Best Manual Coffee Grinders 2021: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Javapresse 2. Wheroamoz 3. Hario Skerton

Be it lazy mornings or pulling an all-nighter to meet a deadline, a freshly brewed cup of coffee will always comes to your rescue and help you rid tiredness. Coffee is an integral part of most people’s lifestyle. We refuse to acknowledge anything to be better than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

While most of us rely on the stake pre-ground coffee for our coffee needs in this fast-paced world, some of us still prefer manually grinding our own coffee beans. The freshness and flavour of a manually ground coffee is unrivaled. So, when it comes to looking out for the best manual coffee grinder, you need to be a little diligent when buying one.


There are a lot of coffee gears available in the market which claim themselves to be the best hand coffee grinder. But are their claims true? It is something that you get to decide. Henceforth, we will help you filter the best manual coffee grinder. Let’s talk at length about all the factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a coffee grinder as per your needs.

Factors To Look For While Purchasing the Best Manual Coffee Grinder

1. Shape And Size

While buying a hand-operated grinder, you need to pay attention to the shape and size of the grinder which is attracting you. Though the market is filled with varied shapes and sizes, a cylindrical shaped grinder is the best when it comes to portability.

These look very sleek, and make a perfect companion for an avid traveler. So, if you like to roam around the mountains and enjoy the calm in the lap of mother nature, you should look for something which is compact and easily portable.

The larger, and sturdier manual coffee grinders are best suited in the comfort of your homes. So, if you are not a backpacker and spend your weekends in the coziness of your home, then you can look for something that is less portable but powerful.

2. Coffee Per Grind

The amount of coffee grounded by a hand grinder peruse, is known as the capacity of the grinder. Being compact and portable, most of the hand grinder do not have a large capacity. The sophistication and portability come at the cost of capacity.

Still, you can always find the right, hand crank grinder for you that meets your needs. The models that are built primarily for trekking and outdoor purposes do not serve more than 1-2 cups in one grind.

If you’re looking to serve a moderate number of cups in one go, then you should opt for a hand grinder with a larger capacity. Alternatively, you can also grind multiple times in order to brew more cups of coffee. This in turn will fetch you a good arm workout. Hence, the advantages of manual grinder are two-fold.

3. Build Quality Of The Grinder

The next thing you might want to consider while purchasing the best hand crank grinder available in the market is to take a good look at the quality of your grinder. This by far is the most important factor to be considered because your grind consistency depends upon it.

Stainless steel and ceramic are two prime materials from which most of the manual coffee grinders are made. Although stainless steel is a good option for those who travel frequently, ceramic grinders are shiny and elegant which adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

Hence, these are better for your home and should be given preference if you are not an outdoor person. The grind consistency depends largely on the material and the type of burr that is being used. The grind consistency determines largely the flavour of your coffee. So be attentive about this part.

There are two types of burrs that are used for coffee grinding purposes, namely, the conical and the flat burr. Both of these burr have their own pros and cons. We have discussed them separately to give you a brief insight about each of them.

a. Conical-Burr

Conical-Burr, as the name suggests are conical in shape and are much more economical. These produce grinds of two, large and small, particle sizes. This is known as bimodal grind, as suggested by coffee enthusiasts. This dual grind is important in the preparation of the conventional espresso recipe.

It is no news that grinding coffee beans produces a certain amount of waste. This waste, also known as grinding waste, is minimum when associated with a conical burr. The conical shape is easier to clean and wastes fewer grounds.

Conical-burrs usually work at a lower RPM than flat-burrs. A direct convenience of this is the associated less-noise production.

b. Flat-Burr

In contrast to conical-burrs, flat-burrs are expensive. But, flat burrs are credited with the production of a remarkably even sized particles in the grind. While this is good in brewing different flavours of coffee, the conventional espresso recipe could only be produced by an expert using these grinders.

Flat-burrs provide you with more control, and require knowledge for their proper usage. Hence these are mostly used in cafes and restaurants. These burrs produce relatively large amounts of grind waste as compared to conical-burrs.

These burrs often operate at a higher RPM and hence are noisy. Alongwith the noise, these tend to heat up a lot, which can drastically affect the essential oils present in the coffee grounds responsible for the flavour. Hence these burrs need a superior level of handling to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

4. Are Those Grind Settings Enough?

Let’s be real, your perfect cup of coffee depends entirely on the coarseness of the ground coffee beans. The better the beans are grounded, the better brew it is. So when it comes to buying the best manual coffee grinder you need to be considerate about the grind settings that your little coffee mill offers you.

