Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers 2021: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Takeya 10311 Deluxe 2. Ovalware 3. Cold Brew Mason Jar

This article is for all aficionados of caffeine out there. Now, if you know and love your coffee- you would know that a hot brew can be whipped in a matter of minutes, but a cold brew, mind you, a good, manually done cold brew can take about 12-14 hours. Now, however, there are counter devices that will whip you up a good cold brew in a matter of minutes. We’ll discuss how to find you the best cold brew coffee makers.

There are minute differences between a cold coffee and a cold brew. A cold coffee will be whipped the same way a hot coffee is, barring the temperature. A cold brew, on the other hand is slightly more nuanced. Knowing about your coffee gear is the key to enjoying a great cup of coffee.

A cold brew can sustain storage over several many days, unlike its warmer counterpart. And oh- devices that produce cold brews do not need to be plugged in, or operated through electricity. So, this makes them easy to carry along wherever you go too!


The way that the beans are ground and even the way they are pressed produces a sweet-ish tinge brew. This is a process unique from the traditional iced coffee. The market has some of the best cold brew coffee makers 2021 to suit your needs for good iced brews.

The traditional process entails when coffee is brewed as normal coffee, and is then cooled down. Take your coffee a notch higher- and don’t settle for a couple of ice cubes tossed into a normal coffee.

Did you know that a cold brew actually tastes sweeter and less bitter than a normal brew? It brings out a natural sweet flavour from within the coffee. And that this is only because it is brewed differently?

There’s also a host of other reasons why a lot of people have now switched over to drinking cold brews rather than hot coffees. Hot coffee may be difficult to consume for those with stomach problems, or acidity issues.

Some of the machines made for brewing can also be used for making tea.

The cold brew has very little acidity compared to the hot counterpart,which also makes it a lot healthier for people.

Did You Know?

…that cold brews are more likely to give you different flavours out of the coffee, and more pronounced flavours at that! Which means, you know how you picked out a pouch of Arabian coffee beans or even an Ethipian pouch of coffee beans but the hot coffee made out of it was not the most impressive?

Well, the cold brew makes sure that in the process of taking time to brew the beans, the bitterness, soluble oils etc. in the coffee are not absorbed into the brew- leaving behind only the clean flavour of the bean.

Cold brews ensure there’s never any average beverage!

So if you happen to like exotic brews, this is the beverage for you!

Besides, along with being a brew machine, it could also help you make syrups of different kinds.

And that it packs in more of the caffeine punch than a regular one too? And for lesser health side effects like acidity? Well, there’s giving you more than enough reason to invest in the best cold brew coffee maker.

In a market full of cold-brew appliances catering to a customer’s every need, what exactly is it that one looks for when investing in the best cold brew coffee maker in 2021?

Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers: What To Look For?

1. Look For How You Like Your Brew!

Well, this one is a no-brainer. Ask yourself what kind of coffee you like- r a highly concentrated brew or a more malt-tasting brew, a more chocolate-tasting one.

Some keen aficionados also swear by investing in machines that take 12 long hours to prepare a brew and these folks would have you convinced that this is the brew to kill for.

So you get the drift- to each their own.
Find the brew you like, and then go forward hunting the device that can match your specifications.

2. Settle On A Price Range

There’s cold brew devices available at every price range, starting from around 20$ machines, torather more sophisticated machines that go over over 100$. Think of just how much you want to shell out for your everyday cold brew.

Further below, we will enlist machines that you could pick from, from between a whole lot of price ranges- with something for everyone to pick from.

The apparatuses we have included are ones that we deem are a good value for their money, while also providing a host of services.

3. Is Time A Factor For Your Brew?

As strange as this might sound to anyone that consumes only regular brewed coffee, time is of utmost essence when creating a cold brew. That being said, time is, literally speaking, of essence!

A good cold brew manually done could take more than 10 hours of time, and this makes it different from a regular brew, because a cold brew does not have the bitterness to it that regular coffee does.

