling coffee-makers.

Users of the product were pleased with their purchase, and praised the taste of the coffee. The coffee is made surprisingly fast and the double-wall stainless steel carafe is a bonus. It keeps coffee hot longer than the 2-½ hour time period that the description states. You can also purchase BUNN coffee filters and reusable filter to ensure easy cleanup and so you don’t spill coffee all over the place. However, the only drawback is that there is no pause button to stop the brewing mid-way and to pour yourself a cup. You have to wait for the machine to stop brewing before you can taste it.

This coffee-maker is an optimal option for all coffee lovers.


15. Bunn-O-Matic Pour-O-Matic Model VPR Coffee Brewer

Bunn-O-Matic Pour-O-Matic Model VPR Coffee BrewerIf you prefer a coffee-maker that has a vintage style to it and prepares one of the best gourmet coffees that you’ve had, then you certainly need to purchase the Bunn-O-Matic coffee-maker. It prepares a rich and intense coffee anytime you brew and maintains the same freshness with every batch.

The Bunn-O-Matic coffee-maker has the capacity to prepare 3.8 gallons per hour directly into standard 12-cup (64-ounce) decanters. The Bunn pour-over commercial coffee brewer with upper and lower warmers in black is an integral part of any office coffee service program. The stainless steel design of the coffee-maker gives off a serious office look while the build ensures that you have the best coffee every time you use it.

The black finish of the coffee machine allows for quick and easy cleanup, and the SplashGard funnel protects the user from coffee burns. With it, you’ll have a lower chance of spilling or splashing coffee when you pour and is one of the best features of the machine. However, it should be noted that decanters are not included in the package and have to be purchased separately.

According to reviews, this is a decent coffee-maker that gets the job done. It brews the coffee as suggested and can be a great addition to any home or office. The coffee-maker is within a budget of $300. The buttons and the lid are easily breakable, while there may be chances of a water leak as well. If you face any such problems, contact customer support and be careful when using the product. However, if you have the option of purchasing better and more updated models with more features, you can choose to skip out on this model.

This coffee-maker is a decent buy at best.


16. Ninja Speciality Fold-Away Frother (CM407) Coffee-Maker

Ninja Speciality Fold-Away Frother (CM407) Coffee-MakerNinja Speciality coffee-maker allows you to prepare gourmet-style coffee in the comfort of your own home. It combines the art of rich coffee concentrates with hot or cold frothed milk to create delicious beverages that are full of flavour and never tastes watered down.

The stainless steel coffee-maker is SCAA certified and brews super-rich coffee concentrates to create delicious lattes, macchiato, cappuccino, and other such drinks. Tea lovers can also use the machine to make iced tea as well. Any beverage that you create with the Ninja Speciality coffee-maker is intense and full of flavour. The taste is always fresh and the drinks do not taste watered down.

The coffee maker gives you the freedom to brew anything from a single cup to a hall carafe or a full carafe using your favourite coffee grounds. The best part about Ninja coffee-makers is that no pods are required to make the best coffee. It offers you 6 brew sizes and the fold-away frothier gives you a thick, creamy froth irrespective of whether you use hot milk or cold.

Customers who’ve purchased the coffee machine have loved it and called it one of the best products that they’ve invested in. It makes a solid, delicious cup of coffee and with multiple brew options to choose from. There is a handy measuring scoop attached that shows you the number of scoops recommended for each brew size. It has 3 brew styles — classic, rice and over ice and you can choose speciality as well.

Overall the product is a great purchase and within a reasonable price range.


17. Illy iPerEspresso Home X9 Coffee and Espresso Machine

Illy iPerEspresso Home X9 Coffee and Espresso MachineIlly iPerEspresso machine is stylish to look at and the brand strives to provide you with the best tasting coffee that can be made in the comfort of your home. The new, unique ellipse-shaped body that houses the iPerEspresso technology has been created entirely of chrome-plated aluminium.

The compact coffee-maker is of full-frontal use, while the water tank is removable and refillable as well. You can easily extract the tank and fill in a fresh batch to start brewing. The flow meter ensures more consistent serving sizes and the LED illumination of the screen gives a clearer view of the temperature of the hot water so you can brew accordingly. The machine’s top has room to store 2 cups and the instructions are easy to follow for two perfectly balanced cups of coffee.

The coffee machine works well with iPerEspresso capsules. This machine is the very essence and drive of Illy iPerEspresso. It transcends its functions as it transforms itself into a kitchen necessity. Now you can have the benefit of drinking your favourite cup of coffee at home.

Customer reviews claim that the X9 is the best capsule system for espresso lovers and is a top-notch machine. The iPerEspresso capsules produce a far better espresso shot than what other coffee machines are capable of. The Illy capsules contain more coffee and use less water per amount for every shot, thus giving you far superior, richer and bolder coffee.

This machine can be in your list for best coffee-makers.


18. Keurig K1500 Commercial Coffee-Maker

Keurig K1500 Commercial Coffee-MakerKeurig K1500 lets you brew your favourite beverages with the touch of a button. This coffee machine is ideal for small businesses and the commercial brewer offers effortless beverage customization with 4 cup sizes. The strong button increases the strength and bold taste of your coffee’s flavour.

The Keurig K1500 offers you a wide brew selection of beverages with 150 Keurig cup pod (including 2.0) varieties from over 30 brands. The quiet brew technology minimizes noise when in use and an extra-large 96oz water reservoir stores got water for you. It can easily make up to a few cups of coffee before you need to refill or replace it with a new fresh batch.

