Best Espresso Grinders 2021: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Capresso 560.01 2. Cuisinart DBM-8 3. Krups GX550850


A coffee aficionado can never settle for an average cup of coffee. Buying coffee daily from baristas is equivalent to a massive hole in the pocket.

What comes best in play at this time is gear such as an espresso grinder. The beauty behind using an espresso grinder is that it retains all the essential flavours and oils out of the coffee beans.

It does full justice in beginning the process of making a fantastic cup of coffee. The beans must be ground to their complete consistency. Along with that, retaining the essence, the flavor, and the aroma of the beans play a crucial part.


A good espresso grinder would cost anywhere between $150 to $250. If you are lucky enough, you may also come across some mind-blowing deals, both offline and online. The only problem is that choosing the best espresso grinder out of the million options available is very challenging.

Well, in the following article, we have tried mentioning the top espresso grinders with their specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. Buying an espresso grinder is an investment, and so we advise you to do your research before you do one.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Espresso Grinder

1. Burr Size

A mill or a grinder that is used to grind hard and brittle pieces of substances between two revolving surfaces are known as a burr mill. It is essential to consider the size of the burr before buying an espresso grinder. It makes or breaks the deal.

The larger the burr size, the better. Larger burr size allows the beans to be ground in lesser time. A large burr coupled with a good, powerful motor grinds the beans in as little as 5 seconds. It also ensures that the beans do not come in contact with any heat.

The burr size usually depends on the size of the overall machine. The size of the coffee beans is also dependent on the distance between the revolving surfaces. For different kinds of coffee, differently ground coffee beans are required. Hence, it plays a very important part.

2. Size Of The Grinder

When we talk about size, the dimensions, the weight, height, width, everything comes into play. The size of the grinders should be such that it can be placed anywhere in the house without consuming a lot of space/counter space.

The grinder should be light enough to carry around. If you are an avid traveller, going for a manual grinder serves as the best option in comparison to an electric one or something that works on batteries. The grinder should also be compact and light enough to fit inside small luggage easily.

Espresso grinders have multiple purposes. It can also be used to grind spices and seeds. A good grinder should be able to do it without any hassle or compromise to the speed. It should add to the appeal of your kitchen and not take the appeal away from it.

3. Motors

The motor of the grinder should be powerful but should not add to the weight of the machine. Since there is a constant movement of the burrs of the grinder, the motors should able withhold the speed of the burrs.

A good machine with a good motor will never make noise. Usually, the aspect of noise is an issue with grinders. Good motors should be able to curb it. It should also not affect the speed or the function of the motors in return.

A motor also ensures the consistency of the grinding of the beans. So, the consistency should be maintained throughout the coffee without leaving any solid bits. Prolonged use of the motor should also not make the motor wear off as espresso grinders are usually an expensive purchase. The best coffee grinder for espresso should also have the best motor available.

Top 15 Best Espresso Grinders 2021

1. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Best Espresso GrinderSpecifications:
BRAND: Capresso
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8 in
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
COLOR: black

One of the best espresso grinders, the Capresso Infinity Grinder comes with an advanced cutting design. It can grind both super coarse coffee beans to super fine ground beans. It comes with a large 8.8 ounce bean container.

The upper burr can be removed, which gives access to the easy cleanup of the machine. There is a safety mechanism installed in the machine, which ensures that the beans are always in the right compartment.

Up to four categories are available in the machine, which can be used so as to ensure the best coffee. They are fine, extra-fine, regular, and coarse. Get the maximum flavor in minimum time.


  • Widest range of precision grinding available.
  • Made out of heavy-duty zinc- cast housing.
  • The conical steel burrs are of commercial grade.
  • A cleaning brush is included along with a measuring cup.


  • The timer present on the machine is very vague.
  • Consistent grounds cannot be achieved.
  • The plastic cup may crack and break easily after prolonged use.

2. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr MillSpecifications:
BRAND: Cuisinart
ITEM WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 10.8 x 7.1 x 6 inches

The Cuisinart supreme grind has been a favourite among many. The easy design with the simplified manual and easy to understand features makes it one of the best. It can make as many as 32 cups of coffee in one go.

You can get uniform grinding of the beans with a consistent and natural flavor. The burr grinding does full justice to the coffee beans. You also get a cord storage option not to create a lot of mess.

The grinding chamber and the bean hopper are removable and hence can be conveniently cleaned up and also use enough coffee beans. A scoop and a cleaning brush is included with the package so that you do have to go buy anything separately.