Why this makes time a factor is because a good cold brew might require you to get a machine that takes longer time, or else if you want a machine that takes lesser time for a brew just as good- you are going to have to shell out a couple of extra bucks for the same quality of brew.

We recommend: If money is not a high concern, invest in a machine that gives you a quality brew. The best cold brew coffee maker would ideally take a little longer to give you a good brew.

4. Concentrate On The Concentrate!

Now, this is crucial. There are some machines which are produced to be used in coffee houses, stores, etc. These would be machines that produce large batches of very strong cold brews , and take a large amount of time.

Are you looking to get a machine for your home? Then, you might want to look for machines that whip up a good batch of cold brew without taking as long as the machines designed for industrial or commercial spaces.

Understand the need to which your brew maker caters. The machine designed for a home, slow-brewing only about three small batches of coffee a day would not be able to meet the needs of a coffee-store.

So look for what you need a machine for, and find one accordingly.

5. Make Sure You Find One That Doesn’t Make A Mess

In your quest for finding a lower-priced device, even if you forego on certain characteristics of the machine like it having both french and cold-press, understand that in any kind of cold brew, the process is slightly tedious.

And it tends to become a messy affair, more often than not- entailing consistent cleaning of the equipment, clearing or changing sheets etc.
The best cold brew coffee maker would be the one that causes the minimum hassle to you in the process, but still giving you a lovely brew.

From what we suggest is, even if you do not want to invest in a fancy machine, invest in one that does not require tedious rigour every single day.

6. What Kind Of Press Do You Like?

Some machines produce stronger brews, while others the sweeter cold brew.
This could be the darker French pressed brew or the sweeter cold brew. A host of devices will also give you options where a hot and cold brew are both delivered.
Sometimes, at prices ranging 50$ and above, you could invest in devices that could provide you with both- at your will.

7. Look For Sizes That Suit You

It is important for a buyer to note that smaller presses are more handy to use and to store. Larger industrial type machines become difficult to manage and clean after a while.

It is generally preferred by people to own smaller cold press machines.

8. What Kind Of Filter Does Your Machine Have?

A lot of machines use filters made out of paper. Now, in these cases the filtering is extremely fine and the brew is exquisite. However, the only downside of using this kind of filter is that if it breaks- and the probability of it breaking is also slightly higher. It causes quite a bit of a mess.

Apart from the paper filter, there is also a metal filtering that exists. Even though the extraction process is not as smooth as the paper filter- the metal fittings are bound to last longer.

It is also pertinent to see how the filter holes are made. The precision of the filter holes determines the consistency of your caffeine concentrate.

A host of times, it has been noted that larger holes in one’s filter mesh can cause a lot of unnecessary oils etc. to go through to the brew and ruin it, but sometimes making the holes unnecessarily small can cause the brew to become bitter- something we seek to avoid in cold brews.

9. Do You Want To Engage With Your Machine?

For cold-press coffee aficionados, they like a complicated machine procedure that they can engage with at every step.
There are some machines that exist to provide one with an experience of the cold brew. This is only for people who absolutely love their coffee and would like to engage with its creation and to understand it on various levels.

But if you are looking for functionality, then look for simpler, cleaner, sleeker designs that also won’t take up as much room as the larger and more complicated machines.

It is said…

That some machines used to extract cold brew are so large, complicated, and intricate that they require not only constant assistance from an experienced person but also take much longer to finish the brewing process.

However, if you are the kind of person that just wants their cold brew ready at the end of the day, and want to avoid an intricate process- get yourself a fuss-free machine with fewer specifications. So if you are one for functionality- avoid the frills.

Or should you like it, and want to possess one for safekeeps- know that even this is an option for you. This is usually done by collectors and aficionados of caffeine etc.

10. Make A List..

Make a list of the characteristics you would definitely want in your brew machine, and those that you would be willing to sacrifice upon.

If style is something you are not willing to sacrifice- but you do not care much about, say, the fact that the filter is laser-cut and that a normal mesh uniformly cut filter would suffice for you, these are decisions you can make when allocating your budget to specific characteristics of the product as you would like it.