You can easily remove the top nut, handle, and the locking ring in your coffee grinder to find an adjustable ring. This ring tells the number of grind settings that your grinder offers you. Turning the adjustable ring clockwise will provide a more finer grind while turning it counter-clockwise will yield a more coarse structure.

The coarseness of the beans is strictly important in brewing a cup of coffee in a unique way. You need a more coarse structure to brew a French press coffee, while a fine powder consistency is ideal for brewing a Turkish-style coffee.

There are many coffee grinders in the market that provide a full range of grind settings. This lets you grind your beans from coarse to fine powder. Ideally an 18 grind settings manual coffee grinder is the best you can ask for, however you wouldn’t actually know how to switch swiftly between these settings.

There are some products which provide you with a manual on-grind settings. This is a good approach as you will have to barely use your intuition while grinding the beans for a specific variation of coffee.

5. Replacement Options

Let’s say you filtered the best manual coffee grinder for yourself and purchased it. You feel content using it for a month, and due to mishaps, the handle broke, or the nuts and other tiny part of your grinder went missing while cleaning it. What shall you do now?

Hence it is important to look for a grinder whose parts are replaceable, and can be easily found in the market. A well built coffee grinder would last for a lifetime, while others might break apart easily. The longevity of your coffee grinder and most importantly that of your grinder burr is dependent on your handling. How often do you use, and how well you clean it, affect the longevity of your coffee grinder. This also keeps a check on the flavour of your coffee.

Hence, it is important to determine build quality of the manual coffee grinder and the replacement options offered by this grinder. You will not want to waste your money on something that is fragile, and cannot be fixed if broken. Hence check for Replacement Options.

6. Accessorize Your Grinder

While this is not a factor, and more of an option available in the market, you might want accessories that ease the manual work. There are many products which come along the grinder. These accessories help in easing the grinding process and sometimes are helpful in making the grinder more handy.

a. The Silicone Grip

This is often offered by a number of manual coffee grinders. This silicone grip helps in gripping the body of the manual coffee grinder easily. This makes the grinding process easier. Sometimes this grip can have a loop to hold the removable hand crank, thereby making your hand grinder more portable and sophisticated.

b. The Collapsible Funnel

This is another handy accessory that makes sure you don’t spill the beans on the floor. Often made out of silicone, this funnel easily transfers your coffee beans into the hopper for grinding. Moreover this funnel is collapsible which means it takes up a tiny little space for itself in your kitchen.

c. Silicone Lids and Rings

Now this is another pair of hacks which ease up life for you. The airtight silicone lid makes sure your ground coffee remains fresh for a longer period. The silicone rings primarily aim at reducing any scratches on your kitchen countertop while grinding the coffee beans. These rings also provide better stability on the counter top, which is necessary for grinding coffee beans evenly .

d. Fancy Covers

Many manual coffee grinder manufacturers include some real good packaging and covers for mini portable coffee grinders. The string bags are an ideal accessory to your portable grinder. This is a good deal, especially for vacationers and people who like to go out a lot more frequently than others.

Never compromise with the taste of your coffee, even if on the go.

Top 10 Best Manual Coffee Grinders 2021

1. Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Javapresse Best Manual Coffee GrinderThe all new coffee grinder from Javapresse is designed exclusively for backpackers. It’s sleek cylindrical body provides an easy grip. Due to its design, it is very portable.

This manual coffee grinder comes with an in-built adjustable grind selector that lets you switch in between 18 grind settings. This gives almost full control on the coarseness of your coffee beans.

The hand crank is removable, which makes this product even more convenient for outdoor trips. This also helps in reducing the noise produced by the grinder. The product holds about 5 rounded tablespoons of coffee beans in a single use. This capacity is not much but appreciable. Being a manual coffee grinder, the heat produced while grinding is negligible enough to save your coffee flavors from burning.

The coarseness of the coffee beans produced by this product is varied. You can brew a good quality French press coffee, and you can also brew the fine powder Turkish coffee with this coffee grinder. It takes about 1-2 minutes of elbow grease to grind your beans. After this hard work, you get to enjoy your perfect coffee.

This hand crank grinder is easily available under $30 which makes it very economical.
Hence, this could be the best manual coffee grinder that you are looking for.