  • Electric timer is available for automatic shut off.
  • Made out of high quality, elegant stainless steel.
  • Boasts up to 18 levels of grinding.
  • Automatic stop button makes the grinding consistent.
  • The motors are heavy duty and well-built.


  • The motors are very loud and the machine creates a lot of noise.
  • Shape of the coffee box is not extremely optimal to pour the coffee out.
  • The burr is a flat burr and not a conical one.
  • Grinding is usually in consistent.

3. Krups GX550850 Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee

Krups GX550850 Precision Grinder Flat Burr CoffeeSpecifications:
ITEM WEIGHT: 4.85 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 13.9 x 10 x 6.9 inches

The Krups precision grinder makes the list of the coffee grinder for espresso. It gives the perfectly grounded coffee, to the consistency one likes, while also maintaining its aroma. With more than 10 grind sizes, choose the one you like and want.

The machine can automatically grind from 2 cups to as many as 12 cups in one go. By just the click of a button, you can get the best cup of coffee for your consumption. Form french press to cold brew to cappuccinos to espressos, one can enjoy the kind of coffee they like.

The design is extremely robust and well made. The brand believes in giving passion, precision and perfection, all in one. Easily remove the parts for an easy clean up and consume it any time you like.


  • Metallic flat bur to have more control over grind size.
  • The ground container is removable and can make up to 30 cups of coffee.
  • The machine is operated by just a single click of the button.
  • Machine is highly compact for easy use and storage.
  • Can be used to grind other spices and products as well.


  • Difficult to regulate the strength of the coffee.
  • The inferior parts are made out of plastic.
  • The machine is very loud. The upper lid is a little flimsy.

4. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Setting

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable SettingSpecifications:
BRAND: JavaPresse
ITEM WEIGHT: 9.4 ounces
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 1.8 x 1.8 x 7.5 inches

The Javapresse manual coffee grinder comes with more than 15 click settings. It can eliminate up to 90 % of the noise which the other usual coffee grinders tend to produce. The design of the grinder is extremely sleek, portable, and compact.

One of the best espresso grinders, it does not require any batteries to operate. The machine is easy to clean up. The separate parts of the machine can be easily removed for a thorough cleanup.

The mechanism is a manual, hand crank mechanism. Since it does not operate on electricity or batteries, it is very safe to use and also saves you from hefty bills. You can use the machine anywhere, at any time.


  • The patent-pending locking system makes the coffee grinding very consistent.
  • Light-weight and easy to travel with.
  • It requires minimal effort to get maximum taste and flavour.
  • Easy to clean and can be placed easily at any place.


  • The grinding process can be slow and involve a lot of human-power.
  • Grinding is not 100% consistent.
  • The plastic pieces may wear out quickly and with minimal usage.

5. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee GrinderSpecifications:
BRAND: Mr. Coffee
ITEM WEIGHT: 1.8 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 5 x 5 x 9 inches
COLOR: Black

This is an automatic electric coffee grinder that can also be used to grind spices. From coarse to medium to fine, get the consistency of grinding that you like. Up to 12 cups worth of coffee can be ground in one go.

It saves your time with its easily adaptable and easy to learn features. The shelves are removable, which makes cleaning a very easy task. The brewing ensures that the flavors are well secured, and the aroma lasts even after extensive grinding.

It comes with a chamber maid cleaning system. All the excessive waste is eliminated, and less mess is created. A separate compartment is present for the storage of the cords. Get a rich coffee experience at the luxury and comfort of your home.


  • Dishwasher safe. Easy clean-up ensured.
  • The top lid is flippable and can be easily filled and emptied.
  • Full flavor is extracted from the beans.
  • It has the option for french press also.


  • It is a blade grinder and not a burr grinder.
  • The product may produce an odd odour after prolonged use.
  • At times, grinding is not consistent.

6. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision ElectricSpecifications:
BRAND: Mueller Austria
ITEM WEIGHT: 3.6 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: Hypergrid precision
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 13.5 x 10.4 x 4.5 inches

Get ample of control with precision grinding of your choice when you use the Mueller Austria precision electric grind. It serves the purpose of a grinder very well and also is one of the best espresso grinder in the market, considering its features and price.

It is built with german-precision machinery and has undergone multiple inspections before being released in the market. The machine is compact in design and occupies minimum counter space.


  • Easy to travel with. Portable and compact.
  • Along with coffee, grind multiple spices as well.
  • Extremely light-weighed.
  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Compared to other grinders, it is relatively quiet.


  • The capacity of the grinder is not very large.
  • Cleaning equipment not available with the purchase of the grinder.
  • The on and off button can be a little stiff at times.

7. Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee GrinderSpecifications:
ITEM WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 7.4 x 12 x 16 inches

The OXO brew conical burr coffee grinder is clearly a hit when it comes to the best coffee grinder for espresso. It is based on providing optimal flavor extraction with consistent grinding of the coffee beans.

The hopper attached on top of the machine can hold up to 0.75 pounds of coffee. The usage is very elementary. One-touch button allows you to switch open, grind, and switch the machine off. Up to 15 settings are present to grind the beans according to how you like.

The conical burrs are durable and long-lasting. It gives a great performance and meets all your needs for the best espresso grinder.


  • The machine is quiet in comparison to other similar products in the market.
  • Well- built and a high-quality machine.
  • The static problem is not present, which saves the grind from sticking to the glass.


  • Shipment only limited to the united states.
  • Grinder tends to stop a few minutes before the timer.
  • The machine fails in ejecting all the coffee beans at once.

8. Shardor Coffee Grinder Electric

Shardor Coffee Grinder ElectricSpecifications:
BRAND: Shardor
ITEM WEIGHT: 2.25 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 3.7 x 3.7 x 8 inches
COLOR: black

The blades of these machines are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures perfect grinding of coffee beans. A sealing ring is present which locks and secures the machine from any spillage.

In less than 20 seconds, get perfectly, coarse, and ground coffee beans, which will make the experience of making coffee at home worthwhile. The stainless bowl can be easily removed, which makes the cleaning process extremely elementary.

The grinding machine is sleek, portable, and compact. It can be easily placed anywhere in your house without consuming a lot of space. It is also travel-friendly, and you can grind your beans, anywhere you want.


  • Spoon and brush available with the product.
  • Beans are grinded sharply and evenly.
  • The cord is 105 cm long and can be stored under the grinder.
  • Locking system ensures safety and long shelf life.


  • Not the best option to grind wet ingredients.
  • Machine is very loud.
  • Grinding of the beans not consistent. Usually the beans are only chopped.

9. Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder – Professional

Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder - ProfessionalSpecifications:
BRAND: DeLonghi Ariete
ITEM WEIGHT: 6. 55 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 16.2 x 11.7 x 8.1 inches

With a compact design and a sleek appearance, more than anything, this grinding machine makes for an amazing gift option. The user can adjust the coarseness of the coffee beans. From fine, extra-fine to medium grinds, enjoy them all.

The conical burr discs are heavy-duty and serve the purpose of a good coffee maker, very well. The bean hopper is automatic and can be easily removed for a thorough clean-up without any hassle.

More than 10 grinding settings are available. From espressos to turkish coffee, one can easily make and enjoy all. The percolator is easy to set. This facilitates the swift grinding of the coffee and gives the best result.


  • Parts are removable and easy to clean.
  • Takes as less as 5 seconds to grind the beans.
  • All the parts are tightly fit and the parts don’t come off lose.
  • Settings are easy to understand and user friendly.
  • Machine is affordable in comparison to similar coffee grinders.


  • Minor static problems can be perceived.
  • Burr is made of stainless steel and hence cannot be washed with water.
  • Cannot run for more than 90 seconds in one shift.

10. Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder MillSpecifications:
BRAND: Secura
ITEM WEIGHT: 2.76 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: inflaming retarding material
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:10.2 x 6.7 x 4.7 inches

The Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Mill is a favourite among many. It fashions up to 17 grind levels. These levels vary from extremely fine to perfect. It meets the needs of all kinds of coffee, as and how a consumer would like it.

From as little as 2 cups to as many as 12 cups can be made from this machine. The machine comes with a regulator so that the quantity of beans that your require for the perfect cup of coffee can be controlled.

The burr grinding system grinds the coffee beans to even consistency. Other than coffee beans, different spices can also be grinded. The coffee maker is compact in size and can be easily placed anywhere, without absorbing much space.


  • See through lid with a capacity of 100 grams.
  • Non slip tabs present so as to keep the grinder in one place.
  • Quantity control dial present to avoid wastage.
  • Perfect gift for both small families and big families.


  • Only functions with a north american electrical standard.
  • Size of the hopper is too small.
  • Consistency can often be an issue.

11. Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Burr – Hand Burr

Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Burr – Hand BurrSpecifications:
BRAND: Vescoware
ITEM WEIGHT: 10.4 ounces
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:8.9 x 2.5 x 2.4 inches

Because the machine comes with a hand operated mill, no electricity or batteries are required for its functioning. It is as convenient as to store it in bags and purses and travel around with it. The size is extremely small and portable and the functions are very powerful.