And then add your budget to it. According to the specifics now established in your mind; have a look at all the options that we have to offer you below, ranging across prices, specifications, designs, easy usage to complicated ones, storage, filter-systems, here are options spanning across the whole gamut:

So, we have selected fifteen products that we deem good out of the several available cold brew coffee makers on Amazon.

The criteria above were listed out because those were the ones we kept in mind before selecting the below stated names of the products:

There are a lot of things that were kept in mind when selecting these products- they are selected from a gamut of different budgets, types, filtration criteria, durability, how easy or difficult it is to store it, whether or not it offers warranties, what are the general features that each product should have.

We have curated a list of fifteen products which are deemed worthy of being looked at. The fifteen products were picked out of the vast range of cold brew makers available on Amazon.

Their general characteristics have been talked about and discussed in detail, detailed list of pros and cons (if any) have been discussed in the article.

It is to be noted that this article is meant to serve as a guide to anybody looking to upgrade to a taste for good cold brewed coffee and is looking for an apparatus to meet his needs.

Top 15 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers 2021

1. The Takeya 10311 Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

The Takeya 10311 Best Cold Brew Coffee MakerOne of the more affordable models available on Amazon is this particular patented model from Takeya. This design boasts of an airtight and silicone constitution- and can whip up about more than seven servings of cold brew at a time.

There is an intricate mesh filtering in this machine, making sure you get a sweet brew. One of the best things about this particular model is that if it appeals to you- you have a host of size varieties to choose from.

Varying across different sizes, it gives customers more to choose out of. Also, once a batch is prepared, the design of the device is such that it is very portable and can be stored in the refrigerator easily for a week or even longer.

This product has also been received very well in the market and customers have also responded with great reviews about it.

Points this product wins on :

  • Very easy to use. Being a smaller apparatus, it is easy to carry around, use whenever and store for long time
  • Does not require a lot of maintenance and is easy to clean


  • Barely any cons, but some customers have said it has low capacity. However, this can be remedied as this model offers larger sizes too.


2. Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker And Tea Infuser

Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker And Tea InfuserThis extremely handy, airtight apparatus boasts of a rust-free stainless steel filter and cap. The filters on this are also laser-cut, and guarantee a brew with more precision.

An interesting thing about this is that the amounts are clearly marked on the apparatus- in terms of litre as well as cups. Also owing to it being airtight, it can be stored for weeks too- and prevents external odours from getting into the beverage.

One can also use this as a hot tea/ ice tea maker. It is compatible with both types.

It is also an apparatus that is dishwasher-safe. So, one need not be worried about cleaning and keeping it. The entire apparatus can also be taken apart and put together with ease, granting the customer the ease of experience when using the product.


  • It is rated as a very sleek looking and affordable machine
  • The fact that it also serves as a tea infuser is an added benefit


  • Some customers have complained of evaporation, or the coffee not being concentrated enough.


3. The Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker From County Line Kitchen

The Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker From County Line KitchenAnother one of Amazon’s offerings at a good price is this durable jar-shaped cold brew and tea maker. A 2-quart mason jar is given along with a stainless steel filter with a silicone seal to make sure it is firmly airtight.

This product, along with the usual instruction manual, also comes with a recipe booklet for whipping up several different beverages.

This versatile apparatus, at its price and specifications, is quite the steal.


  • Because of its Mason-jar esque shape, it is easy to pour out the drink from it.
  • The filter is also very durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • The brewer is also large and makes a good amount of brew at once.
  • Convenience of usage and storage.
  • The mesh is extremely fine.


  • Customers have recommended manual washing.


4. Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Coffee Bear

Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Coffee BearAt a similar price like the ones above, this particularly sleek piece boasts of a glass pitcher instead. One can also use this to brew teas and create fruit infused waters.

Everyone who purchases this gets a gourmet recipe booklet along with it.

Another interesting feature about this product is that it can be disassembled and cleaned up in less than a minute or so. So despite looking like a sophisticated machine, it is relatively easy to use, has fine mesh linings and prevents spillage.