2. Wheroamoz Manual Coffee Grinder

Wheroamoz Manual Coffee GrinderIf you’re on a budget, but still don’t want to compromise on the quality of your coffee , then the all new hand-crank coffee grinder brought to you by Wheroamoz is worth a look. This coffee grinder features a unique prismatic shape that provides better grip and a classy look..

This sleek looking coffee grinder is lightweight and portable. This makes this product a good option for vacationers and backpackers who do not want to compromise with their cup of coffee. It can be disassembled and assembled with ease, and hence occupies minimum space in your closet.

The transparent coffee-grind storage container attached to this product is another remarkable aspect of this product You can easily keep a check on the capacity of coffee beans being ground. It is super easy to clean, as all the parts can be disassembled easily. This coffee grinder has a stainless steel body made from food grade and industrial grade plastic.

This product comes with a built-in adjustable grind selector which lets you select your preferred method of brewing. From the coarse grounds required for French press coffee to finely powdered grounds making the best Turkish coffee, you have all the control over the coarseness of your beans. The ceramic burrs on this utensil are durable and make sure you enjoy your perfect cup of coffee for a number of years. Heat produced while grinding is meager and has little to no effect on the flavour of your coffee beans.

The removable hand-crank mechanism eliminates up to 90% of noise, which is produced by electric grinders. This is a perfect gift for every coffee enthusiast who is quite picky about his cup of coffee. Easy to use, easy to clean, elegant looking, and economical pricing make this the best hand crank grinder for you.


3. Hario Skerton Plus Grinder

Hario Skerton Plus GrinderThe next product in the line of best manual coffee grinder is brought to you by Hario. The all-new Hario Skerton Plus manual coffee grinder is a sturdy ceramic coffee mill, and popular amongst Baristas and coffee aficionados around the world.

The ceramic design of this grinder gives it an elegant glassy look. The ceramic burrs present on this product work evenly. However, the grind consistency is not consistent. You need to be much precarious about the grind settings to attain a perfect grind.

A burr stabilizer plate is also introduced to prevent the conical-burrs from incurring any damage, and stabilize the grinding process. One let down of this product is its cost. This coffee grinder is compatible with a dishwasher. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning this little coffee mill.

The glass container of this coffee grinder has a capacity of about 100 grams, which is large enough to brew multiple cups of coffee in a single grind. Though you can expect a nice elbow grease while grinding those beans using this coffee grinder. This hand-crank grinder is not noisy as compared to the electric grinders.

Overall, this product is good in terms of design, quality, and grind settings, but the exorbitant pricing and uneven grind consistency are the only let downs. However, the grind consistency can be corrected if you’re a veteran in the art of coffee grinding. This is the best hand coffee grinder that can be used in your home.


4. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee GrinderThe all new coffee grinder from Khaw-Fee gives you all-control over the grind precision for the perfect brew. Whether you like French press, Pour over, espresso, or Turkish coffee, this great, manual coffee grinder is capable of brewing each one of these styles. All credits to the built-in adjustable grind selector that gives you precise control over the coarseness of your coffee beans.

This product comes with a transparent design, featuring a silicone rubber-casing for better grip. The product can be easily disassembled, and hence cleaning the product is no big issue. The noise-free mechanism blocks the noise while you grind your beans.

The product is carved out of stainless steel which is far more durable than the nylon options that are available in the market. The burr of this manual coffee grinder is made out of ceramic which is long-lasting and provides grinds of better consistency. The grinding process on this manual coffee grinder produces minimum heat when compared to their electric counterparts. Hence, no essential oils of your coffee beans are burnt.

Though this is a coffee grinder, this is suited for grinding your favourite spices too. Hence, the use of this grinder is two-fold. While Baristas would not like to adulterate their coffee grinder, this option is open to those who are not much of coffee nerds.

Khaw-Fee offers a lifetime guarantee and warranty on this product, and at any point of time if you don’t like the product, you are free to ask for your money back. Overall this is a best hand coffee grinder when it comes to embellishing your kitchen shelf.


5. Mueller Austria Manual Coffee Grinder

Mueller Austria Manual Coffee GrinderThis little hand-cranked coffee grinder from Mueller Austria is arguably the best manual coffee grinder one can find in the market. This little coffee mill is sleek and designed to look elegant. The cylindrical shape of this product provides a better grip.

It’s body is carved out of brushed stainless steel that makes it durable. Disassembling this product is fairly easy, which eases in the cleaning process. However, there are several small parts of this product which are prone to damage, and are likely to be lost.