A security nut is present so that the burr always stays in tact. This makes the manual work very easy. The metal hand crank would not slip and this will avoid the injuries. Makes for a great gifting option.

Since the coffee grinder works on manual labor and does not need electricity or batteries to function, the coffee beans do not come in contact with any heat. This ensures that the true flavours and essence of the beans are always left intact.


  • You save money on electricity.
  • Small, portable and easy to travel with.
  • Lasts much longer than electric and battery powered grinders.
  • The container comes with measuring marks.
  • Cheap, pocket-friendly, yet powerful.


  • Not the best option for people looking for quick grinding.
  • Turning of the handle may also turn the nut and loosen it.
  • Made out of many little parts, cleaning can be an issue.

12. De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso MachineSpecifications:
BRAND: De’Longhi
ITEM WEIGHT: 24.9 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 inches

With a built-in steel burr grinder, make the perfect cup of coffee out of the perfectly ground beans you get from this machine. No beans are left in the brew unit. The coffee is extremely fresh, flavorful and retains all its flavors and taste.

The special part about this machine which no doubt makes it the best espresso grinder and different from all the other competing grinders in the market is that it comes with an iced coffee feature.

You can brew your coffee at low temperatures and attain the perfect iced coffee, without excess of liquid or water. The removable brew unit makes it very easy when it comes to cleaning the machine. The brew unit also only takes about 40 seconds to heat up.


  • Integrated , adjustable manual frother present in the machine.
  • Program and customise your drinks with just a touch of a button.
  • The steel burr grinder is adjustable, so as to control the strength and the consistency of the beans.


  • Expensive as compared to other products.
  • The coffee at times is very diluted.
  • Largest size of the cup it can support is only 5 oz.

13. Baratza Sette 270Wi-Grind by Weight Conical Burr Grinder

Baratza Sette 270Wi-Grind by Weight Conical Burr GrinderSpecifications:
BRAND: Baratza
ITEM WEIGHT: 7.05 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:5.1 x 9.4 x 15 inches

This espresso grinder calls itself the first grinder when it comes to offering grinding as per the weight of the beans. It comes with 3 programmable buttons for the most accurate consistency, a bluetooth feature an acaia weighing technology.

The features and the buttons present are easy to understand and use. The machine is capable of producing a beautiful espresso, along with other kinds of ground beans as well. The burrs are highly effective along with powerful working motor.

The look and appeal of the grinder is extremely stylish. All the parts are easily removable so as to make the cleaning process much more effective and quick. The material is very sturdy and it also makes for an amazing gifting option.


  • Bluetooth connectivity available.
  • The grind adjustment feature is fairly easy.
  • Has a metal housing instead of a plastic one, making it more durable.


  • The grinder tends to vibrate a lot.
  • Very expensive in comparison to other grinders with similar features.
  • The alignment mechanism is not well put and designed.

14. Gourmia GCG205 14-Ounce Automatic 4-Mode Digital Conical Burr Grinder

Gourmia GCG205 14-Ounce Automatic 4-Mode Digital Conical Burr GrinderSpecifications:
BRAND: Gourmia
ITEM WEIGHT: 5.99 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel and plastic
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:14.4 x 10.3 x 6.6 inches

One of the best espresso grinders in the business, the gourmia 4 mode digital conical burr grinder stands true to its featured. It comes with a built-in scale measure which helps in measuring the beans to the right point in ounces, grams or cups.

The hopper has a consistency of up to 14 oz or 400 grams. It can retain a good amount of coffee beans. The hopper is removable and hence the cleaning becomes very easy for the machine. Other parts can also be easily removed for a thorough clean-up, once in a while.

The grind size can be adjusted as per the requirement of the consumer. Up to a whopping 39 sizes of grind can be obtained. The grind consists of extremely coarse to extremely fine to coarse to as per the consumer likes it.


  • 39 adjustable grind sizes available.
  • Perfect brewing achieved from french press to espresso.
  • Manual mode available for the grinding of the beans.
  • Flavour and the essence of the coffee beans is retained.
  • Cost efficient and works well.


  • Machine can make unnecessary sound.
  • The plastic built of the grinder may break and wear off easily.
  • Motors are not as powerful as one would like.
  • Inconsistency over the beans can be a problem, once in a while.

15. Breville BCG600SIL The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Breville BCG600SIL The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean GrinderSpecifications:
BRAND: Breville
ITEM WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds
PRODUCT MATERIAL: stainless steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 8 x 6 x 13.5 inches
COLOR: Silver

The breville BCG600SIL The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder is one of the best coffee grinder for espresso. It provides a good consistency of finely ground beans which helps in making the freshest, most amazing, full of flavor and delicious espresso.