  • The top half of the pitcher seals tightly so as to preserve the flavour of the brew for weeks.
  • You can make smoothies, shakes, frappes, lattes with this device and its ample recipe book.
  • Value for money in terms of looks, design and versatility is very high.
  • No cons or possible cons expressed by customers. Customer satisfaction is very high.


5. Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Semko

Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker By SemkoThis elegantly designed glass apparatus has a double filter system to make sure that your brew is as good as it gets.

This device specifies that it has .3mm mesh filters in specific- because anything less than that would cause the brew to acquire a bitter taste, and anything larger than that would result in particles passing through.

This product with its modest price and five cup capacity also gives the customer another added benefit- that of a one-year warranty certificate on the product.

The product also has a boron-silicon top to ensure that it remains airtight, and the brew can sustain for a long period of time.


  • Offers the general basics of a good cold brew maker, along with certain specifics that a customer could pay for should they be interested.
  • All in all, a value for money. General good product with good reviews overall.


6. Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Osaka

Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker By OsakaAmong the general specifications like a stainless steel filter, one of the things that makes this Osaka brew product to stand out is the fact that it provides a good 1 litre full of brew.

At a modest price, this product is a catch. One can also brew tea over this. This is an extremely durable investment. It is not only lucid to work with, but also does not cause much hassle for storage purposes. One can also pour from its spout directly.

This is also a generally reliable company, and among other things, this particular product by this company is known to be dependable.

It is a very versatile design.

Along with that, it is also leek to look at. Where this product wins is that it is an extremely functional set up.

Among other things, it is friendly to being cleaned in the dishwasher, not a hassle to keep or even to clean. This adds to the product immensely.


  • Attractive design.
  • The 1 litre capacity ensures a large quantity of brew can be created and stored for a period of time.


  • The filter mesh is not very fine.


7. Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker And Tea Infuser By Bassani Home

Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker And Tea Infuser By Bassani HomeThis is an extremely functional design which caters to one’s varied beverage needs, ranging from not only cold brewed coffee but also infused teas, fruit infusions, juices etc.

Note that one can also use this machine for preparation of hot teas along with iced teas. Owing to its size, its capacity is large. And being functional, all of its parts can be stored separately but also come together with ease.

It is easy to wash and store. Its individual parts could also be used as individual items- for instance, its glass pitcher is designed in a way that could suit several needs independent of the cold brew machine. This lends it a rather versatile characteristic.

The filters are also laser-cut to grant precision to the finer particles that are used for brewing. This makes sure that the brew is not too strong due to the mesh being cut rather small, neither is the brew grainy or patchy because of the presence of particles from the mesh being cut rather big.

This is a primary reason as to why one must stress on the size of the mesh.

A lot of times, opt for a laser cut filter mesh- because that will ensure more uniform filter meshes than any other type of cut. The laser cut is often extremely fine, and grants you a deep, condensed taste in the fresh batch of concentrated cold brewed coffee that is produced.


  • Very sleek.
  • Extremely functional. Can almost be the go-to product for most of one’s beverage needs, as it caters to both hot beverages and cold presses.
  • At its price, it is a totally worth it for the amount one is shelling out for it.


8. Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Shanik

Cold Brew Coffee Maker By ShanikThis particular product, one among the several interesting pieces of kitchen equipment that Shanik creates- is one known for its design.

It is a beautifully designed clear glass pitcher with specifications neatly engraved across its expanse. The bottom of the rotunda is held up by silicone bases to ensure that no corrosion happens to the glass. The clear glass provides one with a good look at the precise filtering by the laser cut, uniform length mesh filters attached on this product.

For a clean, stylish and sleek cold brew experience, this one of the best cold brew coffee maker by Shanik is the answer.

A custom made cleaning brush specifically to clean the product is also provided, alongside the usual operation manual, cleaning manual.


  • Very clean design. Attractive to look at.
  • Available in a host of sizes and across specifications. To suit the need of the customer.
  • Detachable and easy to store parts of the apparatus.