It is advisable to not clean it in the sink, instead use a drain strainer . This manual coffee grinder sports ceramic burrs which are perfect when it comes to the consistency of the grind. You can adjust the settings to grind from coarse to finely powdered coffee beans. The grinding process is therapeutic, and not very difficult.

A little elbow grease before your morning coffee gives you a sense of joy and appreciation. The grind container is big enough for a few cups of coffee, in spite of its small and portable size. A must buy for vacationers and backpackers who happen to be coffee aficionados as well.

The next best feature about this manual coffee grinder is it’s economical pricing. This small, yet powerful grinder comes under $20, which is surprising.. A perfect gift for any coffee enthusiast and a good partner to your perfect cup of coffee. This is hands down the best hand crank coffee grinder discussed so far.


6. Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder

Shanik Manual Coffee GrinderThe all new hand crank coffee grinder from Shanik is something that deserves to be looked at. This portable coffee-mill packs some extra little features to brighten up your coffee grinding experience.

Premium-quality body carved out of stainless steel which makes it durable in the long run. The sleek cylindrical design to perfectly embellish your kitchen shelf. This product from Shanik comes with a silicone grip which perfectly envelopes the cylindrical body, and provides you with the best possible grip.

The silicone grip comes with a hand crank holder, that is another good feature of this grip. This makes this coffee grinder look even more beautiful, and fits in perfectly without occupying much space. The grind collecting cylinder is marked with measures so that you grind your coffee beans according to your needed brew amount.

Another helpful feature is the silicone-lid provided to you with this manual coffee grinder which makes it easy to store freshly ground coffee for later use during the day. Grind once, and enjoy your whole day with perfectly brewed cups of coffee.

The adjustable grind selector allows you to grind your coffee beans with precision. The coarseness of your beans is completely in your hand, which consequates to a perfect cup of coffee. Whether you like French press or espresso, this hand crank grinder is capable of grinding exactly to your needs. The conical ceramic burrs present on this product grind the coffee consistently and are less prone to heat-up, which saves the essential oils from being burned

The handy shape makes it a perfect on-the-go partner. This product comes packed in a cased box which makes it a perfect gift material for baristas around you. Another cute accessory is the velvet bag that comes with this product. It makes it easier to carry this sleek looking coffee grinder wherever you go.


7. Lucky and Sons Manual Coffee Grinder

Lucky and Sons Manual Coffee GrinderThis is yet another sleek looking cylindrical coffee grinder with awesome specs. The all new manual coffee grinder from Lucky and Sons is crafted beautifully along with a powerful ceramic burr. The components of this product are detachable, and hence easy to clean.

This economical hand crank coffee grinder packs awesome accessories along with it. The collapsible silicone funnel makes sure that no beans are spilled while you pour them into the grinder. Another good accessory is the silicone protection ring which saves your kitchen top and work-desk from scratch marks.

The adjustable ceramic burr is conical in shape. This is best for producing consistent grinds. It does not heat-up, unlike the electric grinders, and hence the flavour is not at the risk of being burned. The conical ceramic burr comes with 18 grind settings which allow you to adjust the coarseness of your coffee beans.

So be it French press, Cold brew, Pour over, or drip coffee, everything can be brewed with perfection in this grinder. This is also capable of grinding fine powdered consistency allowing you to enjoy Espresso and Turkish coffee that require such consistency grinds.

Overall this product is nice and economical, and offers more for its price. This is truly a must buy for every coffee enthusiast. Let the aroma fill the room with this best hand crank grinder, and not the noise.


8. Triple Tree Manual Coffee Grinder

Triple Tree Manual Coffee GrinderThe all new manual coffee grinder from Triple Tree is sturdy and vintage looking. This is a great option for a casual coffee lover. Anyone who likes to hear the crackling of beans, or inhaling the aroma filled in the atmosphere, would love this product.

This comes with two glass jars, each capable of acting as the grind holder. Hence, this way you can grind a generous amount of coffee beans in one go and brew many cups of coffee easily. Also, you might want to save the grind for a cup of coffee later in the day.

The silicone base provides better grip on the counter and makes sure that nothing slips, while grinding the beans. The long crank hand is carved out of stainless steel. This makes it easier to grind the coffee beans. This product sports a ceramic conical burr which is perfect for producing consistent grinds.

The coarseness of the beans is in your hands with the adjustable grind settings. So whether you want a coarse structure for your French press brew, or want it to be a fine powder for Turkish brew, you are good to go with this product.