The excessive oils excreted by the beans are protected by the conical stainless steel burrs. The bean hopper is around 1lb in weight and can be easily removed to ensure that the cleaning of the machine is easy and quick.

Up to 60 grind settings are available which are precise and up to the mark. Because of this even a good french press can be made out of the beans grinded from this machine. The locking system on the coffee grinder reduced the spillage and leak of the coffee beans.


  • Comes with a precision electronic timer.
  • Coffee bean has a capacity of 12 oz along with a locking system.
  • Dose control pro features lets the consumer pause the grinding even in the middle of its process.
  • Removable grind-catcher tray available with the product.


  • The impeller may wear off easily after prolonged use.
  • Motor can make a lot of noise for some of the products.
  • Beans may get jammed up very easily.

Best Espresso Grinders – The Conclusion

If you have made to this point of the article, we assume that you must now have a favourite picked and added to your cart. Coffees have become a part of the staple diet for many. It has become difficult for people to function without their cup of coffee. This all may sound a bit scary, but it is the harsh reality.

If you are an avid drinker of coffee, investing into a cup of coffee from outside, on a daily basis might not be economically very suitable for you. Also, there is nothing that a good cup of coffee, made in the comfort of your house cannot compete to.

Even if you are someone who is looking for gifts to give to your loved ones because of the ongoing festive season, you can add these to your cart because it makes for an amazing gift and you may for sure come across many attractive deals and discounts.

Go through the products mentioned above, again. Make sure to teach yourselves the essentials about a good espresso grinder. Do your study before you chose the best espresso grinder for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between a burr grinder and a blade grinder?

To understand the basic difference between the two grinders, you may refer to the following chart:



Expensive in comparison to blade grinders.  Less expensive in comparison to burr grinders.
The coffee beans are ground between two constantly revolving surfaces. The coffee beans are smashed into pieces with the help of the fast-moving blades. 
The coffee beans are usually consistent and ground at the same consistency and size.  The coffee grinds are mostly inconsistent in size. Some are powdered while some remain in huge chunks. 

Looking at the above points, it is safe to say that even if the burr grinder is a little more expensive in comparison to the blade grinder, it can be considered as an investment because it provides better features are functioning capabilities.

Especially for espressos, where finely ground coffee beans are considered the best, blade grinders would not provide the most consistent of beans, which may eventually impact the taste of the coffee.

2. Are manual coffee grinders better than electric?

The basic point when we talk about electric grinders and manual grinders and the basic factors which one may consider before buying either of them is firstly convenience and secondly, expense.

Manual grinders usually come with very simple and basic technology, whereas an electric one is a little complex to understand in the initial stages. If you are a traveler, a manual grinder is always considered more portable than an electric one, which is a better option for homes and offices.

Comparing the price, a good manual grinder will always be cheaper in price and more affordable than a good electric grinder, which will always be an investment. Since the manual grinders work without electricity or batteries, they are easy on the pocket in the long run.

But, the convenience and the comfort which an electric grinder will give you, would never be satisfied with a manual grinder. So, deciding which among these two would be better is a difficult choice.

In the end, it would depend on the kind of product and the kind of output the consumer is looking for in the machine.

3. Should you refrigerate whole coffee beans?

Usually, someone who is a fan of coffee tends to buy a whole lot in one go so as to avoid shortage. People also like to collect different beans from different parts of the world that carries with it different flavors.

For such a situation, it is important to ensure that the beans are stored in the correct way and manner. The best way is to keep them in an airtight container, away from any exposure to moisture, light or heat. This should be later on kept at pantry shelves, with a normal temperature.

Refrigerating them would give birth to moisture content inside the coffee beans which may affect the flavor, taste and essence of the coffee beans. Hence, no, if you choose to use your coffee beans for a long duration of time, refrigerating them would not be advisable.

4. How important is a coffee grinder?

For someone who loves their daily cup of coffee, coffee grinder is very important. Flavour of the coffee is directly proportional to the beans of the coffee and how well it has been grinded.

For different kinds of coffee, different size and consistency of coffee beans is required. For example for an espresso, the grind should be very fine and consistent. If the coffee beans are coarse, they may clump together and you wouldn’t get the best kind of espresso.

Hence, a coffee grinder plays an extremely crucial purpose when it comes to making coffee. While buying a good coffee grinder, it is important to check that the grinder would meet all your needs.

It should be appropriate for your usage, give you the result that you are looking for and eventually satisfy your coffee requirements.

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