9. Zulay Kitchen’s Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Press Machine

Zulay Kitchen’s Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Press MachineOn first glance- it looks like a stylish decanter. Upon closer examination you realise that there are two layers of glass even within the decanter, and that fine marked prints decorate its edges specifying the quantity of concentrate that the apparatus can hold.

It is a beautifully deceiving product- one would think that it would be delicate owing to its glass decanter, but a closer perusal reveals a durable machine.

A durable machine that also produces a large amount of concentrate. The product is elegantly topped with an almost invisible spout. The product does not break easy- and those at Zulay’s Kitchen would bet their money’s worth on it.

Selling at a brilliant price for its stellar characteristics, this stylish cold press brew is for those that want their cold press machine to look good and even have all the basic functions that every machine possesses.

Its uniquely designed pitcher glass can also be used for several different purposes.

Those at Zulay kitchen ensure that the glass remains totally resistant from any kind of shock, or even wear and tear.


  • Aside from being an attractive model, this piece is also very easy to use
  • Easy storage makes it a good option
  • Good customer reviews
  • Prices are modest for a product this good
  • Airtight, mesh filters
  • Makes a good large four to five cups in one serving


10. Stylish Cold Brew Coffee Maker From Alkani

Stylish Cold Brew Coffee Maker From AlkaniThis product understands the needs of its customers- and offers something for everyone seeking to buy a cold brew maker.

A true bang-for-its-buck, this model is known for its unique design and durable body. This product also particularly prides itself on its filters, and explains that achieving a certain level of cold brew can only be attributed to impeccable filters that were designed for this coffee maker.

This will take your cold brew to another level.

This product also likes to keep it fuss free. They have achieved this by not attaching too many ancillary appendages onto the apparatus.

The main product body only has 4 detachable components. This is a rather solid looking product with mostly only good reviews as a testament to its customer satisfaction. If you are looking for an interesting looking durable piece, which is an absolute value for your money, and provides you with all the basic features that you were looking for in a cold brew maker- this is the product for you!

One can also make flavoured syrups and other recipes in this one. This product encompasses most characteristics of other cold brew makers that you would be paying for- along with its durability, which is worth investing in.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Looks good and is also durable
  • Provides for easy fitting. Fits into refrigerators/ cabinets etc. with ease
  • Easy to even carry around for trips etc.
  • Comes with an explanation manual and also the possible recipes for beverages
    that one could explore with this product


11. Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker By OranLife

Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker By OranLifeShaped like a handy water bottle, the biggest attraction in this portable cold brew maker by OranLife is that one can brew the coffee in it overnight, and also carry it around wherever they like.

The maker produces around 3 cups of coffee- which can not only be carried around by people, but will also be kept freshly brewed owing to its airtight packaging.

The clean mesh filters make it look presentable as a fruit infuser or even a tea infuser.

This is a versatile device which can be used for several other things too.

All of this is available at an extremely affordable price on Amazon. This is one product we wholly recommend for the cold brew enthusiasts out there!


12. Veken Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Veken Airtight Cold Brew Coffee MakerCurrently available at great discounts on Amazon, this micro-lens meshed product is extremely attractive. It has a body made of double walled glass, silicone base, and the glass body is shaped like that of a vessel.

And because the micro mesh is also removable, this product could also serve as a glass flask or for other purposes.

Due to its make, it is very easy to clean. Most parts of it are detachable.

A sponge brush designed to clean this intricately designed vessel also comes along with the packaging.


  • A large quantity of brew can be created in this product. Around about 1500 ml- 2000 ml of cold brew at once.
  • Its airtight make helps store the brew too.
  • The biggest catch in this cold brew coffee maker is that it boasts of a finely crafted double micro mesh. Because of this, finer particles also get sieved out and the concentrated liquid is free of unnecessary particles.
  • This is different from the single mesh lenses. In which the filtering process is not as fine as in a product which boasts of a double mesh filtering system.


  • Do not think this would qualify as a con, but the product is not very carriable or travel friendly. This is more your sitting atop a kitchen table product.
  • Having said that, we do not consider this a con- but a host of customers wrote about it. We maintain that this product is extremely effective at what it does, and it does not suit the carriable criteria for good.