The only let down however is its non-ergonomic design. This is a heavier coffee grinder and not ideal for vacationers and backpackers. The price is economical, which is a good defining characteristic of this product. Overall this is essential for every kitchen. The vintage look is that this product has is appealing to many.


9. Aromory Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Aromory Manual Coffee Bean GrinderThis is yet another manual coffee grinder with the sleek looking cylindrical body. The body is carved of stainless steel which makes it durable. This is a heavenly asset for baristas and coffee aficionados all over the world.

This product is handy and makes a perfect pair for people who like to travel. Why compromise with the taste of your coffee when you can just carry this little brew master along with you. The grind holder has a capacity of about 35 grams which is enough to brew 5 perfect cups of coffee at once.

The ceramic conical burrs make sure the grind consistency is up to the mark. The heatless grind system makes sure no flavours and essential oils from the beans are burned. You get upto 15 grind settings that let you brew in any style, which you want your coffee to be.

Be it French press, drip coffee or even Espresso, you are sure to get the best taste every single time.

The mini size makes it portable and handy. Apart from the manual coffee grinder, as a heart warming gift, you get a stainless steel travel espresso mug. Straddle the world without compromising on your perfect cup of coffee. This is a great gift for your family members, especially your dad, who most likely likes everything to be in accordance to his way.


10. Manual Coffee Grinder By FlafSter Kitchen

Manual Coffee Grinder By FlafSter KitchenLast but not least, the all new hand crank coffee grinder brought to you by Flafster kitchen is something that is an amalgamation of elegance, power and sophistication. This little coffee mill sports a unique prismatic shape, which is superior in terms of gripping to all its competitors.

The sleek looking body carved out of stainless steel makes it durable. No more wobbly parts unlike other coffee grinders. It comes packed in a beautiful box and hence makes a perfect gift option for every coffee lover.

The adjustment grind selector allows you to switch between varied coarseness of your coffee beans. From the coarse French press and Cold brew to powdered Turkish coffee. Get a total control over the coarseness of your beans and be sure to brew perfectly every time.

The ground coffee compartment is marked to give you an insight about the amount being ground. The product comes with an additional storage container that allows you to store your freshly ground coffee beans for quite some time. The collapsible handle makes this product portable enough for camping trips and other vacations.

There is a cleaning brush provided with the product to effectively clean this little coffee mill in the blink of an eye. The conical ceramic burrs are long-lasting and provide consistent grinds.
This is truly the best manual coffee grinder available in the market. This is a must buy for every coffee aficionado.


Best Manual Coffee Grinders – What’s Your Choice?

Indeed, coffee is i to be enjoyed thoroughly. Right from selecting fresh beans, to grinding it for a perfect cup of coffee. The crackling of coffee beans is a bliss to the ears. Grinding your own coffee beans, fills the room with an aroma that makes you enjoy your coffee before even brewing it. Moreover,you finally get to sip the most perfect brewed coffee brought to you by you.

Unlike their electric counterparts, these grinders are subtle in crushing the coffee beans and do not heat up much. Hence it is worthy to note that sometimes sophistication may come at the cost of your coffee. While manual hand grinders are best when it comes to brewing your coffee, purchasing anything blindly is never a good practice.

We saw what factors make up the best hand coffee grinder and what points need to be kept in mind while purchasing one. The kind of burr used and the quality of the burr are the heart of any hand crank coffee grinder. Hence it is important to keep a check on these factors. Grind consistency and consequently the flavour of your coffee depends largely on the grinding burr. Conical burrs are the most popular choice.

Grind setting is another aspect that the Baristas are mainly concerned with. The more number of grind settings, the merrier it is. The capacity of coffee produced per grind and the portability of your manual coffee grinder are two other factors.

Travelers and backpackers are more likely to tilt towards a handy one, while a family person would prefer a larger ad sturdier one. The mini coffee mill is likely to have little capacity producing one to two cups in one use. But this does not bar the grinder from being the best.

Hand crank grinders have been an integral part of coffee making, since the beginning of time. The only catch is that they are surfacing out again. These little coffee mills are sure to give you an elbow grease but the fruits of your labour will truly be bittersweet. These coffee grinders are not very noisy when it comes to coffee grinding. It takes hardly one or two minutes to grind your beans and reach one step closer to your delicious cup of coffee.

Fill your room with the aroma of fresh coffee beans everyday and enjoy your coffee the way you want. We hope these guidelines will help you in filtering out the best hand crank grinder best suited for you.

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