The four available brew sizes are 6oz, 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. The reservoir is built with stainless steel making it durable and also easier to clean than other coffee-makers. With a programmable auto-off button, it helps you to save energy when not in use. Indicator lights on the coffee machine clearly display when it is time to add water or descale the brewer.

According to customers, it’s a great product that’s available at an excellent product. The quiet brew technology of the coffee machine has been praised and it’s an important necessity of any office. It is able to make a few cups of coffee easily before needing a refill. The machine can make coffee within a few minutes of brewing.

This is the coffee machine that can easily grace your office and any employee would be happy for it.


19. Capresso 485.05 MT600 Plus 10-Cup Programmable coffee-maker with Thermal Carafe

Capresso 485.05 MT600 Plus 10-Cup Programmable coffee-maker with Thermal CarafeThe Capresso MT600 coffee-maker combines the art of coffee making and its superior technology to provide you with a creamy and rich cup of coffee. The coffee is superior in taste and the machine maintains the freshness in every batch of brewed coffee.

The coffee-maker features a rapid brewing stainless steel heating system which ensures that the coffee brews at the perfect temperature and that water never comes in contact with the aluminium. The machine can easily brew up to 10 cups of coffee before needing a refill. It prepares coffee within 8 minutes and fits perfectly into your morning routine. The steel-lined heating system eliminates the possibility of water getting in contact with aluminium and reduces the need for decalcifying of the machine.

With the thermal vacuum carafe that includes a drip-free pouring spout, it keeps the coffee hot for up to 4 hours without burning it. The machine is superior in style and strength and can easily impress your friends. The Capresso MT600 is fingerprint-proof and is easier to clean when compared to other espresso machines. With a 24-hour programmable clock, the coffee-maker can easily alert you regarding the water temperature or when your coffee is ready.

Users of the Capresso coffee machine have said that it exceeded their expectations and is one of the best coffee making machines. It’s easily programmable and you can set it up the night before and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot and you can enjoy it all your own pace at any time. The best part is that the coffee-maker costs under $150 and can fit perfectly in your budget.

You can opt for this simple and easy to use coffee machine for all your caffeine needs.


20. Smeg 1950’s Retro Style Programmable Coffee-Maker

Smeg 1950's Retro Style Programmable Coffee-MakerIf you love vintage and retro-looking products, then this coffee-maker is just the perfect addition to your kitchen. This cute and retro 1950’s inspired coffee-maker is automatic and fully programmable to suit all your caffeine needs.

The machine includes a revolutionary ‘keep warm’ function which lasts up to 60 minutes after brewing. It features a newly added sound control function and the classic anti-drip system which can help your machine to stay warm and dry. The package comes complete with anti-slip feet, a user-friendly control panel and a water level indicator. The unit includes a 10-cup capacity glass carafe.

The Smeg 1950’s coffee-maker includes features such as:

  • 10-cup audacity
  • Digital LED display and clock
  • Reusable coffee filter with handle, easy to use and clean
  • 6-cup water tank
  • Tank water level indicator
  • Anti-slip feet
  • On-off button
  • Aroma intensity function: light or intense

You are provided with multiple brewing options including a 4-cup function or full carafe for larger gatherings. This programmable coffee-maker rises above its competitors with the different features that it provides. With an automatic start mode, you can always have a fresh cup of coffee every morning. The machine will maintain the same bold, intense and rich flavour to ensure that your day starts off on a good note.

Apart from all its features, the best part about the Smeg coffee-maker is that it has been designed keeping the environment and your budget in mind. This easy to use coffee machine does not require paper filters but can accommodate them if you prefer.

According to customers, this is one of the cutest and best coffee-makers that you can buy. The coffee is always piping hot, and the thermal carafe doesn’t burn your coffee. You can shut off the beeper and the hot plate automatically shuts off after an hour to help you save energy. However, the only drawback would be the strong plastic smell that emanates from it when newly purchased. That can be resolved by adopting certain measures.

This is a good and aesthetically pleasing purchase overall.


Best Coffee Makers – What’s Your Pick?

Once you’ve been through the various brands of coffee-makers, you can gain a fair idea of what you’re looking for and which machine is best suited to your needs. When purchasing a coffee-maker, it’s always important to go through customer reviews and read through the specifications before you choose a coffee-maker.

The best coffee-makers include a thermal carafe, heating coil element, automatic functioning and a well enough water capacity tank. The water reservoir in a coffee-maker is important as it helps to store hot water and you can use it whenever you need to brew coffee. It’s easy to make rich, creamy and superior coffee in the comfort of your home as well. With the rise of modern technology and upgraded models of coffee-makers, it’s quite convenient and easy to make gourmet coffee.

Brewing coffee is an easy task and an automatic coffee machine only makes it easier. Some of the new models of coffee-makers brew coffee within minutes and can multiple cups before refilling or replacing with a fresh batch. You can also opt for a coffee-maker that features a pause-brew button.

It helps you to pause in-between brewing and pour yourself a cup of coffee before allowing the machine to resume brewing again. It should also be mentioned that most coffee-makers give off a strong plastic smell when purchase and it may seem like a letdown. However, that can easily be resolved by cleaning the machine or using items which can help you to ward off any pungent smells.

The coffee-maker that you purchase should be able to meet or exceed your expectations. It is always helpful as well if the coffee machine is SCAA certified. If you cannot purchase a costly coffee-maker, do not fret. There are many coffee machines which can provide you with great and rich coffee and that too at a great price. Not all good machines have to be costly. Some of the best features are included in some of the most budget-friendly coffee machines. So choose well, relax and enjoy that cup of caffeine.

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