13. Spigot Tap Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Original Grind Co.

Spigot Tap Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Original Grind Co.Priced slightly higher than the products mentioned above- but entirely worth every penny you shell out for this.

This interesting product would make a lovely piece around your home. It is shaped like a spigot tap with a glass dispenser- it makes for a lovely piece for those that want to display an interesting piece.


  • Makes for a good display piece
  • Can create at least 1 gallon of cold brew, so this is for the ones who want a lot of the brew
  • Ideal for coffee shops
  • Also allows for easy refrigerator storage
  • Most parts can be separated from one another, so it is easy to clean and store


14. Komax Tritan Pitcher With Airtight Seal

Komax Tritan Pitcher With Airtight SealThe interesting thing about this product is that it can not only create the cold brew beverage, but also hot beverages.

Along with this, it is also very handy and can be carried around by people. It is shaped like a dispenser, fitted with a spout on the top which makes it easy to pour out and ensures a spill-free experience with the product. This is a major plus for the product. It is easy to use.

It comes with a solid set of instruction manuals which explain the rationale behind most things: it is a rather good manual. E.g. it states things like: the colder the water in the pitcher is, the lesser acid the coffee will release. It makes one understand their brew even better.

It provides one with a french press, and also a regular press for not-so-concentrated brews.

So if you like your brew very strong – or if you like it mild, there is a solution for both.


  • Good design, easy on the eye
  • Product that satisfies most of the needs of a person


15. Physimor’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Physimor’s Cold Brew Coffee MakerThis product made of borosilicate, with a stunning glass carafe has a stainless steel removable filter.

It can brew ice/hot tea also. It is a rather sturdy container. The quality of the product is good. Because the filter is also of good quality, there remain very trace amounts of ground coffee in the bottom.

It is a nice-looking pot that would complement any sort of set-up.

There is also a double layered filtering system in this product.


Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers – Your pick?

Conclusively, even though this was not an extremely exhaustive list, what we have tried to do is collate some very good brands with extremely functional and stylish products and present a list before you.

While we would suggest each person prior to making a purchase and investing in the best cold brew coffee makers, they should conduct their own little research and be mindful of what specifications they would like in their products and devices.

It is important to bear in mind that what one might prefer, another might not. Which is also something we have kept in mind when selecting the list. We have picked out presses meant for only cold concentrates, presses which satisfy several needs like that of juices and hot and cold teas and also other things. Among all of this, we also looked at different kinds of filter mechanisms, and how they have a major impact on the kind of product that one purchases.

It was not the idea of the write-up to submit to you a list of several many enlisted products that are the be all and end all in the area of the best cold brew coffee makers, but to generally make sure that the customers understand what they are purchasing.

It is a travesty a whole lot of times when one is investing money into a certain product, the customers are not even wholly aware of just what they should be looking at.

Customers should be aware of what are the nuances of what they should be looking at: for example an uninformed customer will not know that buying filters which are larger in size will result in having coarse particles all over your brew and eventually ruin its taste.

The point of this article aside from also listing out the products which we recommend .

And that which we think are good products according to their specifications and their prices, was also to make sure that we make a difference and manage to educate the customers on a lot of important specifics relating to the products.

It is also pertinent that prior to reading the names of the best cold brew coffee makers that we have recommended, the customers reading this article and potential customers reading this article.

They could first go over the list of what one should be looking at prior to buying a cold brew maker.

Care was taken to make sure intricate explanation of the kinds of each product were listed out so as to help customers make informed decisions.

This article was deemed a necessity because it can be used as a sort of primer to understand everything a customer needs to know prior to buying the best cold brew coffee maker, and also provides numerous options spanning across different types- to cater to every need.

We hope this was helpful to anyone looking to make a purchase. The things we hoped to achieve were enumerated several times through the course of this article and are hopefully takeaways from the piece of writing.

Make the process of investing in your brew maker one that is an experience of learning for you, and ensure that the decision you make is one that will suit your specific needs and caters to you, is a value for the money you paid, and overall is a good product that you are happy with.

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